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Twin Atlantic Novocaine Comments
  1. Roy H

    My favourite music video for this year already!

  2. Roberta Bigland

    Love this. So much like placebo too ❤

  3. John Ellis

    What's feels better novocaine or a broken heart or cocaine?

  4. TrueVanguard


  5. Ceecee Drennan

    What a glow up😍

  6. MrBen2129

    Worst accent you’ve ever heard oh you fucker man

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  8. Shane Harrington

    Nice generic song!

  9. Luv Autumn Blaze Pony

    If you decided to stop singing in a Scottish accent, I will never forgive you and will stop listening to you until you do.

  10. Gary Kindregan

    Man, been needing these boys back in my life for a hot minute love Novocaine hope a Dublin gig pops up next year x

  11. katie downes

    can you pls bring you albums on vinyl, got GLA but I need them all, love listening to you guys on my record player!!!!1

  12. Eleonora Santarsiere

    come to Italy pleaaaase

  13. Twin Atlantic

    Thanks for your questions - see you on our UK tour in march - and remember to pre-order the album. Bye.....

  14. Twin Atlantic

    Fire us questions into the question furnace


    There's a few questions under your original post!


    But also obligitory "USA tour" suggestion in the form of a question goes here (?)

  15. Twin Atlantic



    I just came across you on Kerrang today, this song immediately captured my attention. I'm used to hearing a lot of the same old shit on Kerrang, so something this creative and interesting was simply awesome. Cool to hear you're British too. We always have made the best music :)

  17. Elliot Thomas

    So glad you’re back where have you guys been?

  18. Twin Atlantic

    We'll be online here at 7PM GMT tonight answering your questions about the Novocaine video! Reply to this comment with your questions!

    Eleonora Santarsiere

    come to Italy pleaaaase

    Nicola Booth

    Do you remember the Leeds Cockpit 3 gig? 😆 See you in March!!

    max doherty

    Will you be making a new album soon, also saw you at leeds this year would love to see you there again next year please make it happen

    Amelia Roux

    can i grow a big pp

    Luv Autumn Blaze Pony

    Don’t stop singing in a Scottish accent.

  19. Roberta Costante

    Love u guys❤

  20. En1go

    Saw you st catfish 🤙🏻

  21. Andrew MacLeod

    Love it 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  22. Finn Schmidt


  23. Aram Joao Mestre León

    This is a great song, what a sound and energy!!!!

  24. axelcosgirl

    Love the lighting during the scenes with the band. The different colors and placements of the lights gives such a unique vibe!

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  26. Carol Milner KPA CTP

    Just gorgeous boys!

  27. Evan Eastep

    Love this so much wish you guys would come to the US again sometime soon!

  28. karl wilson

    Saw these yesterday In Newcastle supporting catfish (never heard of them before) but they where amazing !


    I'm seeing them in Newcastle for the first time next year, can't wait!

    Jake nation

    Aye I knew them before at Sheffield from catfishs last tour they are amazing

    Ceecee Drennan

    S A M E 😁

  29. - DR4GØNP4SS -

    holy sh*t! thats epic 👌😅 nice one guyz!

  30. Hugh Burroughs

    Any American Tour I can look forward too in the future? I'd love to see you guys live! <3

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Twin Atlantic - Novocaine [2019]
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

    ❤️ *4.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*


    here for this question.

  31. Ashley Simmonds

    Yesssssssss 🤘🏼❤️

  32. German Shcherbakov

    Awesome song!!! Can't stop listening to this one;)

  33. Serena C

    Nearly just missed my train stop watching this on repeat, love it ❤️💙💚

    Twin Atlantic

    Whoops! Thanks Serena ❤️💚💙

  34. PoeticartistofOz

    Dudes, this is amazing. Best anniversary surprise! I impatiently wait for the album.

  35. Coaster Crazy

    just seen these live at the catifsh concert and fuck me, they are good. loved the effort from the drummer. he looked so fucked but carried on. You rock Twin Atlantic

  36. StAutumn

    This song is like a breath of fresh air to me. I needed it in my life so badly, since I’m in love right now like crazy... Thank you, guys! 🖤

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Twin Atlantic - Novocaine [2019]
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

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  37. Serena C

    I’ve been a TA fan for 7 years... how did I not know that Barry has gone?!?

    Alicia Rice

    Serena C it’s ok. I didn’t know either

    Serena C

    Alicia Rice ok haha that makes me feel better, at least I wasn’t the only one 😅

    - DR4GØNP4SS -

    same same 😥

  38. Monika Olivia

    love this sooooo much!

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Twin Atlantic - Novocaine [2019]
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

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  39. gregor farquharson

    Come to brasil

  40. Megan Maxwell

    Loveeeeeee ❤️

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Twin Atlantic - Novocaine [2019]
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

    ❤️ *4.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  41. badreaxion

    I got goosebumps right at the point in the video where the goosebumps appeared. Epic fuckin' choon.

    Twin Atlantic

    Thanks very much! We really like the visuals that Alex the director added to the video!

  42. Iris

    please tell me you'll be coming to the netherlands when the new album is release!!!!!!

    Twin Atlantic

    We're working on it Iris!


    @Twin Atlantic you better be ;)

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Twin Atlantic - Novocaine [2019]
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

    ❤️ *4.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  43. Yan Berzin

    Make a Europe tour pleaseee

  44. AnNi Okee

    Best Band ever
    Greetings from Hamburg 💚

  45. naihcalappa

    Love! So frigging excited for this new album 🤯🤯

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Twin Atlantic - Novocaine [2019]
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

    ❤️ *4.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  46. 乃葵

    When do you come to Japan?

    Twin Atlantic

    We would love to come to Japan some day!


    Twin Atlantic
    If you come to Japan, go to Kyoto, Osaka, Kamakura!


    Taiwan also, PLEASEEEEE!!!!

    Luv Autumn Blaze Pony

    Twin Atlantic
    I’m not Scottish, but I love the accent. I wasn’t into the accent (never hated it) until I watch a video. It wasn’t any of your videos.

  47. Laurel Thompson

    It's been too long.

  48. Zosi

    💜💜💜 When you come to Russia already?:)

    Twin Atlantic

    Hope to one day!

  49. Josie Renee

    Love this as always! ❤️

    Twin Atlantic

    Thanks Josie!

  50. Greg Lee

    Superb video to an amazing song! Can’t wait to hear it live in London in March!

    Twin Atlantic

    Cheers Greg, see you in March!

  51. Rachel Hirst

    Love it! 🖤🖤

  52. dannyt

    Nice one lads!! Another banger!

    Twin Atlantic

    Thanks Danny!

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Twin Atlantic - Novocaine [2019]
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

    ❤️ *4.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  53. Marco Cardozo

    Awesome! Love from Bolivia

    Twin Atlantic

    Thanks Marco, glad you're enjoying it!

  54. Evie Sharp


  55. MikeP0D

    Awesome! Love it as always lads!

    Twin Atlantic

    Cheers Mike!

  56. Finkkari

    Much love from Finland!

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Twin Atlantic - Novocaine [2019]
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

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  57. stevemrmusic9

    A corking video.

    Twin Atlantic

    Nice one Steve


    That’s cool. GLA is one of my favourite albums of the last 5 years.
    Overthinking and Ex El are total pieces of magic!!
    Hope you guys get tons of radio play with “Novocaine”.
    Get your team working hard!!!
    “Volcano” sounded great at Reading too!!
    Keep smashing those huge anthemic choruses!
    Make those hooks big.
    That’s the way forward.
    “Novocaine” sounds ripe for film syncing too!! ❤️

    Twin Atlantic

    @stevemrmusic9 Thanks for all the support Steve!

  58. Jordan Aitken

    Where is Barry?


    Barry is only part of the live setup now 😔

    Jordan Aitken

    @dannyt 😭


    I was just wondering the same thing!

  59. Sophie Anderson


  60. Neil Norris

    fucking awesome

  61. ZesT Lab

    Как же это ахуенно.

    Twin Atlantic

    большое спасибо :)

    ZesT Lab

    @Twin Atlantic о Боже мой вы меня видите , РЕБЯТА ВЫ КРУТЫЕ. ЖДЕМ НОВЫХ ШЕДЕВРОВ ОТ ВАС!

  62. Helena

    yes. so good!

  63. Jamie Lee Thomson

    I’ll tell u what a love, a fucking love yous, this song and this music video

    Twin Atlantic

    Thank you for all the love Jamie!

    Jamie Lee Thomson

    Twin Atlantic ❤️❤️❤️

  64. Keira Q 42

    Love it!

    Twin Atlantic

    Thanks Keira!