Tyler Childers - Peace Of Mind Lyrics

He drinks orange juice and vodka
In the basement while she's talking
To someone long distance for hours and hours on end
And as he's slowly sippin'
He thinks about his children
And the heart attacks that youngest daughter's always giving him

He ain't smoked no marijuana
Since he got on with the railroad
And he's been on with the railroad for a long and lonesome while
But the day that he retires
He will smoke himself to China
He will leave behind his worries as he's racing through the sky

She sells Avon to her buddies
And saves a little money
For all the makeup she's been using to hide away the years
And she sits and watches TV
Usually every evening
If there ain't some kind of ball game her daughter has to cheer

She sneaks menthols every morning
While her family's still snoring
As she burns the Eggos she looks back at her life
That heart she broke in highschool
He's singing on the Opry
She wonders what the hell that she was thinking at the time

Oh the days are dark down in the holler
Waiting for the sun to shine
On the back you've been breaking
Trying to earn peace of mind

Their youngest daughter Stella
She's been running with this fella
That he cannot stand the thought of, that he surely does despise
He's told her he best never
See the two of them together
But it's hard to keep an eye on her when you're working all the time

There are things he needs to tend to
And the bills the bank keeps sendin'
Lord, the zeros on the end keep pushing further to the right
Like a freight train hauling sorrow
And moving ever onward
Through the tunnel of forever towards the never ending light

Oh the days are dark down in the holler
Waiting for the sun to shine
On the back you've been breaking
Trying to earn peace of mind
Trying to earn peace of mind

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Tyler Childers Peace Of Mind Comments
  1. urmanismyman


  2. Penny Wojtkowski Lewis

    I love this one..I was so sorry he did not win the grammyhis time will come..

  3. scott maroney

    I love listening to Tyler Childers and chillin' with the dawgs.
    It's like the dogs understand.

  4. Jeff Winton

    This version is perfection.

  5. campbell waters

    The version of this song he should have put on this Album is the live version (it is played at a faster temp)

  6. Tyler Morris

    “Packs bowl pours whiskey”

  7. S.L. Self

    23 years to go til retirement.. from the sheriffs department.. I’ll smoke myself to China that day.

    Joey Gabbard

    S.L. Self so don’t arrest us for smoking pot lol


    Let’s smoke us a left handed cigarette in 23 years sherif

  8. Kubed 84

    "Like a freight train haulin' sorrow,
    It's moving ever onward, thru the tunnel of forever to the never ending light."
    Just incredible writing. Not many can do this. Great storytelling

  9. Tonya Bonds

    This is my new favorite song. Tyler never ever disappoints!!! This is what needs to be playing on the radio. For sure!!!

  10. Matthew Hinton

    Disagree with everyone saying sped up live version trumps the studio version. The 3/4 time waltz allows for a more soulful, contemplative sound.

  11. Ryan Brush

    68 people are NOT going to China

  12. Grouchy Ed

    The days are dark... down in the Hollar. This resonates with my soul.

  13. Jayme King

    I hope the fame doesn't consume him like other great musicians, I'm looking forward to some more gems from Tyler.

    Joe Smith

    I just hope we don't lose him to drugs.

  14. Jason Hawkins

    Far as I’m concerned, this redeems the genre. You speak volumes sir. I tip my proverbial hat!

  15. Gena Howard

    Love you Tyler!! A Kentucky girl that’s been listening to you for years!!

  16. Anthony Hague


  17. Anthony Hague


  18. James J

    First album that got me excited since Southeastern came out in 2012 or so.

  19. skateski

    not bad for Kentucky No 3 :)

  20. lumaz71

    Maybe Merle Haggard could writer songs like this one. Wow.

  21. Peter Cakebread

    AWFUL RCA BULLSHIT. I cant get through this without turning on Purgatory, a far superior album. Way too melodically predictable on 80% of this album.

    Ronnie Bustillos

    It is superior but keep listening. It had to grow on me too.

  22. Cliftyman

    Dang man, it takes a Kentuckian to know a Kentuckian... keep singin Tyler.... keep singin

    Vail Burrell

    Cliftyman respect that, but he’s also just raw American as fuck!! Stories from the south resonate with a lot of folks in the US.. hardworking people, trying to earn a descent living

  23. Jeremiah Johnson

    Man he’s done it again..This song givin me a Jerry Lee Lewis vibe ..Tyler Childers embodies the spirit of these old country legends and he is already become legendary himself.

  24. clubcar2001

    35 people are absolutely crazy! How could you dislike this? WTF?!?!? I will refrain from further comments.🤦‍♂️

    Peter Cakebread

    Cuz it blows

    Peter Cakebread

    Listen to it live bruh, but to each..

  25. Winston Churchill

    I love the original live version of this song, but I find that this album version is way way way too slow. It’s kind of a shame, as I was really looking forward to this.

  26. Timothy Woodburn

    Awesome stuff! So different than the same ol crap you hear that is labeled “country”

  27. zach t

    The most outlaw thing you can do now In country music is play a song in 3 quarter time. Y’all quit complaining, he’s sticking it to the man!

    Carl Ramsey

    Who's complaining! & count me in on that "stickin it to the man" shit!...aaron lewis said it in "it keeps on workin" on "state I'm in" album...JUST 3 CHORDS & THE TRUTH! PISS ON NASHVILLE & PISS ON POP TOP 40 SO-CALLED COUNTRY!

  28. Carl Ramsey

    Is it me or....[not that there's anything wrong with this album] but I just dont think it's as great top to bottom as "PURGATORY"...??🤔

    Ronnie Bustillos

    I thought the same thing at first......keep listening.

    Carl Ramsey

    @Ronnie Bustillos I did keep listening, that's how I drew my conclusion. I listened to it everyday all day for a while, now I havent listened to it since our previous comments, other than an occasional peace of mind or maybe creeker on the jukebox. Purgatory on the other hand, I still listen to regularly. I have no other choice but to believe that sturgill Simpson's influence on the album has hurt the pureness of what Tyler was without him.

  29. Jason Ferguson

    This could be an awesome Music Video, I think.

  30. Kassidy Wayne

    😍 I love his voice..

  31. Michael L

    Dude, fire your producer, fire the band and go back to being awesome. This slowed down country pop is dogshit

  32. Ben Young

    Listen at 1.25 speed.

    Benjamin Nunn

    Makes it sound right.

  33. Daniel Wiles

    i love this song but I the earlier version is my favorite.

  34. Ernie Curry

    Just don't sound right. Use to the live version. Maybe itll grow on me ...

  35. Beiny Conway

    This is my favorite song on the album

  36. Dino Velvet

    Jesus Christ - I wanna smoke myself to blind! This song is my ADULT LIFE! My youngest daughters name is Stella... I drink daily trying to escape my workplace; praying for the days I can return to smoke!

  37. re4manonline

    Tyler sold out so hard he even got a basic bro haircut.

  38. Never Gonnatell

    Degenerate hippy sellout. Music is generic trash now. Keep selling your soul for shekels.

  39. Raley Delk

    I learned every song in your last album and plan on this one also! https://youtu.be/IWEHfrYW2n0

  40. Rusty Shackleford

    "The day that retires, he'll smoke himself to China."

    This really does ring true for eastern Kentucky. We do love our good greens here, but some of us give it up to provide for our loved ones and break our backs in the process, and ain't no better way to relax and enjoy yourself after a hard day than a cold beer and a few hits from the pipe. Thank you Tyler. You spoke truly here.

    Rusty Shackleford

    @François Dillinger I wish you could too brother. I've now since this comment, taken a traveling job on a painting crew that goes all across America, and can't enjoy the healing herb anymore either, but when you have a family, you gotta do what you can!

    François Dillinger

    @Rusty Shackleford I don't have a family but I sure do like that railroad money lol

    Rusty Shackleford

    @François Dillinger I heard that brother! Best of luck to you in life!

    Jack Kelly

    Rings true everywhere there are blue collar workers. I’ve been a railroad worker in the northeast for 4 years now. I had to give up smoking for the job. The guys and I are always talking about the size of the joint we’re gonna roll up the day we put our papers in!

    Rusty Shackleford

    @Jack Kelly hope it's bigger than both your thumbs combined!

  41. Peter Hasselfeldt

    Have loved the music for years and so glad to see you getting some broader recognition, hopefully will awaken the masses. But playing Monday morning quarter back here...not a huge fan of the slow version of "piece of mind" feel it could have been a much stronger song. But I ain't no musician so what ever that's worth in the constructive criticism sort of way. Otherwise can't wait to see you in Red Rocks! It'll be amazing! I have no doubt.

  42. HunterEvan12

    I wish it was recorded the same way as the live version that’s on YouTube. I just personally think it was slowed down too much on this studio version. Still love the song and album tho!

    she did that

    I like both versions. Didn't like this as much at first, but it grew on me. The change is that they switched it from 2/4 timing to 3/4 (waltz) timing.

    Jeff Winton

    @Justin M agreed. this is stellar

    Bryan Mallison

    The originals are 100% better.

    Justin Tanner

    I do enjoy this version a little better but no doubt tyler always sounds awesome live


    Carl Ramsey live is great

  43. Haleighhh

    Gahlee, never thought my generation would be able to hear this sound on a new record, considering the new junk that’s out. Nothing better than that country blues 😍 Hank would be so proud

    Reese Netray

    Do me a favor and dont talk you whale

    phil phlegm

    I'm glad you're enjoying the album. Don't let the trolls get you down.


    Ha, disregard the pretentiously sensitive idiots. You’re right, todays music is garbage

    John Washburn

    @phil phlegm fuck you

    John Washburn

    @Andre stfu soy boy

  44. Para Dox

    Nose to the grindstone needs to be on a album, it's one of my favorite songs.

    German Hunter

    It is. I think it’s on vinyl sessions

    Dalton Allen

    It’s on Red Barn Radio I&II

  45. dakota revan

    I like the change up of speed my dude. But I do like the faster live version of this. Hope you put out the faster version too

  46. Tearyatobitz

    Y’all will bitch over nothing. Respect Tyler as an artist. Nobody is forcing him to release things he doesn’t like. This is how he thought the song should sound, so this is how he released it.

  47. Mike Del Rio

    Sipping some whiskey listening to this new album is hitting the spot on this Friday evening in a beautiful August!!!!!

  48. daniel s

    like will be given.

  49. Britt Nicole


  50. Joseph Wasden

    As this is my first time listening to this song, I like this rendition just fine. One of the few artists to get me back into country.

  51. charlene willis

    I HATE IT!!! This has always been my favorite song by Tyler but he has butchered it. Don't change awesome music to this crap! I've loved his stuff for years but not happy with the way he is changing. But at 56 years old I've seen it happen over and over. Nashville kills real Country Music.

    Einar Vargtass

    What are you talking about? This is just as country as Hank Williams. 100% real traditional country music.

    charlene willis

    @Einar Vargtass If you have watched Tyler do this song in person or even on Youtube it's better than this version he has put out. I hate it when the music companies make them change it up because THEY think it will sale better. It was so much better the way he done it NOT how they wanted him to. Tyler is awesome without doing any changes to his music.

    Randy Reynolds

    He is his own rown record label ...sooo. he picked his sound buddy. I get what your saying. But this melody is about as early 90s country as it gets. Sounds nothing like modern pop country

    charlene willis

    @Randy Reynolds On this release he partnered with Sony records

  52. Colton Pouch

    I don't see why people like the live version do much better...maybe that's just what they're use to but I think this sounds and fits so much better

  53. Grmzlyy

    But the day that he retires, he’ll smoke himself to China !!

  54. Benny Head

    I normally don't give new guys a chance because I think they're gonna be the same bro country bs. First time hearing Tyler. I'm impressed. Great song and sound.

    Noel Bishop

    honestly hes not a "new guy". And hes amazing either way.

    Benny Head

    @Noel Bishop Who gives a fuck. He's new to me. Never heard of the guy. I think he's pretty good. I'm not gonna go out and buy his records though. I'll stick to Haggard and Jones.

    Noel Bishop

    @Benny Head Just saying the dudes been at it since he was 16. Hes over a decade deep in producing quality music. Id suggest listening to some of his older acoustic solo stuff. I personally love lady may, shake the frost, harlan road. His early stuff is really raw and special. No need to be so uppity. Didnt mean to rub you the wrong way.

    Jessie Tripp

    @Benny Head you'll change your mind. Shits fukn fire!!

  55. Josie Buescher

    Glad to see this on an album finally. Been a fan of this song for a long time :) Can't wait to see you on the 14th man I've been looking forward to going to one of your concerts for years now

  56. CrazyForFlint

    The original is so much better. It hurts to listen to. Sounds like he’s dragging out all the lyrics soo much that it ruins it. Maybe I’ve just to listened to the original too many hundreds of times and am too used to it. Decent album though

    Colton Pouch

    I think this version fits the song so much better. It gets the point across better instead of making you just want something to move to

  57. theonlygamer171

    Great lyrics but I like his live versions better :/

  58. Nick Kyler

    Wow he ruined this song. This slow pace sucks. This is the very first time I have been disappointed in a Tyler Childers song. I will not be listening to the Album version of this.

    Nick Kyler

    @CrazyForFlint I think it was amplified by the fact that I have been hearing it live for awhile and had a hunch it would be on here. I really was looking forward to the produced version. Like All Your'n is. And it killed it. That "through the tunnel of forever toward the never ending light" line has no punch now.


    Nick Kyler if he recorded an up beat version with the band, with a little spin on it from the band, it would no doubt be one of his next biggest songs. But this version is shit. It is being executed on the album in a version that isn’t the way it was written, and it REALLY shows. I’m so upset with this!

    Nick Kyler

    @CrazyForFlint It almost had a feeling of "white Trash Story" by Casey Donahue Band to it that is completely lost now. I agree. I still love the album, but yeah. Maybe they recorded an upbeat version and it is sitting in a closet somewhere waiting to be released someday and we can all be happy. Or maybe it is the secret song on the CD version lol. Until then it will be the "Whispering Beard Folk Fest" version for me. Damn what could have been.

    Sam Bain

    @Woodrow Willy I like them both

    Nick Kyler

    I fixed it. Just speed it up to 1.75 speed. Perfect

  59. Allah Akbar

    Allah Akbar; good job!

  60. Money Cashed

    This song sounded so much better live, fuck those studio guys.

  61. Justin Waddell

    Man these negative comments makes me madder than a broke crack head on a tuesday...Tyler has played these songs live for his fans for years..When he could have just kept them to himself and just played songs from the purgatory and BnBs albums...Of course you like the live version better..You have heard them songs live and on youtube for close to two years and longer...This is his first major release.....And also with sturgill simpson producing...anybody that knows how studio albums and sturgill Simpson works..You knew what it would be..But from what i hear he didnt change one lyric to any of the songs..And most of these songs dont have any mainstream appeal..Most of them dont even have a chorus and he put a song about jacking off on his first major release...You should be grateful that an artist like tyler childers still exists..He wrote every song on his first major release and hell come to think of it..He wrote all the songs on purgatory as well.Which is unheard of in todays country music...We are very lucky to have an artist like tyler childers in a world thats full of super models running around in cowboy boots and sundresses Rapping country pop lyrics to a hip hop beat for teenage girls and horny housewives just for financial gain...Instead of putting negative comments about being disappointed... Be supportive of the guy! hope and pray he stays on the same path he is on...Cause he is the last of a dying breed...If you like the live versions their is probably 20 videos of each song on youtube..Go listen to them or go back to your Dan and Shay, Sam Hunt and kane Brown playlist and leave the real traditional country music to the people that understands and appericates it..and keep it moving hoss! ( and Yea you are entitled to your opinion..Go watch a flordia gerogia line and sam hunt video after listening to this album..I believe your attitude will change..

    Garrett Zajicek

    Couldn’t have said it better. These people are all a bunch of fucking dorks.

    Keith Kinkade

    Get em brother!!! LOL

    Nick Kyler

    @Justin Waddell Nah, the album is great. I'm just disappointed in the tempo of this song. Probably because I had a hunch it would be on here, and really wanted to hear it all cleaned up. But in my opinion, which is the only opinion that matters when it comes to what music I listen too... THey ruined this. I hope for a re release in uptempo. The tunnel of forever line loses all of its punch.

    Daniel Wiles

    @Nick Kyler amen

    Carl Ramsey

    BINGO!!! You, my friend, have struck the nail directly on the head!!! If any1 is negative, SO BE IT!, sturgill Simpson's influence has ruined the pureness that is the Tyler Childers we've come to love...PERIOD!!! Whatever you think of Simpson, he's did nothing but dirty up the pureness that was Tyler Childers' style!!, again... PERIOD

  62. Evan Northington

    Been waiting on this album for ever. Know every word to every song brotha this shits a banger

  63. Benjamin Anderson

    Preferred this in 4/4 but a great song nonetheless

  64. Tanner Gilmore

    Super disappointed to see that it’s slowed down on the album. The live version is so much better

    Evan Northington

    Tanner Gilmore disagreed

  65. Ben Johnson

    Tyler NEVER EVER disappoints. 😜

  66. Odin666

    Fuck yeah🤘🏻 Can’t wait until October 25th. Seeing this dude in Seattle😎

  67. Jake Bumgarner

    Childers is still better than 95% of country, but this album was a letdown. None of the songs really very memorable. It's too laid back, no songs with that fire and passion in them.

    Meredith Williams

    It sounds a bit over-produced to me. I heard a few of these songs live and the difference is incredible.

  68. Joe Holland

    The original live version is so much better. Was looking forward to seeing it on the album.... was a bit disappointed

  69. James Bruce

    Ooo wee. One of the first 600 to listen. Tyler took some LSD and blast off into his future.

  70. William York

    Real Instruments, Real Lyrics, Real Vocals, Real Passion, Real Subjects, Real Country! I will never get over how amazingly talented Tyler is. It’s just insane.

  71. Brent Boese

    Can't wait to see you live at red rocks!

  72. Colin Ashby


  73. Frank Payne, Esq.

    A fantastic song, not many can tell s story like this.

  74. Matthew Hundley

    So fucking good

  75. Marcus Schmück

    Hello 👋

  76. Steve Endicott

    Love it brother!!!

  77. bassmaster95231

    This version is painful compared to the original live recording.

    rico a

    He should put out an acoustic or live album

    William York

    rico a the Red Barn Radio album is a full acoustic album that was recorded live

    James Bruce

    I’ve never been or considered going to a concert until Tyler. All his live and Acoustic versions are better.

    Joe Prince

    @James Bruce Thought the same for the first minute or so. But if you pretend you never heard the live version, just hear the desperation in this one. It's classic country music in our time, and quite clear Mr. Childer's bodybuilding buddy really needs to roll a fatty.

  78. Floyd Simpson

    I love your music man there's really nothing like it anymore and I couldn't commend you more for sticking with your sound and giving us all a break from the mainstream with every song you release keep kicking ass man I hope to catch your Georgia show in December

  79. Jessie Tripp

    "She wonders what the hell that she was thinkn at the time"

  80. AUDREY H


  81. cj g

    I love all of your music. I was so sad i missed you in Galveston in July. Wont happen again bud

  82. Chris Carr

    Been listening to the live version of this for a long time!! So glad you put it on this album.

  83. Robert Corona

    True Country, music that means something

    You Know

    You got that right!

  84. J Sheldon

    Love it! Thanks Tyler

  85. josh major

    Hellz yeah man!!! We miss ya in Lex, come back soon dammit!!! Lol

  86. Nick H

    Let’s gooooo buddy. Making my Friday the best one all year

    Christopher Murphy

    Nick H fucking rights bud