Tyler Childers - Matthew Lyrics

He works the night shift at the depot
With a pistol and a light
And he guards them rusty missiles
Counting whitetail to pass the time
And he's worked there for a long while
Since he came home from overseas
Helping Kilcoran fight the good fight
And bring Baghdad to its knees
And it was hotter than the mountain
But it weren't so he couldn't stand
And it weren't so much the heat wave
Nearly as much as all the sand

Now his daddy, he was a log man
With a good leg and a fake
That he got off of a buddy
And a shitshot that he made
And he worked them hands to splinters
And he raised them young'uns right
On a little bit of scripture
And an acreage of paradise
And he'd go out on weekends
And he played like Clarence White
If Clarence had a real job
And picked the guitar when there was time

Keeps a trap line in the winter
Keeps a line wet in the spring
On a lock wall, fishing muskie
With his eldest and Steve
And they swap tales about their raisin'
And they tell the awfullest lies
And they go home when they've a notion
And the muskie quit to bitin'

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Tyler Childers Matthew Comments
  1. D Adams

    One of the best songs that I have heard from these guys.
    Matthew ...
    Just a song about a guy.
    A song that evokes so much emotion with poetry and damned fine music.

  2. Joe Bauers

    This song is so damn good! From the lyrics to the singin, to the pickin, and that fiddlin??? Whew... outstanding!

  3. Shawn Ward

    Love it.

    Youngest son's name is Matthew.

  4. Gavan Bammer

    I fuckin love Tyler Childers. This guy gives me motivation every day to keep on keepin on even though this life is nothing but fuck shit out here in California.

  5. MegaCoco13

    I worked at the depot and met “Matthew” Really neat song

  6. Matt Green

    But if he hung out with my family for six months he might have a chance. Reason why is we are a bunch of no body's

  7. Matt Green

    This pussy will never be a classic

  8. T-Bone 1488

    Playing in Denver in april... makes me wish I could handle cities and crowds. Part of me wants to buy the tickets anyways and try... damn my mind!

  9. Tom Binnz

    81 people are brain dead idiots. Tyler’s the best thing to happen to country music since Chris Stapleton joined the steel drivers

  10. Brad Miller

    What is a shitshot?

    The Beat Monkey

    Brad Miller a bad shot in a game of pool

  11. Jonathan Lease

    Currently deployed in the middle east I agree fuck this sand! This one hits home.

  12. Dave Ledford

    Extremely cool that he gives a shout out to Clarence White. Tyler is the man.

  13. Richard Wrong

    i feel that cover art lmao even when im not tripping scrotum

  14. dubgrug89

    See that wheat type thing below Tyler's feet? That's a satanic cross (google it). He sold his soul when he signed with RCA records. You hate to see it, I was a big fan.

    Daniel Burner

    Sure dude, whatever.


    First of all that wheat type thing is goldenrod the Kentucky state flower where he is from...as far as Satanic cross, well there’s a lot being represented here. And I don’t think he sold his soul to RCA
    This man is a good one
    So take your bullshit elsewhere

  15. Matt Davis

    This is my favorite song right now, I've listenwd to it like 25 times today at work lol

  16. Josh Wick

    I Listen to TC in Iraq all the time, helps me though this deployment for sure. The long hours in full kit, IDF etc. dusts the soul off I guess. Keep on making them gems sir!

  17. Rane Shitter

    Works the night shift at the depot
    With a pistol and a light
    And he guards them rusted missiles
    Countin' whitetail to pass the time
    And he's worked there for a long while
    Since he came home from overseas
    Helpin' Kilcorn fight the good fight
    And bring Baghdad to its knees
    And it was hotter than the mountain
    But it weren't so he couldn't stand
    And it weren't so much the heat wave
    Nearly as much as all the sand
    Now his daddy, he's a lockman
    With a good leg and a fake
    That he got off of a buddy
    And a shitshot that he made
    And he worked them hands to splinters
    And he raised them youngins right
    On a little bit of scripture
    And an acreage of paradise
    And he'd go out on the weekends
    And he played like Clarence White
    Clarence, but had a real job
    Picked the guitar when there was time
    Keeps a trap line in the winter
    Keeps a line wet in the spring
    On a lock wall fishin' muskie
    With his eldest and Steve
    And they swap tales about their raisin'
    And they tell the office lies
    And they go home when they've the notion
    And the muskie quit bitin'

    Cruiser Nation

    And they tell the office lies - I heard awfulest lies, except he says it in the Appalachian dialect so it is pronounced Off-List

    Joe Bauers

    Tyler is one bad ass writing sumbitch!

  18. Matt Prater

    When a song has your name in it, it dont matter if it's worth any count or not. Gotta love it

  19. Shane Fowler

    There is so much life in this music <3

  20. RiverCobbleChert

    I’m waiting for Banded Clovis II : Dalton Drill

    mr childgrownold

    Lost lake could work

  21. Jason Thomas

    Just good music 👌

  22. achart100

    Thank you boys

  23. Nathan Copeland

    When i hear a tyler song it makes me realize how bad all other music is

    Justin Berg

    love him
    but disagree

  24. Jeff Poe

    like Clarence white im guessing like the Kentucky colonels with his brother Roland Clarence and gene parsons invented the B bender , Gram and Phil my there pact at clearances funeral , clearance was killed by a drunk driver loading his gear after a Ky Colonels show clearance was one of the greatest pickers of all time, most plp only know he was in the Byrds but he was so much more

    The Beat Monkey

    Jeff Poe that’d be the feller

  25. Cliftyman

    heck yeah man, you know how us country folk do it! I didn't hear one damn word about a tailgate on a friday night and shine either... Nashville don't know a damn thing about country anymore

    Landon Dean

    Cliftyman amen brother I work for Nashville and I was driving through broadway and the god awful horseshit I had to listen too was horrible they need country music singers like him and colter wall

  26. Alex brappp

    I'd run across the river just to hear him play


    Colter wall is better

    deez nuts Avenue

    I'm a big fan of both

  28. Jake Boggs

    A Madison County song if I've ever heard one.

  29. Rob Morris

    Okay Tyler Childers didnt know if you knew this about Muskies. They never bite in the first place. Lmao

  30. Rex Deorum

    It looks like he is inspired by Hinduism.


    Marcus Aurelius don’t look too inspired to me

  31. James Wynn

    Tyler with guitar and fiddle accompaniment is top notch

  32. Pinhoti Man

    38 people must be from Baghdad👳🏽


    Pinhoti Man 😂🤣

  33. Dade Vesely

    Has no one noticed the satanic cross made of that snake and that plant yet?

    Matt Davis

    Totally is lol. Just looked up what it looks like an that'd be it

    Matt Davis


  34. Benny Stihl

    where do I purchase a poster of this album cover

  35. Bucky Dent

    Ahhh...Andrew. The Banded Clovis of Country Squire.

  36. Exacticity Xbl

    This... This Tyler is why we all love your music so damn much. Keep up this style and you will separate yourself from the rest! 👍🏻

  37. Texas Anarchists


  38. theoutdoorreport

    2:58 "Keeps a trapline in the winter. Keeps a line wet in the spring. On a lock wall (?) fishin' muskie"... love it!


    Charles Wood “Kill Quran” maybe?


    Charles Wood or Kilgore, the surfing Officer from Apocalypse Now

    Donnie Minter Jr

    It's "helped the kill Corp fight the good fight an bring Baghdad to it's knees". That means he was a Marine who fought in Iraq, I'm assuming in '03, I think that's when we got Saddam.

    Jonathan Nutt

    It's a lock wall as in a canal lock

    Charity Harless

    @Jonathan Nutt Louisa locks and dams

  39. pubggaming

    I get to watch the revival of country music

  40. Roy Jenkins

    To the 19 people that gives this a thumbs down ..... Come on back when you reach puberty you'll love this song then . Great new album Tyler , I thank you for keeping country. God Bless

  41. André Tavares

    What a golden voice sir thank you sir have a beer on me 🍻🍻

  42. Matthew Chesser

    That feeling when your favorite artist writes a song about his biggest fan...it's a good day!

  43. Matt A

    My name is Matthew, I frequently work night shifts, and if I’m not mistaken it’s at the very Depot he sings about. No pistol or flashlight thought, but I was almost important

    keith wever

    If you work where I was born and raised, Richmond Ky, then it is the same depot

    Jonathan Nutt

    It's about his brother in law, so unless that's you just a strange coincidence lol

  44. Mumbleypeg Jones

    Thank you for what you do.

  45. Tyler Reagan

    What a god damn jam

  46. Lessette Salazar

    So sexy

  47. American Dreamer

    Making country music great again! Thank you Tyler!

  48. Henry Dubby

    Sturgill Simpson brought me here

  49. William Castiglione

    This new album is terrible. You need to go back to bottles & Bibles and Purgatory.

  50. Nine Inch Rails

    This Album is mixed so damn well.

  51. Amy Elizabeth

    definitely my favorite track

  52. Christian Blundell

    This is one of the few songs on this album that has the twangy/wailing wildness that the outlaw masses are pinin’ for! Don’t let the mainstream clean you up too much Tyler!

    David Durrett

    Best song on the new album.

    Trump Train20202020

    This, house fire, and country squire are the best ones IMO

    john cox

    @Trump Train20202020 house fire is literally radio "country"...

  53. Digginballer Dingle

    This album is fuckin gay. Wtf is this shit.

  54. Matt Ferguson

    I don’t need any other music than Tyler Childers

  55. Booger Balls

    I'm a straight man and I wanna have your babies. You restored my faith in modern music again.

  56. Don A

    Better than 99% of the mainstream “artists”.

  57. Waylon Kane594

    Another awesome song... Good job brother

  58. JUDAS

    Thank you for real country music....

  59. carolina drifter

    Killin it as usual, been following you a long while now, never a disappointment

  60. Dave Hensal

    Thank you, thank you, all hail Tyler!! Deep from the heart, mind and stings !

  61. Duke Cinnamon

    This thay fire.

  62. Craig Bailey

    Keep up the great work, it’s about time someone sings real country music. It’s even better it’s a great Kentuckian

  63. miclo gutierrez

    he will go down as one of the best to ever do it.

  64. D Duhdz

    Tyler just don’t ever sell out!!! We’re counting on you to keep making GOOD music

  65. Mike wallace jr

    I'm glad Tyler is finally slowly blowing up, been on my Playlist for a long time

  66. Tommy Yoder

    the sitar tho 😤

  67. Taylor Crain

    See good brother, I ain't begging you to like me I'm just telling you to leave my fucking freedom alone chief Three Stones, Cherokee, nations as we don't socially engineer that well with the likes of freeloaders and cry-babies... yeah see!

  68. Cool Hand Luke

    This is bi-sexual yoga music. Just because it has a fiddle and banjo doesn't mean it's country.

    Garrett Zajicek

    You’re a fuckin dork


    not cool Luke, not cool

    Chassady Faith

    thank god you don’t think it classifies as modern country 🙌🏼


    Cool Hand Luke being jelly is something you should not share

    Kris Reitz

    How dare you CHL

  69. Kellen Mills

    Love you Tyler! Hope to be at your show December 11

  70. Hunter Jackson

    Only other good song other then house fire and all yourn kind of disappointed tbh

    Billy Bishop

    Creeker, Gemini, Bus Route...I'm sorry your ears are infected

    Rational Insight

    Not to mention Country Squire is a damn masterpiece.

  71. Jake Ford

    This is keeping me super chill at work

  72. Alex G

    I believe he’ll end up being a classic in our generation

    Charlie and Nicole Grainger

    Damn right

    boltsowner r

    Been listening to Tyler for years. The best out there!

    Trista Coats

    He already is!!

    A Scientist

    They'll look back on people like him like the outlaws of the past who were blowing Kenny Roger's annoying music out of the picture, except they're blowing Luke Bryan's annoying music out of the picture.

  73. Dusty Sullivan

    Way to make my Friday ole son!

  74. Shana Lamoreaux

    Im glad this happened on a Friday 🍺😁

  75. Stephanie D

    I dig the cover art!

  76. Dalton Adams

    Tyler wrote this about his Brother-in-law. Great song about a great man.

  77. Kylee Nichole

    Best thing to wake up too 🙌🏻

  78. jonathan Loves mushrooms

    Hari Krishna

  79. Adam Cleary

    Canadian here, loving all your tunes. Keep it up buddy! Bought tickets a couple weeks ago to see you play in Toronto. And Fuck am I excited!

    Christopher Murphy

    Adam Cleary Cole harbour Nova Scotia here

    Brent Doiron

    Minden, Ontario 🤟🏻

  80. Michelle Good

    Being on this side of his amazing creative process is a treat for the ears and soul...omg love love love

  81. Your Smurf

    Anyone else going to see him in Tulsa Oklahoma?!

    His music is great. I am thankful to have found Tyler’s art. What’s amazing is he seems to write and sing so effortlessly. I don’t mean it’s not work. I’ve seen his live stuff he puts in a lot of work preforming. I mean the lyrics and chords he writes just always seem perfectly matched.

    Mr. Childers you have helped people in more ways than you know. I thank you for your hard work and dedication.

    Meg Thomas

    Hunter Brad hell yeah!!!!! 🙂🙃

    Your Smurf

    Meg Thomas tickets are pretty cheap too. What’s your favorite song from this new album?

    Meg Thomas

    Hunter Brad I love all yourn’ (of course) and ever lovin’ hand. I need to listen to the rest of them on the new album. What about you?

    Your Smurf

    Meg Thomas house fire probably my favorite. Idk. The more I listen to the rest the harder it is to pick a single favorite.

    Your Smurf

    Meg Thomas so you play dead by daylight?

  82. Brad Freeman

    This is the shit that should be on the radio! Can’t wait to see ya in October!

  83. Peter Cakebread

    I woke up at 3am remembered the new album was out and let's just say I ain't been back to bed!! Morning beers and Tyler Childers!!!!

    Lone Star Dude

    Peter Cakebread love it! Morning beers and Tyler Childers, should be a song!

    Jared Lawson

    Not gonna lie, I set an alarm for the release of the album so I could could baked and listen to album in it's entirety at 4am. It's sounds like if country had evolved the right way after the highwayboys lost traction.

    Tommy Wray

    You cant drink all day if you dont start in the morning!

  84. tommyjohnson43

    Great album , not as somber as Purgatory but awesome job .

  85. Mr AHob

    A sitar !!


    Tyler Childers is Awesome!

  87. rebel_deere

    The drunks around me wanted me to say you can play and sing really good.

    Brandon Armistead

    rebel_deere HAHAHAHAHA

    Grant Young

    rebel_deere Hell yeah haha

    Beverly Davis

    Geniuses 💙🎵😆

    John Ricc Evas

    Hahah nice


    That's good form for drunks. Usually just piss the bed and trip over everything 🏌🏿‍♀️

  88. Roy Noble

    His songs stick in my head

  89. Paul Wilson

    Is it out yet???

    Dallas Nelson

    It dropped at midnight

  90. MoeDeLL

    Man this is so good!!!

  91. William Allman

    Been waiting for some real music for 30 years. Thank you Tyler, my only problem I have with you is that you weren't around when I was 18 years old.
    Keep it out of the dirt brother. I'll be following you until it's all over.

  92. Taylor Roderick

    Damn, you never fail to amaze me

  93. Lint licker

    Yes sir

  94. Fiddle sticks

    Thank you Tyler for bringing life back to country music

  95. Tyler Newberry

    Great now I have to stay up listening to the new album

  96. Matthew Phayvanh

    You know why I'm here.

  97. Amanda Valentine

    Amazing as usual! Loving the banjos!

  98. Cheyenne Scott

    Man. You never dissapoint! ☺☺

  99. Anon Nevil

    Tyler Childers is the most underrated country star for the past couple of years. He puts the mainstream (with a couple exceptions to shame).

    Poet Squatch

    @Anon Nevil Stapleton is good, but if you look back at the songwriting and solo acoustic performances, he can't carry Tyler's flannel shirt.

    boltsowner r

    No exceptions.

    Anon Nevil

    @Poet Squatch I love them both - in today's music scene I would take either one over Luke Bryan, Florida Gerogia Line, Kane Brown, Marren Morris, I can keep going with the posers........

    Rachel Soulek

    So true and very correct 🤗

    Landon Jones

    Jake Bumgarner the only think Cody jinks has is a good voice. His songs sound so elementary in the writing

  100. KeithTerryMusic

    Whoever mixed those banjos did a magical job when listened through headphones

    Jake Neuman

    Well Sturgill produced. So thank him lol


    Pretty sure that’s a sitar at the beginning. Could be wrong.

    Jake Neuman

    Hosscat03 you’re correct that is a sitar

    Joseph Dallaire

    Stuart Duncan plays the bluegrass instruments on this album. He's beyond talented

    Beverly Davis

    @Jake Neuman
    Close enough to perfection for me