Tyler Childers - Cinder And Smoke Lyrics

You can set my house on fire baby
You can turn it into cinder and smoke
Cause this house is mighty cold
And I feel like meltin' all the snow away

Well you see these boots I'm wearin'
They're tough enough to go
And they'll take any road to reach you
Honey won't you light the way

You can set my house on fire baby
You can turn it into cinder and smoke
Cause this house is mighty cold
And I feel like meltin' all the snow away

You see this train I'm ridin'
It's burnin' up the coal
And its wheels are bound to roll right by you
Honey won't you jump my train

You can set my house on fire baby
You can turn it into cinder and smoke
Cause this house is mighty cold
And I feel like meltin' all the snow away

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Tyler Childers Cinder And Smoke Comments
  1. HannahBreanne

    Born and raised Appalachian Tyler eastern Kentucky, THANKS for putting out your MUSIC!!

  2. Kevin Hanus

    This has been my favorite song of the past year that came out. It is almost perfect, the only thing that is lacking is that I wish it was longer!! I also feel like this would be the perfect song for Dave Matthews Band to cover and do a kick ass job of in concert.

  3. Reggie Mcintyre

    Good fucking tune

  4. Daniel Muth

    This has a very similar vibe and rhythm to Man of Constant Sorrow. Love it!

  5. jbscotchman

    Yjod od p, hppf,ieof

  6. jbscotchman

    This is some damn good whiskey drinkin, knee slappin music.

  7. Myranda Faddis

    This video is 🔥🔥🔥😁

  8. Broken Cherry

    I like a lot of different music and he is legit damn effing good.

  9. Heather Mitchem

    Wow...southern WV..you made me feel my roots deep..
    Love this dance...can feel this shit..

  10. Walker Texas Ranger

    Ranger Approved

  11. Denver Grimes


  12. Jash D

    You my friend are the reason my children and I get to listen to new TRUE country music. I'll raise a shot to that.

  13. phipps111

    Tyler......your the shit.....an inspiration to all of us true dirty grity musicians....just don't sell out to the man your music is best the way you write it.....not the way they will try to tell you. You are on track to be one of the greats and in ways your already there. It would break my heart if you fell into the big music trap and started to sound like everyone else. Maybe one day we will cross paths and can lay down some hot fire. I'm a true fan of yours and I believe we come from the same vein. Keep it up my friend.

  14. Tobias Oellers

    Yeah, I think this is one of the Best Songs I ever heard.

  15. Kelly Cox

    Fantastic choreography. Who did this?

  16. Ryan Nelson

    looks like they left the amish farm and never came back

  17. Judah Cochrane

    White girl has some sexy legs

  18. Dallas Carnahan

    I love this music. We have needed this for a long time now.

  19. Joshua Pierson

    I love you music man i'm an ole boy from WV man. You are fucking awesome

  20. Marcus Bortz

    Tyler I envy you man. Wanna sing n play like you. Hard to keep my fingers up with ya tho buddy. You keep on keepin in man. Ohio

  21. Cm42TV

    One of my favourite music videos that I have seen in SO LONG! I've just reacted to this video on my channel and fell in love. Thanks Tyler!

  22. Kathy H

    I do believe this is my favorite so far, although it is only my 3rd so far. Definately digging deeper into your music, very well done, young man.

  23. John Sugameli

    You are what they world needed back in it brotha

  24. Cygnus X-1

    Just discovered this music tonight. This is awesome. I don't know why whatever this dancing starts out as gets crazy and fits the music.

  25. James Stamps

    I just can't listen to this song enough.

    edit: the blonde might have something to do with it...

  26. Busby StandUp

    I envy those two dancing... relationship goals

  27. James Gabbard

    I love it>>>>>

  28. David McCoy

    I do not say this lightly, but I rank up there with Townes Van Zandt

  29. Rhiannon Cuthbertson

    TYLER Childers is the best

  30. Milch Mann

    Their sex must be fuckin' wild

  31. IronReece13

    Wonder how many first wedding dances will try to recreate this

  32. Greg Chapman

    My husband told me that you used to play for my favorite festival! I just wished I could have seen you perform at supermoon. Keep the hits coming definitely hella good swarpin music! -Kayla

  33. ruben mangus

    You 600 sumbitches that disliked this need pistol whipped to death.

  34. Deborah Reece

    That male dancer is damn sexy. Love this song. Someone just told me about Tyler Childers and I started listening to him. He's awesome and I love bluegrass.

  35. Colt O

    Yesir sounds good here in mid eastern indiana.

  36. Thomas Stone

    Tyler your my favorite artist man. Can't wait for you to come to Charlotte next march.. I'll be there!

  37. Kimberly Alexander


    You can set my house on fire, baby
    You can turn it into cinder and smoke
    'Cause this house is mighty cold and I feel like
    Melting all the snow away
    You see these boots I'm wearing
    They're tough enough to go
    And they will take many a road to reach you
    Honey, won't you light the way
    You can set my house on fire, baby
    You can turn it into cinder and smoke
    'Cause this house is mighty cold and I feel like
    Melting all the snow away
    You see this train I'm riding
    It's burnin' up the coal
    And its wheels are bound to roll right by you
    Honey, won't you jump my train
    You can set my house on fire, baby
    You can turn it into cinder and smoke
    'Cause this house is mighty cold and I feel like
    Melting all the snow away
    You can set my house on fire, baby
    You can turn it into cinder and smoke
    'Cause this house is mighty cold and I feel like
    Melting all the snow away
    You can set my house on fire, baby

    Kirk Kirkendall

    I always thought it was soot and smoke

  38. aslewis72

    Hey brother, from Sandy Hook, KY. I like it. All the "douchebags" may not, what in the hell did they ever know?

  39. marlee_misunderstood


  40. Juanita E


  41. Phooze

    How you just gonna steal "constant sorrow" 's exact instrumental track AND THEN steal the same flow lol. Pathetic

  42. Phooze

    This song has the EXACT SAME beat/flow as Constant Sorrow from O Brother Where Art Thou. When you play the tracks side by side, almost identical. The flow of the lyrics are the same as well. 100% stolen song lol MAKE ORIGINAL SHIT PEOPLE IT GOD DAMN

  43. Michael Phelan

    I know the lyrics are 'cinder and smoke' but it sounds like 'sin and smoke' and, considering the subject matter...I think it fits SO much better.

  44. Joe Barry

    Like WTF.. I'm an OTR truck driver from Wisconsin and the radio stations I could hear was the only thing I would look forward to. going south through Kentucky Alabama Georgia wherever. Always a station that didn't have to play the top 40 new crap

  45. Joe Barry

    Duuude?! I would turn on the country station again if this is the type of stuff they would play or Sturgill Simpson or Chris Stapleton

  46. Greg Collins

    Love this song Tyler is one of the best can't wait to see him. I grew up in Prestonsburg about 10/miles from Paintsville.

  47. Bret Kindell

    Great country groove..you go tyler

  48. Allen Woolwine

    Love Tyler Childers best music I ha e heard in years seen him live in by god west fucking Virginia cant wait till next time


    bruh it's literally a stolen song lol. It's the same track as Constant Sorrow, and the flow of the words is also the same, just different lyrics. This is plagiarism disguised as "creativity"

  49. Thomas Boling

    Tyler's music speaks to my soul, echoes of something that Nashville seems to have forgotten, or maybe sold off?

  50. Cael Nordyke

    I wish I could hear this on radio

  51. Brad Mason

    Christ I hope Tyler and Sturgill play some decent gigs... Nothing sucks worse than a concert in the g.d. city.! Fuck that. Either play festivals or fuck it! No...no...no thank you...

  52. Daniel Fisher

    Great song.

  53. Chip Kelly

    Who else is in love with the woman dancing in this video ? 🙋‍♂️ man, I could watch her in this video all day long!

    Daniel Fisher

    Chip Kelly me. I was just tellin my ole lady. Haha trying to find her name

    Chip Kelly

    Daniel Fisher find out let me know brother lol

    Kirk Kirkendall

    Same! She looks like a blonde Aubrey Plaza. Beautiful

    Deborah Reece

    I'm in love with the man in the video, could care less about the woman. He's an amazing dancer and very cute.

  54. Jo Hendren

    Haven't heard anything by him I don't like, and this song will definitely put a little gitty up in your day. That being said, I really hate this video. Tyler's music stands alone like an oak. For me, the dancers provide nothing but an annoying distraction.

  55. Gabriel Alexander


  56. Nicholas Reid

    Very very impressive.

  57. michael white

    You kick ass !!!

  58. Zackary Frazier

    638 Luke Bryan fans wandered to the wrong side of YouTube. Only real outlaws around here kids.

  59. ryan savarie

    How is shit like Florida Georgia line , Luke Bryan etc on the radio but Tyler Childers , colter Wall , Sturgill Simpson etc not blows my mind this is real music not shitty pop country 🤘

    The Ferriss Project

    ryan savarie They are actually getting played a bit here in Kentucky, on one station where I am...I’m always looking up their songs after I hear them.

  60. Trace Maxwell

    Great song but I need to know who that girl is

  61. Angie SWINGLE

    I just wanna learn that dance DAYYUUMMM

  62. Randy TYSON

    Tyler Childers and Sturgill Simpson on tour together! Somebody did it!

  63. Michael Brady

    theres 632 folk out there that shouldnt be allowed out on their own after dark

  64. Ralph Morris

    One guitar was harmed in the making of this song....

  65. Julia K

    It's impossible to stand still while listening to this song. Amazig song & video! <3

  66. mark james bryson

    Love this song and and video. Tyler Childers, brilliant!

  67. Texas Rising

    Real country! But fuck Sturgill Simpson. You arent real country if you bash president Trump!

  68. Charles Upchurch

    WHY IS THIS NOT ON THE FUCKING RADIO #Realmusicisstillalive

  69. Jason Norwood

    Nobody does it like us KENTUCKY BOYS

  70. Trevor Holloway

    I came across “Nose On the Grindstone” a few days ago, I now know every word to every song you have. The world needs more people like Tyler Childers!

  71. David Walz

    true love is ture love .. loyatly gone and forgotten.

  72. David Masemer

    When you can two step but throw some twang in for attitude, yeah we called that Gettysburg Stompin'.

    Marilee Dent

    We call it the hillbilly stomp

  73. chris nielsen

    This is pure genius!!! Great rhythm!!!

  74. Cristian Ramón Alcocer Hernández

    Buenardo. ❤

  75. YouTube BLows

    I have questions... who’s the girl? What kind of dancing is that? And last but not least is she not the hottest chick ever

  76. Joseph Driesenga

    Okay... Country dubstep with a touch of swing.... I really want to learn that dance now.

  77. Gonzo69batz

    People that have disliked this...I hope to fuck you don’t drink bourbon or have had a bad life..because honestly you don’t deserve either. 😁. Go buy your Tesla and explode in a pile of batteries while the dubstep beats to the rhythm of your regret.

    The Ferriss Project

    Gonzo69batz Don’t worry man, they’re just Russian bots randomly downvoting songs. 😊

  78. LetsTalkLife WithTheCrew BCB

    (Is just as good live)

  79. isaac rayburn

    You are witnessing the evolution of white people

  80. Kev'z Sab'z

    This guy needs to be nominated for the Best New Artist category this coming Grammy Awards 2020.

  81. jimmyblackmon

    Don't let them make you status quo man. Stick to your roots!

  82. zach roberts

    good dam buddy you've done it again instant favorite your shit rocks like few ofhers love that your not out to sell out just to be another fake . id enjoy sitting down toking it up snorting a big o white line with ya lol this artist actually writes with a meaning behind his songs not just so junk like on radio

  83. Dillon Areheart

    Sooooo gooooood!!!!

  84. unlblkrubi

    want to know who the dancers are

  85. Five-O Lawn and Snow

    Love it !

  86. Vencini

    Thats some beautiful courtin there!

  87. Brooke Melberg

    Singing is fun ❤️🖤💙

  88. Ryan Cockrum

    Dharma and Greg need to calm down!

    The Ferriss Project

    Ryan Cockrum Lol! Nice one. 😄

  89. The Misadventures of Jim

    Rock'n 'grass-fusion tune and a great exposition of classical American Appalachian dance done in a really contemporary way by extraordinary performers. Bravo.

  90. Ryan L

    Listen to this at 1.25 speed. Pretty darn good

  91. Phuchk Yu

    This guy is a legit star.

  92. Jared Phillips

    Any luck for a bama show?

  93. Bobby Phillips

    I agree if you dislike this then something is wrong I dont listen to country at all but Tyler Childers is a bad ass

  94. Martha Langston

    Tyler has the best songs - and videos!

  95. Becky Darby

    Tyler, I've been listening to you from the beginning, and I absolutely love your music! You are very talented and I hope you continue to put out great music. I live in Portsmouth, Ohio. So you know I understand your songs. It's a damn shame what's happened to everyone around here. I blame Purdue Pharma. They knew what they were doing to us. Anyway, thank you for giving me some decent music to listen to!

  96. Donavon Bain

    Thats some decent white folk dancin there! Good moves.
    Edit:Not great, but its smooth and tells a story via dance. Great call on the dancers!

  97. Donavon Bain

    Video is good. Song is EXCELLENT!!!

  98. Donavon Bain

    This, is just Beautiful!!! So full of a country boy's Heart!

  99. TheRovingGent89

    This is a damn good song and Tyler Childers is a musical genius. That said, I can't help but feel it could use more line dancing and strategically placed stomping.


    Did you know that Warren Zevon's son played in Johnny Rad and the Jordanaires?

  100. none ya

    Kentucky pride❤👏👏👏