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Twin Atlantic Oceans Comments
  1. Mikeybhoydevlin

    Hi i love your songs

  2. クロハクシ



  3. ash

    almost 2019 and this song still makes me cry every time

  4. Gavin Buckley

    I was introduced to this fantastic band by someone very special who then went on to break my heart. This amazing song now carries even more power but even though it hurts like hell to listen to it, I can't help but keep it on loop. Bittersweet but an incredible track.

  5. dj Borys Kołakowski

    (C) 2015 red bull Music

  6. 適当に敦


  7. 欄月


  8. Saff Ashworth

    Sponsored by Doc Martens haha

  9. そら。


  10. タラコ



    藤田栄三 加工(早くしたり音程変えたり)したらあの曲なるかもよ?

  11. 銀杏boys

    His voice very good.
    I like this voice.

  12. 安里裕人







    Doragon Ash リアアカって漫画の方かと思った ばかだった


    TK 3 お前の部屋だけだよ()

    R1ga41 ch

    Doragon Ash てめえコメントうるっせんだけど黙れよガキ笑

  13. Maribel SantFran


  14. TV PARTY

    New favorite band!

  15. Zhitposter Zupreme

    Love this song.

  16. Thomas Lecyn

    I actually live in the town at the start of the video.

  17. Serena C

    I genuinely cried...

  18. TheRandomRhia

    Cue the waterworks again

  19. Swfc Lad

    Just wana say to someone that I'm sorry and that I regret all the shit I did / said I still care about you and this song reminds me of you so Caitlan I'm sorry...

    caitlan connolly

    your amazing, I love you sweety xx

    Swfc Lad

    +caitlan connolly love you too you soppy shit xx

  20. Chelsea Soutter

    kinda cried.

  21. paul alcohol

    This song, the video and everything it encompasses quite literally takes my breath away. Your music is fantastic. Never stop.

  22. Gary Smith

    I really do love Twin Atlantic and this song is just amazing.

  23. Mike Lim

    like thie voice and song

  24. pilarintechnicolor

    I miss Scotland so much :(

  25. Lainie Michel

    Holy crap, this is an AWESOME song!!!!

  26. ChatmakGames

    Odd selection of singles on this album. They're all great but I'd have thought 'Fall Into The Party' and 'I Am An Animal' would have been way more accessible than 'Hold On' and 'Oceans' so they should've gotten videos. Just my take on it

  27. Chaosguru

    Can u heqrbmy heart

  28. Andrea Alejandra


  29. Wil Linder

    if they had a vocals only version of this song it would be amazing to here the harmony :)

  30. MateusFranco

    que musica mais linda , show de bola!!!
    brazil like this!

  31. Emma Allison

    Why haven't Twin covered Caledonia yet?

  32. Ben Slade

    It is so hard to describe how this song makes me feel. It makes you think about everything you have experienced. Makes you realise the mad mistakes you have made, so you can then in the future try and fix or avoid those mistakes. This is just how I feel about the song. I'm sure everyone else will have a different opinion on it and be free to reply to this on how you feel. Also, I just want to say that the video works wonders with the song. 

  33. UnderwaterAstronaut

    twin atlantic if you should see this comment i think that you guys should do a cover of "i love a rainy night" by eddie rabbitt 

  34. Leah Hyne

    I like it ... But i prefer the old stuff :-)

  35. lykke

    I think it is an amazing song and I like the idea behind his video, but I am finding myself feeling a little underwhelmed by it. Also the whole band should be in it.

  36. Beth Woods

    Good really good honestly :')

  37. Drew Devine

    Love his voice, but the songs aren't as strong or as well written as the previous album, more a pop feel to this. All the best regardless, will prob sell more.

  38. PhotoboothPhotography

    Love this. Got sent the early preview a couple of days ago.

  39. Silver Unicorn

    This is amazing so heart touching

  40. Turrzan

    the feels.. ..

  41. MadMai01

    Already was one of my fave TA songs but adore the video. Great stuff guys, it's making me really homesick tho!

  42. leanna

    wow oh jesus

  43. Sam McCorry

    Buzzing to see you in Birmingham again

  44. Hanne Houwaard

    Can't wait till Friday @Patronaat Haarlem 

  45. SuperHopefaithlove

    Gorgeous music video, guys! It's incredibly moving! 

    Red Bull Records

    @SuperHopefaithlove Thank you! Check out some more music videos on the Twin Atlantic playlist.

  46. the bombers

    what is it meant to be about ??

  47. bantersanta

    You were amazing in Southampton in November! Great video too :D

  48. imcalledolivia

    such a beaut video made me cry first time I watched it

    Red Bull Records

    @imcalledolivia We're glad it moved you. Check out more videos on the Twin Atlantic playlist.

  49. Lewis Heaney

    Braw video shot in my home town of st. Monans was right outside my work in the yellow chevvy :-)

  50. Heather Nock

    Such a good video for the song, can't wait to see twin in the hydro, Glasgow ahh!!!!

  51. tiffany hudson

    I love twin atlantic I love their songs its amazing that they are this good. They just make you feel for the song got to love sam

  52. Spaska Angelova

    Amazing new song! Beautiful voice!

  53. Donna Kinnear

    Love love love.Hope this gets more airplay than Hold On did.

  54. Musos Guide

    Tweeted @musosguide

  55. mcsamfan

    I can not describe how twin atlantic make me feel. They never fail to please me:) They just make me feel so so much emotion and im so proud that they are finally getting the attention they deserve

  56. Kenzie Carney

    This is great 😍

  57. April Gant

    Such a beautifully shot video. Really suits the song. Well done guys! See you in Brixton and Glasgow ✌️

  58. Chloe Jeffers

    This is awesome. Well done and congrats it took a while but it's worth it and all the effort gone into it well done.

  59. Dutch R6

    where is this filmed? looks like anstruther

    Josh Bates

    'The video was filmed in the small fishing village of St. Monans on the East Coast of Scotland. The second part was filmed down at Pinewood studios in London and were shot by the same cameraman who filmed the underwater scenes for James Bond Skyfall.'- from the link they sent

    Dutch R6

    @Josh Bates yeah, st monans is like 8 miles from anstruther, thats probably why it looks to similar. thanke from the reply mate

  60. Liam Stack

    Excited to see you at Brixton, one of my favourite bands :D

  61. Eve Leekley

    One of my favourite songs from Great Divide, glad you decided to make it into a music video :) Can't wait to see you guys in May, my favourite band and definitely my favourite to see live! ^_^

  62. T-10

    Ace video lads. See you in Brixton! X