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Twin Atlantic I Am An Animal Comments
  1. HexaMaster


  2. Gore's Vangurad

    I saw you guys play as an opener for Fallout Boy. You were amazing and had fantastic chemistry with the audience. Total respect guys!
    Also, who throws an asthma inhaler on the stage during a performance? 

  3. Max Noble


  4. callum watson

    [email protected]%!!! My ears are ringing but I'm still rocking out!!! I am an animal!!!!!!!

  5. LeanneGC101

    Fangirling too hard for this band! Love you guys! ♥♡♥

  6. Noah Haines

    What the fuck happened in their heads that brothers and sisters and heart and soul should be on the same album as this tune


    They're just being creative and nothing's wrong with the two songs

  7. Donna Kinnear

    Love love love :)

  8. Max Bennie

    Almost sounds like early-80s Quo.

  9. Julieta Dominguez.

    Coooooooooooooooool song!

  10. Jamie J

    This is pretty OK. Heart and Soul is pretty OK. God knows what happened when they concieved Brothers and Sisters. We should all pretend that song doesn't exist.

  11. Miyuki Panda

    This is actually one of my favorites. I'm actually obsessed with this song. ^_^

  12. Joe Glancy

    much better than heart and soul! Was a bit worried when  heard that, but this is good!

  13. Becky Green

    I'm in this so many times :')

  14. Danny Chambers

    I can honestly say their music has only got better since Vivarium. I loved them then and love them now!

  15. Jubi

    This is so amazing.

  16. Stuart Findlay

    Cannot wait to see them tonight!!!!!!!

  17. Gemma Corbett

    love love love. Can't wait to hear this at T in the Park 

  18. mcsamfan

    no one understands how much i love these guys

  19. Mike Hatfield

    Give this a chance, guys. It really grows on you actually. Nice work lads!

  20. Paperfriend

    Good song. I like Heart & Soul, but this is better.

  21. ciara

    Seriously ignore everyone who doesn't like it because this is amazing and so is heart and soul. It's amazing. Done.

  22. ciara


  23. Ramy Jaroudi

    ♫ You are an INTEGER; you do anything to taste your steps you got there. It takes you to a BETTER place before you decide it to get out of your face. YOU WALK TO A DIFFERENT BEAT FROM THE BAND... ARE YOU THE BAND? ♫

  24. HayleighLogan

    Love this song! Check out my cover :)

  25. Serena C

    Just set this as the alarm on my phone. Love you guys loads! Sorry I haven't been to see you live yet but I will soon, I promise!!! 💛💜💚

  26. Spiral Junction

    A better song then heart and soul but a weak chorus and bridge the ending was my favourite part more of that please

  27. Dan Moore

    so much better than heart and soul for me!

  28. Sean Elderbrant

    This will be amazing at T in the Park!!!

  29. chorley3000

    Yessss a much better song!! GJ TA, love it.

  30. Graham Blackwell

    Another terribly weak song for me.  Not a patch on anything on Vivarium or Free.  Disappointed....

  31. Robby D

    Bad Ass!  =-)

  32. Calum O Donoghue

    This is crazy good , one could say bat shit crazy good

  33. potatopotatopotato

    0:59 Sandberg bass!!!!

  34. Buffy Summers

    Damn folks need to chill lol. I canna believe how many H&S bashers are still out for blood.

    Dinna worry about the rest of the album it'll be fine! I watched an interview where Sam mentioned that H&S was a last minute add on cause they felt they needed somethin for the sorry lot (my words) at the concert who didna know who they are.

    Even Metallica doesna please everybody all the time. Show some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  35. HDMusicStalker

    Just gave me the chills!!!
    Great Job!

  36. Rebecca Dodd

    love it! also im pretty sure i saw myself in one of the clips from wakestock haha i look awful 

  37. Tim Potter

    I am in awe - the good kind. 

  38. darksynner16

    awesome as always! we await a visit to Portugal from you guys :)

  39. Darius Zaltash

    soooo sickkk

  40. April Gant

    Ace song, can't wait to hear the rest of great divide!

  41. Captain Caucasian

    So good, better than Heart and Soul, more like this please :) 

  42. Dayman, Fighter of the Nightman

    It's still not Vivarium but its miles better than Heart and Soul. Pumped for the album.

    Dave Hughes

    Darkway you're a man who speaks the truth! I think they've realised what dog dirt the single was and put this out quick. Vivarium is still king. They should rerelease that.

    lottie walker

    @Dave Hughes Hell Yes their best album by far 

    Dayman, Fighter of the Nightman

    It would appear that you do to my friend :)

  43. Dean Dobbs

    Sick crazy mad boss dope beat.

    Ryan Cole

    This better be in the good part of The Good, The Bad & The Just Plain Sh!t Parts of 2014!! Great tune!

  44. Mikey Lord


  45. Jamie Haas

    This is more like it! I heard this a few times in the summer. 100000x better than Heart and Soul, but then what can you expect from a lead single.