Tyler Childers - Everlovin' Hand Lyrics

They got my favorite lotion here
Something in a hotel I admire
I got the pictures that you sent me
How they fill me with desire

Tonight we've all got our own rooms
I'm about to burn mine down
Because I miss you somethin' fierce
In this quaint New England town

I read the texts you whispered plain
Everything you aim to do
Sure do like the way you think
That's the way I'm thinking too

I see it play out in my mind
You and I unite as one
The van don't leave 'til 10 A.M
And we've only just begun

This one here goes out to you
Lord wherever you may be
When you're reaching for a fruit
I pray you'll fondly think of me
It gets so hard out on the road
But I'm going alone because I'm your man
I have got you on my mind
And my ever loving hand

For a moment you were here
Moment passed and you were gone
Didn't even clean the mess
That you clearly helped to cause

When the boys asked how I slept
I'll just look 'em in the eye
Tell them all you'd come to visit
I didn't get a wink of sleep last night

This one here goes out to you
Lord wherever you may be
When you're reaching for a fruit
I pray you'll fondly think of me
It gets so hard out on the road
But I'm going alone because I'm your man
I have got you on my mind
And my ever loving hand

It gets so hard out on the road
But I'm going alone because I'm your man
I have got you on my mind
And my ever loving hand

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Tyler Childers Everlovin' Hand Comments
  1. Tim Lowenhaupt

    When you're reaching for the fruit.... Classic

  2. Nick Hawkins

    It gets so hard out on the road!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Ian Ritchie

    Only tyler childers can make a song sound good even if its about a fat DUCK so tyler childers is the best of all times k

  4. Ian Ritchie

    dont evr interrupt me when i'm listen to tyler childers k peoples


    2:08 i love it!!

  6. mark james bryson

    Tyler Childers is one damn good musician 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸🎶✌🏻

  7. Beverly Davis


  8. manella perry

    Good singing and song writing,Have you ever heard of Nicholas Jamerson?He is from Prestonburg.He is a good singer and song writer also,woot woot for Eastern Ky., from South West Ky.Keep them songs a coming.

  9. Winston Churchill


  10. Richard Gardner

    Do not ever interrupt me with a kane brown ad when trying to listen to Tyler Childers.

    Dakota Lowe

    Who the hell is this Kane Brown fool you're talkin about?!

    mark james bryson

    Class mate fucking beauty, lol Tyler’s the Dude 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️🇺🇸🎶✅✊🏻🍀🌿

    Laura Salas


  11. lumaz71

    this album is a masterpiece.

  12. Nick Ryan

    Men. Don't masterbate. Step 1.

  13. Perry Dykes

    Reminds me of the first i ever had, i was by myself and it scared me to death. Childers u may save country music.

  14. IceArro

    Playing this song until someone catches on

  15. Cool Hand Luke

    Hey guys just because it sounds like country don't make it country. This fool is a dirty SJW hippie laughing all the way to the bank at you. Your taking fake mushrooms if you think he represents true country American culture.


    @Cool Hand Luke Wow what a fuckin troglodyte lol

    Carter C

    “Dirty SJW Hippie” lmao dude. Your view of what is and is not country is seriously distorted. Hippies have always been country, there have been plenty of incredible country lefties that have been rejected by Nashville for their values, all the way back to the 30s and 40s. Childers is Americana. He’s the son of a coal miner from Van Lear, Kentucky and he’s as salt of the earth as they come. “Country” isn’t your God, Guns, and Freedom version of America that worships Trump, pickup trucks, and the upper middle class status quo, and it never has been.

    Luke Quinlan

    @Carter C Americana ain't no part of nothing

    Tim Lowenhaupt

    @Jeff McMurray
    Well played bro

    Tim Lowenhaupt

    @Carter C
    Hear hear!!!

  16. Jamis Coda

    🐔🐓 Chokin' the chickin

  17. 76helterskelter

    It's really a beautiful song but it sucks that I think of Tyler Childers now... you know every time that subject comes up.

  18. Castle

    Chick’n pick’n or chick’n choke’n? Lol great album but needs to get back to his original sound.

  19. clubstone1

    I still think Jackson Browne wrote the best 5 knuckle shuffle song ever......but this is a close 2nd.

    Colten Bailey

    I'm going to have to disagree with you. This is hands down the best song about playing some 5 on one couch hockey.

    Carter C

    Colten Bailey thank you for that, I’ve never heard that one before😂 I will be using both of these

  20. chris bostick

    Who know you better than you

  21. Imp Yea Him


  22. Doug Harlow


  23. Perfect world

    Innuendo {{wink wink}} 😂😉

  24. Nine Inch Rails

    Good ole chicken choker country.

  25. Cooper Folmer

    Never has there been a more romantic song about bopping the bologna

  26. Bill Goodman

    Staying at hotels for work will never be the same now. :)

  27. TheSaulp2

    No chill 😂👍

  28. Gage Caudill

    No one:
    Tyler: I jerked off to my wife last night

  29. dubgrug89

    FYI Tyler, below your feet is a satanic cross. Maybe you're aware maybe you're not. RCA records is pure evil.

    God is real, and so is the devil.

    Bill Goodman

    justin irwin *your*

    justin irwin

    Thank you for "your" correction Mr. Goodman.

    justin irwin

    Duly noted and corrected.....

    justin irwin

    @Bill Goodman however I must adamantly disagree with your conclusion concerning the "characters" of "G*d and Satan/Devil". These ideas of classical thought were never intended for the ignorant, uninitiated and mundane masses. Let alone stories for children! The ancient scriptures of all so called "religions" were developed by men and women of renown throughout the then known world. Individuals who were intellectual Giants in comparison to the average person. Those who were entrusted through sacred oath and obligation to never divulge the mystery of the Words.....

  30. Robert Lewis

    Playin’ a little five on one....

    Andrew Jenkins

    Best comment of the YouTube history

    Primo Pete

    Mix a batch

  31. Shelby England

    Ahh hell yes...get it.

  32. Patrick Black

    Don't like how the vocals are mixed behind the music. There's plenty of this very average country music on the radio. Don't need to hear Tyler singing behind it. If this is the new direction I guess I'm out.

    Patrick Black

    @Garrett ZajicekSounds nothing like the Tyler Childers I was really excited about and enjoyed. Sounds like generic pop country to me but I'm no expert.

    Garrett Zajicek

    Patrick Black I think Tyler and the band have been influenced by so many of the great country artists growing up that they really added a lot of those influences to the sound of this album. Musically a lot of these songs remind me of early Dwight Yoakam especially a more upbeat style. I think this album will eventually grow on people the more they listen to it.

    Patrick Black

    @Garrett Zajicek Tyler is an artist and I encourage and support whatever direction he's inspired to take. And I haven't heard the whole album. I was talking about this one song. I'm not a fan of country I didn't think of his music as country. I was just saying if that's the direction he's going then I'm not gonna be listening. More power to him and good luck. He'll lose some fans and probably gain some. The musical performance on this track was not particularly inspiring and got in the way of me even being interested in the lyrics. Just this fan's 2 cent opinion. He has more than a couple songs that literally move me to tears. I'll cherish those regardless of what he does next.

    Patrick Black

    I just wanted to follow up after seeing Tyler and the band at the Railbird festival at Keeneland in Lexington, KY this last weekend. He was awesome and the new songs sounded great! I also listened to the whole Country Squire album again and still don't like it much. Whoever mixed it really did a poor job on my opinion. But live with a better mix between vocals and instruments it really sounded good.

    Carter C

    Patrick Black believe me, im as hardline traditional country as they come. And I can sincerely say that THIS is exactly what modern country should sound like. This whole album, to me, represents what Nashville should’ve become, and it beats the hell out of Sam Hunt/Thomas Rhett/FGL snaptrack bullshit and Jason Andean/Luke Bryan country cock-rock.

  33. Jerrod Bates


  34. Bryan Frederick

    When you cant be with the one you love just rub one out 😂😂😂

  35. Melissa Jo

    It’s got a great beat to it! Pun intended. 😂

  36. DukeOfTennessee117

    Fuckin. Legend

  37. Adrienne O’Mara

    At some point, Tyler had to have played this song to Sturgil with intentions of putting it on the album. That conversation is something I’ve been laughing at all day.

    Bill Goodman

    I imagine Mary Jane was involved in that conversation.

    Tyler Cole

    I'd give all my gold to be a fly on the wall for that interaction. Lol

    Dakota Lowe

    @Bill Goodman I wouldn't doubt it all

    Dakota Lowe

    @Tyler Cole I'd give mine just to hang out with 2 at the same time!

  38. VirginFetus

    Story of my life

    The I.R.A

    Dude that fucking profile pic 😂

  39. 2bit MarketAnarchist

    Listen to this chad with a girlfriend to send him nudes

  40. Blake Langley

    This one goes out to all them fellers chokin the chicken.

  41. RamJam

    Haha! Classic!!! Love the new album

  42. Ryan Hertz

    Hahahaha! Go Tyler!

  43. Tyler Cole

    Right when I think I can't love Childers anymore he drops a song on the album about shaking hands with Rosey Palm and her five friends. Amazing.

  44. Justin Smothers

    What a great morning, listening to the new album on the road!

  45. Elijah Bryant

    This song make me want to masterbate.

  46. MoeDeLL

    This could be one of the greatest love songs of all time

    Bill Goodman

    Could be? I'm pretty sure it is.


    @Bill Goodman yeah buddy!

    Andrew Chopps

    @Bill Goodman it's hard to beat.

    Beverly Davis

    ❤️ Oh most definitely it is 🍓🍌

  47. Katelyn Wade

    Floyd was magical. a recorded track from this guy and his band does not do them justice. fuckin talent pours out of this man.

  48. Emily Mae

    Congrats on the new album Tyler! It’s great to see you succeed. Love every song from “Bottles and Bibles” to “Ever loving hand” and will blast every future song! #eatinbigtime

  49. Kayleigh Mignini

    wow... only good ol timmy ty could pull off such a delicate song😂

  50. mike williams

    😂😂 ready for you to come back and play in Mississippi again

  51. Jonny Freitas

    Only Tyler Childers can make a song about feedin the ducks sound so good.

    Joseph Driesenga

    Pulling the horn, playing a little five on one

    neil hamel

    @Joseph Driesenga distributing free literature


    @neil hamel tossing the sauce

    Nick Hawkins

    MR Who love Letterkenny! One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time!!!😂😂😂😂