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Tyler, The Creator 2SEATER Comments
  1. LXRxge


  2. Pusker Zsolt

    Zimmerman 🤦🏿

  3. emma carline


  4. Kevin GG

    1:26 cool

  5. I know Obamas last name peasants

    2015 WAS 4 YEARS AGO? WTF!

  6. Noodle

    I feel like people who hate Cherry Bomb have never listened to Cherry Bomb.

  7. Myles Nez

    5:15 to 5:44 doesn’t get nearly as much appreciation as it deserves

  8. Asteroid Blues

    Any TTC song at 6 minutes has two parts to it, wonderful. I’ve listened to this one too many times my parents get upset but I fucking love this. TTC is hella good, he puts meanings into it. People who dislike Tyler and his music just don’t get him, and that’s a F A C T.

  9. ChiknNoodl

    best song on cherry bomb no cap

  10. Shiba the Animator

    this music is perfect to listen in a car

  11. bettina bedicks

    this sounds like lazy lover brazilian girls

  12. Noonie162


  13. Thiccster Trickster

    The part at 3:07 scared the shit out of me the first time I listened to this

  14. Spykid

    "I used to piss in a pot and now I piss on the walls"

    for some reason this is really funny when you reference all the rappers saying they used to piss in a pot and flexing where they are now and hes just joking about it

  15. André Neto

    Still bangs

  16. Merlin Parsons

    I know I’m like 4 years late but where was Austin’s part? (I really like this song too)

  17. Juju Baby


  18. Reesie


  19. Oneal Da 先生

    5:51 When the Gloves come off. Playing in the background

    Phoenix Hodges

    Oneal Da 先生 so glad someone finally noticed

  20. crusty sock

    Mosquito be like: 3:30

  21. ツval

    fucking young/perfect, 2seater, the brown stains of darkeese latifah, smuckers and find your wings are so amazing, idk why people hate this album sm, it's honestly beautiful, just like all of tyler's albums

  22. Caleb Burlingame

    Who voices the fake friend at the end?

  23. hippiecheezburger

    I remember we weren't used to Tyler changing his sound in 2015 but now looking back this album Cherry Bomb fits in so well in his discography. This album was not bad at all in my opinion

  24. bumb ditch

    Tyler owns my heart fuck

  25. ArtistOfCons

    I wish this had a music video. I could just see Tyler driving down a road alone with some beautiful girl in the seat next to him. And the video is just him driving around with different cars with different people.

    Eli Badillo

    ArtistOfCons he’s gay lol he gon be driving with a boy lol


    @Eli Badillo he s bi

    Eli Badillo

    SuperSa oh really I heard he gay

  26. ArtistOfCons

    I first listened to this song one night driving home with my brother with the stars out and the windows down. Beautiful...

  27. matt


  28. Dean Wilbourn

    I never understood the comparisons between brockhampton and tyler but after listening to all of cherry bomb again i get it now

  29. Mitsukaido

    And kids, that’s how I started to listen to Mac Demarco.

  30. Bruno Mateus

    3:55 <3333333

  31. shasmi C

    And they say that Cherry Bomb is the worst album


    Who said that?


    @Vicksburgsinclair fr

  32. Chip Robeson

    I always downshift to 3rd listening to this

  33. Lil Bow Wow Top 5

    we didn't deserve this album

  34. ICOKiller


    We can speed in my 2 seater
    Girl I got a 2 seater
    Speed in my 2 seater
    In my 2 seater

    About a hundred on Fax and it's easy to stop
    You see my shit isn't stock
    I used to piss in a pot and now I piss on the walls
    Since I pissed off a cop, a couple tickets I have copped
    But I can pay for them all
    And by the model of my vehicle you know that I ball
    A 92 but 91 the year that Tyler was spawned
    And If I crash in the woods then I'ma follow with this
    Like I'm tryna get stick or automatic you pick
    Shit is static as shit, sure my shit is a M
    Might get that X6 end don't follow exit him
    Might take back street hidden
    House got all sports cars like his garage is gym
    Two sapphires on your neck thats his precious gems
    Now AMG it's in boy I will eat him Benz
    New engine you got that old shit with those deep rims
    You got a warranty don't care if you scratchin rims again

    We can speed in my 2 seater
    Girl I got a 2 seater
    Speed in my 2 seater
    In my 2 seater

    Sit in my passenger seat
    You tell me I got too much speed
    And I should slow, I should slow down
    But I can't, cause you drive me wild

    Girl I get a rush
    When we're speeding in my car
    Sometimes it's too much
    And you can feel the wind in my heart
    Girl I get a rush
    When we're speeding in my car
    Sometimes it's too much

    I know some dudes that would find you
    That carry rugers and shottas
    And fucking shoot at your Honda
    Then fucking zoom out in Mazdas
    Them GOLF boys is bad for you like the food from McDonalds
    Boy I'm a king and I ain't lying boy hakuna matata
    Better watch for them hyenas if you flex then they swarm
    Cashing so many checks there calling him Tyler O-Comma
    I'm tryna ball like I was Domo Okonma but oh nada
    Probably September...
    Boy I'm just rhyming these syllables, suck my genitals
    Album cover looking like the mask of the timberwolves
    State park at Pemberton
    Hoping that I ditched the chords and go pick up the pen again
    Cause I kill the dark shit like I'm motherfucking Zimmerman
    Turn around and lose pounds like I'm fucking Timbaland
    By pounds, I mean in(beep)
    Give it till he cop brick like a wall with pig in it
    And money coming out the blue
    Like cops are changing fits or shit I'm killin' it

    Back when left brain had the hightop fade
    And we would go skate on them concrete waves
    And now I switch gears to hear the cylinders pump
    The beat thump, don't get it twisted boy my board's in the trunk (Skate!)

    [Girl:] Can you roll my window up?
    [Tyler:] The fuck you turn my music down for man?
    [Girl:] Can you roll my window up?
    [Tyler:] Why? Damn!
    [Girl:] Cause it's windy
    [Tyler:] But I love it when your hair...

    Blows, when it blows, when it blows
    When your hair blows
    Hanging out the sunroof
    I love it when your hair blows
    When it blows, when it blows, when it blows
    Hanging out the sunroof
    I love it when your hair blows
    When it blows, when it blows, when your hair blows
    Hanging out the sunroof
    Listening to Mac DeMarco
    Hanging out the roof window
    Switch to third gear turbo
    Skrting on these niggas
    Skrting on these bitches
    Listening to Mac DeMarco
    Hanging out the roof window
    Switch to third gear turbo
    Skrting on these niggas
    Skrting on these bitches

    You can say you don't want to take that drive
    But your hair, it blows
    I know we'll have a good time
    You just gotta stop being scared
    Just roll
    Just come and roll with me
    It's all good

    [Erroll:] Yeah, man,what's good man, you good? I've been chilling, man. I've been doing some push-ups and shit
    [Lionel:] For real?
    [Erroll:] 50 a day...Oh w-w-wait...is that that nigga Tyler?
    [Lionel:] I think so
    [Erroll:] Bitch ass nigga here he comes, man FUCK this nigga, man, this nigga stink... w-wait be quiet, be quiet
    [Lionel:] Ight
    [Erroll:] My nigga, T, man, what's good, man, you good? Alright, I see you!
    [Tyler:] I'm good, man, I'm good, I'm good
    [Erroll:] Ay, man, I see you with your little girl sh-she looks...okay. Alright, ya'll good, man, alright! Ay, your feature don't start for another 20 minutes, so you can go get your shit up, I can go and get some shit... and I see you with your little jewels and shit too, man!
    [Tyler:] Aw thanks, man, I'm trying, man, I'm just trying
    [Erroll:] Yeah, let me know if you need anything...I got you...just...you know...yeah
    [Tyler:] Alright um...yeah we'll probably walk around and come back when the movie starts whenever
    [Erroll:] Ight, man, I'mma see you
    [Tyler:] Ight, my nigga...ight
    [Erroll:] Fucking FAGGOT, man, I swear to GOD
    [Lionel:] Yeah
    [Erroll:] This nigga bitch weak too!

  35. The mike Tyson show

    Someone uploads cherry bomb song

    *clicks like button*

  36. Jodi Mason

    This song deserve 1 mil views

  37. Victor Lisboa

    why this remember me of the joji album "chloe burbank"?

  38. Zenssei

    One of my favorites in the album

  39. Ben Desland

    This song structure...

  40. amalia nur fitri

    Nindy Kaur kinda making it a lil disturbing tho :(

  41. gavin ramos

    3:09 BARS

  42. iG3ntl3man

    Who dat on the vocals?

  43. Dashanee Charleston

    When I listen to this song it feels like I'm listening to someone tell a story

  44. odd elliot

    Best part 2:28


    odd elliot that had to be the peak of the song🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. A V

    My license plate is literally 2SEATER here in Cali. Goes well with my Z4!


    @knez jovan you like smoking with liars?

    karen h

    @Nick he isnt lying, check here. https://www.autocheck.com/vehiclehistory/search-by-license-plate


    @karen h bro nice

    leo is in the house

    @Nick HSHAHAH you dumb as fuck Nick

    Josh David

    Nick got your ass

  46. hahaguy92


  47. Amax With The Facts

    The ending.  Damn.  Haters and backstabbers all the way.

  48. Anonymatuz

    Only CB song i liked sorry tyler you never topping 🐺

  49. Derrick Owoeye

    The transitions in this song are fucking glorious. Tyler really is a musical genius. So damn inspiring!!

  50. groovintothebeatjr

    The sax in this song is so amazingggg

  51. Jack harlow

    I wish YouTube would stop replacing my fuxkin recommended section with my history.

  52. Dumb Nut

    I'm in love with such a beautiful song, i can sk8, sleep, smoke and eat to this shit sensational i swear man

  53. Noonie162

    Love the female vocalist in the background and the sax.... i don't like the blows part of the song tho.

  54. Noonie162

    Love the 2 seater. Ride through LA highway speeding all the time listening to this :)

  55. nhi nguyen

    This shit is tight

  56. SKRman3 626

    I can't get enough I first descovered Tyler in 6th grade with Yonkers

  57. magnus hedemark

    cherry bomb might still be my favorite t album man

  58. Damien V

    I forgot about this track...

  59. John Tyler

    i just realize Lionel is talking to himself at the end lmaooo

  60. Superseba645

    I feel like a Joji vibe over this song


    Lmao not at all


    Sounds nothing like Joji, you deaf. Coming from a Joji fan

    Gabeee Dayyy

    The only joji vibe in this song is from the sampled drums

  61. drogariasneptuno


  62. forgotten media

    Tyler sei un fottuto genio

  63. jm_isgood

    i'm weak

  64. PetitMazoune

    tylur is teh besst lmaoooo

  65. Frank Ntilikina


  66. Mango_Boyy

    this guys channel reminds me so much of flippy.

  67. Jonah Clement

    I just started listening to this album again and it's sooo good

  68. Lorem Ipsum

    hi bren dan bec k

  69. Cherryade

    When you get a girl who looks nice, Is different from others and loves what you love. this song truly describes the feeling of eating a hotpocket while drinking Gasoline.
    I mean, why trust God when he himself is scared of what he has created? life is a silly mistake.

    lost 87

    Homie what

    Charles Jager

    we had em' in the first half, not gonna lie


    What the f u c k


    I understand it like your eating a grilled cheese with a glass of propane

  70. tomah teee

    i class this as one of the rarest hiphop pieces, a journey, backing & covers blend in harmony with your moving motion, mention of the car makes me picture flowing thru different environments before coming back to the beginning

  71. Leo

    So chill.. If this is what his 5th album will be.. Well.. damn son..

    Ahmed Al Rikabi

    vvsleo what did you think if flower boy

    Romello Bouldin

    Ahmed Al Rikabi beautiful 💯

    Victoria Okk

    What about IGOR?

    Romello Bouldin

    Victoria Okk Igor is fuckin amazing, I’ve lost count on how many times i listened to it from front to back😂😂album on a loop 💯💯

  72. Wally Acidman

    That transition at 1:25 makes me want to cry cuz of how gorgeous it is

    Cassius, The Creator

    Andreas Constantinou me too lol it reminds me of Zelda

  73. Luciano Terranova

    damn man... just discovered this one... turned off maschine and went straight dancing to this shit

  74. Azure Danica

    best song evaaaaaaaa

  75. Opia vine

    I love Mac demarco and this

  76. Marco

    Name of The second sample? Is a cover? Sorry for my horrible english

  77. tomi

    Best song from him.

  78. Faust Geist

    He referenced Mac DeMarco, im fucking dead

  79. sanaalex1s

    no matter how many times I listen to this song in a day I never get tired of it, that's something other songs can't do to me.

  80. Sum Gai

    Tyler be the best rapper and prodicer of hos fucking time in this modern world of rap.

  81. Karla Garciaa

    i fucking love this part 3:55 ❤

  82. logang forlife

    I got the album when it came out

  83. thefan frfr

    love it

  84. Charlie Wade

    4:41 best part

  85. Andrew Heggie

    WHO IS THE GUY AT 4:00

    Diego Sanchez

    Andy Heggie I think Tyler sang that and he raised the pitch of his voice,

  86. SonDuFilm


  87. Hugo Arruda dos Santos

    Tyler's instrumental game is strong as fuck, bruh.

    Hunter Thomas

    you man its sick, the drum beat samples an iron butterfly song called "get out of my life woman"

    Mahty Maht

    ik I've been a fan 4 years

    Sammie Daniels

    so weird i was listening to this this morning then ended up here randomly in the evening

  88. Deception The Introvert God

    the hair blows song makes me imagine being high into the clouds where everything around you is matte pink


    I would like what you’re smoking

  89. larry david

    who starts playing the guitar at 5 17 ??

  90. dhead00

    my button 3:47

  91. Alex Campbell

    the synth especially near the start is v good

  92. Ry BLINK Hopkinson

    Masterpiece! Tyler sure knows how to make em

  93. sienna

    that soft 'scared' the girl does at the end is everything


    2nd half makes me 2 moist