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Twin Atlantic Globalisolation Comments
  1. • JianKEG

    This sounds like from a commercial

  2. Pieter Erastus

    CSGO Music Kit brought me here

  3. Pizza Tonda

    And tis is veeeeeri naaaaissss, defntly my choice 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. MiLeRs

    Gla or ez4ence??

    10,000 subs without videos challenge

    Tough choice i would go gla bcuz i had EZ4ENCE and im an ence fan but got tired of it

    Not Sure

    @10,000 subs without videos challenge hmmm or austin kit

  5. D1vision

    i have it on my inventory

  6. Joris Vitkauskas

    and why is it so cheap

  7. FRez

    Sounds like some Nirvana stuff.

  8. BlackSquad Photography

    Wow insane

  9. SergejMeister

    0:49 - 1:08 is the best part. This music would be awesome at a major while they play the highlights after a map.

  10. Goose

    They should at least get someone who has played a video game in their life before record the gameplay footage.

  11. Türk gücü tv

    I hate this kit everytime i open radical box gettin this:(

  12. Menino Danado ツ

    Tem direitos autorais ?

  13. Brian Park

    That type of song Elon Musk would use few mins before Tesla Revealing Events


    don't spoil me

  14. Scrimjaw

    Ive had this as my game music for so long now I actually cant think of csgo without it.

  15. BewingR

    so igual cant stop at beggining

  16. daisuki

    G.L.A. is Twin Atlantic = No Sleep. It's very cool song. #ICANNOSLEEP!!!

  17. Rashed Elamin

    Won round is lit
    Kinda wish there was a special one for MVP, it's the same as the main menu (still lit tho)

    I'm back after one week of listening to them. So sick

  18. Arno58v

    I heard this once in a comp match and instantly went to listen the song


    Lol oon ostanu tän musiikkipakkauksen prkl

  19. Jimi Virta

    I got that music in cs go

  20. HQhunter

    I feel like i'm gonna get distracted by this A LOT

  21. Kopiko Coffex

    The best kit by far

  22. Avopro

    I need the instrumental version of the song twin atlantic gla

  23. casperokk

  24. Abbas Bhaijibhai

    6:58 sounds like the theme music of block n load

  25. Spektor

    When you have a feeling that a cheaper music kit is better than the other expensive kits...
    :) :0

  26. Sean Liao

    CSGO got good taste in music period.

  27. Abhishek Verma

    0:00 Main Menu
    3:40 Choose Team
    4:07 Start Round 1
    4:26 Start Action 1
    4:39 Start Round 2
    5:07 Start Action 2
    5:27 Bomb Planted
    6:05 Bomb 10 Seconds
    6:20 Death Cam
    6:25 10 Seconds Countdown
    6:35 Lost Round
    6:45 Won Round
    6:55 MVP Anthem

    You are welcome, suggest me a better music kit! I have used Proxy, Battlepack.. anything better?

    Yann Gorski



    Michael Bross - Invasion

    Faded Sadowsky

    Awolnation I Am


    I have Neck deep and twin Atlantic

    Faded Sadowsky

    Roam Backbone Best

  28. BOLT _

    Ooo god, I like it

  29. Nitil Chauhan

    The starting menu remind me of dragon ball z

    Mr.overkill xXx

    Nitil Chauhan IM A BIG FAN OF DB!!!


    Mr.overkill xXx it’s not obvious from the ssb profile pic xd

  30. FauxHere

    Better than every music kit I have. I gotta get this!

  31. FauxHere

    I'm gonna get this it's great

  32. Th1FreeMan

    only russians can dislike this!

    ТО мульт

    Th1FreeMan yes.. I don't play cs go. But i know it. Russia is so bad country...Take me from there!!! Save me!


    i wish i could hahaha but i live in tunisia :'(

    ТО мульт

    Th1FreeMan realy?

    ТО мульт

    Th1FreeMan you lucky


    Th1FreeMan no man i love russians

  33. 이루다

    still own this in ST

  34. pr0graM 131

    Just bought the kit


    I have a stat track one.


    @Motalux This kit is only available in StatTrak.

  35. Mr. Ma4o

    what is better ? This or - https://www.yout ?

  36. black beard
    Skin free people

    The Lone Youtuber

    Thank you! i always wanted to get my people without skin, as skinning a person takes too long and is too damaging on my regular peeler! Thanks!

  37. Mysterious sloth

    The first song reminded me of those cop movies based in Hollywood


    2 years later and you finally got a like lol

  38. The Fulsome

    Sounds very close to Royal Blood

  39. Разиль Загертдинов

    нормальные треки

  40. Jurny Rzezaniec

    Anyone wanna exchange st version for Austin Wintory Deser Fire? (you need to add 2 keys) :)

  41. Santi ARG

    6:55 mvp (star)

    javerious GBExOTF

    ok i thought the star meant you are black

  42. Leandro Barbosa

    MVP 6:46

    Kroziks BTD

    ChizKeyks mvp is you

  43. Enes Şen

    Scottish rock? Demoman liked this.

  44. Zane Johnstone

    no sleeeeep

  45. LuxuRia

    flatout 4 game themes ^^


    LuxuRia yesss

  46. Emmanuel Tanudtanud

    Tempted to buy this music kit.

  47. Squall Leonhart

    2nd Best Music Kit

  48. Yeti001 TM

    <3 the best misic kit <3 (in my opinion ;) )

  49. Crazycliff98

    i want BMTH music kit ffs.

  50. Dyl4Blox

    Start action 1 should be MVP

  51. Lion Opérateur

    guys which one is better this or mord fustang ?


    But Mordfustang is i guess a little more expensive

    patrick L

    this in stattrak is like half the price of mord fustang


    GLA ofc

  52. Dawid Nowak

    Why it's only 2.80 Euro?


    Pan Smile because it's neither pop nor rap and you know what most people listen to nowadays

    Yeti001 TM

    Pan Smile now its 4.20€ and is only achibilit on startrak :\

  53. Nick ist beschäftigt

    мне понравилось


    у меня есть этот набор он ахуенен!!!

  54. Daniil Shubnyakov

    I like how csgo introduces me to some really good music


    Daniil Shubnyakov Right! This music is awesome


    Haha I saw these guys live flexing time

    sunpeed 03

    @Purpaxle is this music kit worth it or not?


    sunpeed 03 I like it if I’m being honest but it doesn’t add anything to raw gameplay, apart from getting mvps that’s the fun part

  55. Lucy Bryant

    anyone else notice they used the same cs go clips in multiple music kit videos and it seems to be weirdly edited when it first goes to start a match then back to home screen

  56. Niall Kemp

    i need this

  57. Drenther Quoc

    @RedBullRecords The start round , you missed the third one in this video , the third one is ex el , can you fix it ? It have in csgo btw

  58. FrostyAvenger

    This will replace "Sail" by AWOLNATION quite nicely.

    Discount Erk

    FrostyAvenger budget Awolnation, since Awolnation kit has gone up in price. i have this one Stattrak but i'll upgrade it to an Awolnation.


    no way, im doing exactly the same!

    Rashed Elamin

    it's labeled "I am" though

  59. Max Payne

    That menu track sounds pretty badass.


    So true! And I love it!

    V3nom Rules

    It really does. But that aint music id listen in CSGO, i would listen to it in my freetime!


    Max Payne It it also the MVP track as well so.


    FlatOut 4 main menu music!

  60. aj xon

    excact same beginning riff as Over the Falls by primus

  61. Евгений KoveshniCkOFF

    Beartooth THE BEST!!

  62. Axel Axiom

    thank god love you


    ск еблы хахаах демка со старой кс

  64. GUI Jumper

    vai Brasil


    vai brasiliam*

  65. Chris Fourcher

    gonna get it asap
    love it

  66. TheZander243

    Cant wait to get this kit :D totally never seen twin atlantic being in the game :D!

  67. spacebears

    fucking gloves

  68. Jonathan Gonzalez

    I want it!!!!!!!!

  69. Mister Bowiez

    I Just Loved <3