Twin Atlantic - Why Won't We Change? Lyrics

Why Won't We Change? No Lyrics. Why Won't We Change? If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Twin Atlantic Why Won't We Change? Comments
  1. James Fisher

    They absolutely rocked, I can't wait for them to drop album number 5

  2. James Fisher

    I saw these guys last week, supporting Catfish and The Bottlemen, one of the best support acts I have ever seen

  3. James Fisher

    I just played this to celebrate Arsenals match

  4. Max Power

    Best song of all time

  5. Donna Kinnear

    We understand.But why wont we change.

    Daniel Horton

    Donna Kinnear the irony is real

  6. Claire Burn

    It sounds a lot like Apocalyptic Renegade...

  7. PirateSwedenMania

    I love this album so much A* for you Twin Atlantic

  8. Stan

    Best song i've heard from this album in my opinion apart from i'am an animal, it really doesn't do much for me :/

  9. a a

    This only has 5 views WTF!!!

    PubRock Radio

    You came early.. 

    a a

    I realised that like 10 mins later, cba to delete it!

    Charles Bradley

    @PubRock Online Radio Everyone comes early at least once..... *cough cough*

    Süleyman Cebe

    now it's 9.438

    PubRock Radio

    A little better hey..