Tyler Childers - All Your'n Lyrics

Drivin' through the roadwork
Oh the work they took forever on
The road cones blur like memories
Of the miles we shared between

The place you learned to say your prayers
The place I took to prayin'
Loadin in and breakin down
My road dog door deal dreams

Long before we ever met
I made up my direction
Long before I knew the half
Of half that I'm sure of now

Though I'd say it ain't the way that you'd a gone about it
Follow me and lead me on and never let me down

So I'll love ya till my lungs give out
I ain't lyin'
I'm all yourn and you're all mine

There ain't two ways around it
There ain't no tryin' bout it
I'm all yourn and you're all mine

Fried morels and fine hotels and all that in the middle
Every bite and curtain drawn I wanna taste with you

The goddess in my Days Inn pen
The muse I aint' refusin'
The part of me that ain't around
I'm always talkin' to

So I'll love ya till my lungs give out
I ain't lyin'
I'm all yourn and you're all mine
There ain't two ways around it
There ain't no tryin' bout it
I'm all yourn and you're all mine

So I'll love ya till my lungs give out
I ain't lyin'
I'm all yourn and you're all mine
There ain't two ways around it
There ain't no tryin' bout it
I'm all yourn and you're all mine

No there ain't two ways around it
There ain't no tryin' about it
I'm all yourn and you're all mine

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Tyler Childers All Your'n Comments
  1. Judy Grosshans

    :) This is so funny.

  2. silver soulja

    Country music isn't was it was before....THANK GOD

  3. Cynical Millennial

    He mixed country with indie rock in this song and it sounds great.

  4. jbscotchman

    This song makes me smile

  5. Willy Wonka

    What the hell is the worst song I've ever heard in my damn life

  6. Jacob Lewis


  7. Caden C

    These lyrics are golden in many ways

  8. Tiff Clemons

    All Yourn....I say that word all the time...coincidence?!

  9. Nicole Noble

    I love you Tyler!

  10. HaydenB1992

    I like how Tyler embodies himself in all the different characters in the bar. Maybe it’s just my point of view but it’s seeing yourself in everyone. That’s pretty killer.

  11. Angry Vault Boy

    is NO-ONE gonna point out the horrible editing at 2:51? with the bartender in the back lmao

  12. Daryl Alm

    Sit back and imagine him and Sturgill on a free weekend doing these pyshcoldelics

  13. Robert O'Brien

    Tyler I hope you see this. Probably not though. Anyway MAD love from NKY. I’ll meet you one day no doubt in my mind

    paul beenis

    Why hope he sees this if you arent going to say anything worth a damn?

    paul beenis

    "Probably not though" wow you do have 1 braincell

    Robert O'Brien

    paul beenis listen here penis it’s a free country I can get drunk and make dumb comments on YouTube as much as I want guy

  14. Bill Cosby’s Pill bottle

    Joe Rogan wants to know your location

  15. Miz.MACramento

    I absolutely love this video 💚

  16. KinKinOmar

    OMG, I am watychin this while high and it seems really accureate

    sorry for speliigng

  17. Happy Day



    omg I love ur music hope you hit ur big break soon

    Josey Nogy

    He got nominated for a grammy for this song. Hopefully that is his big break


    I do to

  19. Seth Chill

    Merry Christmas

  20. Goggle Squad

    Did I just enjoy country music?


    cross with blue grass, and bit of folk, Definitely Yes!

  21. Ray Jones

    This song sounds way older than it is

  22. Jason Clark

    Tyler Childers > Ed Sheeran

  23. Jay Mitchem #1

    Great Song just good Music!

  24. Hayden James03

    I love this song but What. The. Fuck. Am. I. Watching. My eyes are tripping lmao

  25. Rob O'Brien

    Is that Casey Campbell from Buffao Wabs??

  26. William Landers

    Im not really into this type of music, but I'm really liking this.

  27. Sauce Boss

    That lady's got a pretty mustache...

  28. skubytube

    Damn Shrooms”ll do it every time ! 😳 🍄

  29. Jill Arthur

    I'll have what he's having....

  30. Dan Rose

    This song sure sounds a like Bob Dylan's The Man in Me, especially when coupled with the the dream scene from The Big Lebowski. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04P3H9XRLy8

  31. Jase B

    Love the song, the video..........is awful.

  32. Nick Lionberger

    Shrooms and Weed a scary combination that can be fun af!

    derty QWERTY

    By scary, do you mean, perfect combination? English may not be my second language 🤪

  33. TJ Napier

    Lungs giving out!!!

  34. Hazel Green

    Oh I know that road work all too well, it's between me and me Nana. Pikeville KY

  35. Linda Combs

    Love the song but hate the video.Can u say DMT!

  36. Cody Pratt

    What Moose Lodge is this? I want to live that moment.

  37. Robert Dudley

    Best of the best !!!!! Yall no what I'm talkin bout huh !!!!!

  38. Heisenberg181

    Way better than crap I mean rap

  39. Tenny Game

    Got me wanting to roll my gal up in a cigar and blaze the shit out of her🧡

  40. Dirty Cracker

    Coolest video I've seen in years. Great song as well

  41. A T

    This video gave me a contact buzz.

  42. MrTrapper17

    Tyler I'm going to your concert in st.louis mo in March I plan on proposing to my girlfriend during lady may I got a really cool idea if you would help a fellow blue collar working man out! Thanks brother love your music your awesome keep up the good work man thank you!

  43. MrKrwillis72

    Swear to God! I can smell this video!

  44. Kathy H

    I am sorry to say I had never heard of you until today, when I watched a reaction to "Feathered Indians". Not usually a big country fan, but something about your voice has caught my attention. Looking forward to hearing more of your music, young man. I wish you the best.

  45. BSpilatro

    Best music video ever ?

  46. countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Came here to see what he sounded like. I've heard of his name for a while. He is fucking filth. What kind of a joke is this dude???? He's next level atrocious

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    @Jeramiah Meade also not sure why you put "how dare you". If you think this is even the smallest ounce of being talented then how dare you think this is even "good music" let alone epic like the people I listed

    derty QWERTY

    You sound like a girl whose husband did not make it, and you constantly made posts on his videos now, claiming he has no talent yet in millions of comments, yours is 1 of 1000s that are bad and ass backwards to what everyone else can clearly see.. countrygirl is naive, clearly no talent in country yet claims she is... ahaaa

    countrygirl countrymusiclover


    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    @derty QWERTY and also sick ass piece of shit there are too many talents in country to count. Where your drugged up hallucinating ass got that I said otherwise is beyond me. Hallucinating is seeing what isnt really there. Luke Bryan luke combs Brantley Gilbert George strait willie nelson Jason aldean haggard dierks brad paisley Dustin lynch Chris young Chris janson Chris lane Easton Corbin about 90% of 90s and about 90% of recent people Reba ronnie milsap Eddie rabbitt Johnny cash waylon Jennings Tammy wynette Barbara mandrell Miranda Blake Carrie Underwood dolly parton midland old dominion to name a few can't suck if they tried unlike Tyler. Sucking comes natural for him. Tyler is hard core filth

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    @derty QWERTY I pray you get help for those drugs you're smoking. You're a perfect example why I am proud to say me and my husband every single last family member we're related to and every single friend we hang out with have never been exposed to or touched drugs our entire lives. Your mental ass is hard core on drugs if your mental ass thinks I said there were no talents in country. Read my screen name mental drugged up bitch. It's obvious I do listen to country. A lot of country a lot 70s-90s rock some 2000s rock and a lot of pop from 2005 and older. So why would I not think there weren't talents in the country genre when I have listened to it my whole life and have been to too many country concerts and meet and greets at every single last one of those concerts and own a ton of country CDs. And bitch you're on drugs if your mental ass thinks I posted anything about claiming to be talented or that my husband didn't make it in the entertainment industry. We aint trying to be famous you sick ass toxic bitch. We have our own careers. He's a lawyer and I am a licensed therapist which you could benefit from. Have a shitty fucked up Christmas. Hope the new year brings you rehab for drugs and therapy to get you some help

  47. Greg Blackburn

    From one Kentuckian to nother, brother the Bluegrass loves you and were proud so keep it real for us hill folk bub

  48. Norrin Radd

    I'd love to sing this at Karaoke tonight to my new lady friend
    But I know I can't pull it off lol Tyler is an angel on the mic

  49. 111bexstar

    this made my day xxxxxxx

  50. Dragonborn369

    I feel like Tyler is an artist that resembles what Gram Parsons was and what he could've become if he hadn't gone away so soon. Keep up the beautiful work you're doing Tyler.

  51. Billy Cole II

    Just heard this on the SEC network....wow!!!

  52. Andrew Pie Grande

    Seems like Kentucky country songwriters are making better music these days than the pop-country coming from Nashville. Tyler Childers awesome musician, and the video is rad too. Total DMT trip LOL

  53. Coal Miner Mark

    I want what he's a smokin

  54. Kent Haughton

    Had to put on that "drag" now didn't ya? I liked your tunes bro

  55. Butter Bean

    folks this is what happens when  country boys do acid! lol

  56. David Reck

    WHY DOESNT MY PHONE GO ANY HIGHER IN VOLUME!!!!!???? :( such a beautiful song

  57. Neilson Worth

    This is actually a PSA about getting fucked up in the woods

  58. Cathy Roberts

    He got a since of humor! Love his music!

  59. Spokes and Rotors

    This is the absolute greatest music video of all time...

  60. MrKrwillis72

    I can't be the only one that can smell this video can I?

  61. Britts Life

    Everything you put out is a BANGER and me & mine are here for it ✌️ Oneida still holds my number one spot but damn you are KILLIN IT!

  62. Chris Roe

    As far as the video goes.... im standing and clapping like "The collector " did when Thanos "died"

  63. asherdash12

    Congrats to Tyler on his Grammy nomination. I know awards shows are shady but I'm still happy he was nominated

  64. Paul Nicholas

    Concept..... great. But selling out is the sound.

  65. T Dalb

    Love this song.
    It's beautiful, charming, and positive.
    Glad there are still people making songs like this.

  66. Greg Lucero


  67. Tessa Burkhamer

    Shut the front door.....Nope never would have thought the song/video would match up. But I'm digging it ✌

  68. Nick Kyler

    GRAMMY FUCKIN NOMINATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Murcia 1255

    Is Larry enticer at the bar at 1:58?

  70. The super sisterz

    my mom loves this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. madison collins


  72. Perry Woodman

    My name is Lungs.
    I don't claim ya' but spark that shit again!
    - Anonymously Y. Ourn

  73. Douglas Forrest

    Drug test anyone?

  74. Stefano Consiglio

    Sick crocs shot 1:16

  75. Sétima Esfera

    Gostei! Clipe muito legal!

  76. Richard Kirton

    DMT Lots

  77. Ryan Brush

    1.8 K people are CIA agents like Sturgill Simpson

  78. R Provost

    I'm starting to like this fellers music


    He has some great lines in his song's
    'Fried morels and fine hotels
    And all that in the middle'
    and in another song he has this great line-
    "If the Lord wants to take me I'm here for the taking. '
    Cause hell's probably better than tryin' to get by'

  79. Faze Sprite cranberry

    What a great real country song

  80. Woopsadaisy Meloncamp

    Well that was interesting lol

  81. victor kibert

    When I was a kid, I always thought my uncle was saying urines! Now it all makes sense.

  82. Caleb Y

    Shady Boggs! What you doin' in that bar?

  83. John 14:6 KJV

    RCA turned him out and has him dressing in drag now... this is what happens when you sell you soul to Satan.

  84. Steve Porter

    HEY! GIT OFF ME LAND FOOL!!!! but leave the pipe :)

  85. That What

    Childers Tha Muthafukn Man!🍻

  86. jackthealienboy

    i’m not big into country music, but this song is really sweet :)

  87. michael white

    Thank God real music

  88. Ralph Morris

    I'll have what he's having....

  89. Michael Gomez

    I have been there😎

  90. What an awesome video! Holy smokes!

  91. Leroy Stepp

    gotta love it, i dont even smoke lol

  92. boof toot

    damn this shit fucking sucks

  93. Jose Martinez

    “The part of me that ain’t around
    I’m always talking to”. Romantic as heck bro.

    zac krech

    Jose Martinez “goddess of my days inn pen, the muse I ain’t refusin”

    Like damn

  94. dirtbiker479

    So Is the guy with the beard Tyler Childers too? Lmao

  95. Ricardo Carrasco

    Good God I love this man

  96. Stephen Franco

    Not the regular tyler childers music. But I like it. And I dig the video.

  97. J Roc

    I left the Appalachians twenty some odd years ago but goddamn if they ain't callin me back. It's GOOD to see some mountain pride.

  98. Cheep N Nasty Guitars

    exactly the point I made on other channel, this hipster sounds like hes mocking country music