Twin Atlantic - Be A Kid Lyrics

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Twin Atlantic Be A Kid Comments
  1. Martin esInWhite

    My favorite song of Twin Atlantic

  2. scott_ f

    this should have a music video for it

  3. Madison S.

    England brought me here


    @Madison Stanton Don't you mean Scotland? :)


    +Madison Stanton I got you 😏

    Backwards Gaming

    +Madison Stanton saaaaame

  4. hannah kinnimont

    best song

  5. LeahLari777

    Oh my god I love this song

  6. Donna Kinnear

    When I grow up,I want to be a kid.

  7. Kevin Raibaut

    great song !

  8. Chillycap

    this song hit me hard ;.;
    I love it <3

  9. Zoe Baldwin

    Love this song! Definitely a great album.