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Trippie Redd Young Wild Boys Comments
  1. Ventured

    2020 Gang🤟🏽

  2. Elegant Luxuryss


  3. Elegant Luxuryss

    This is the very first song and only song that’s lit asssssssssss HELL every other one is trash some made it like lil tecca but trippie the best

  4. Pedro Francisco

    2020 and this music still good

    Mr. Logic Man

    Pedro Francisco facts, this dude is timeless bro

  5. yungrupert


  6. Big Tamang


    Mr. Logic Man

    Big Tamang don’t hear it 😶

  7. Angel Diannah

    Lil 14 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂

    Mr. Logic Man

    Lil 14 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂

    Angel Diannah

    That's funny

    Mr. Logic Man

    Angel Diannah dang u laughing at your own comment 💀 Ur a lotta fun

  8. Mr. Logic Man

    People in the comments: “OmG wHy Is TrIpPie WeArIng BlUe hE’s A fAkE bLoOd!”


    Watches the beginning of the vid where he throws up blood signs


    0:42 “On the block baby boolin’ with my pipe out”

  9. Ashton Dimario

    Yup he did

  10. TtV hOwl

    RIP KOBE :(

    Mr. Logic Man

    TtV hOwl stfu, quit begging for likes. This video has nothing to do with Kobe Bryant you asshole 🖕

  11. [IllI]lllI]lIllll]IllI]

    I like trippie reds new stuff but dang this is fire 🔥🔥🔥 🚫🧢

  12. Pedro fernando Olivares parraguirre

    2020 💣🔥🔥🔥

  13. Killer cracked

    Trippie redd a legend

  14. Haz

    y he slick look like tenna trump

    DBZ Villain

    Haz wait a minute ☠️☠️

  15. Katori Dior

    He’s adorable omg–

  16. Exit6jit Jr

    This nigga sound gay

  17. Mr Care Bear

    Rip kobe

  18. Blessed-_-Papi

    1:03 😪

  19. David LeRoy

    He sure af didn't blow up from this. I rob his whole fucking crew with out my boys. 😂

    Awais A

    David LeRoy cap

  20. Mystical Productions

    RIP Kobe

  21. DeadShot2kAim

    Rip Kobe. Hero’s come and go but legends are forever

    Zo Bell

    Rip MAMBA and GIGI

  22. gacha JJ

    2020 anyone

  23. Seth #traplife#sodmg

    I'll never forgot you putting on for trippie redd back in the glory days cam

  24. Clownhunter 101

    Are we jus not going to talk about how he was holding a CHAIR

  25. Nevers Spaghet

    Prolly without the autotune this would be fye..

  26. Killa Beatz

    All of the OG trippie fans come here to get away from the fake trippie redd fan and enjoy

  27. Sri Jose Higher than before

    I love it


    The beat is wild but you can barley hear it but the song is trash I’m sorry

  29. 400 Yayyay

    Trippie Blue

  30. Nealon Montgrand

    This the song I’m coming to if Trippie redd where to die

  31. DXRK_SCYTHE 21

    Who else here from tommy craze


    Im after that RX8 cuz it's a rotary but fire song

  33. Samara Quintana

    2020 anyone?

  34. Amar Mosby

    who still listening 2020??


    Amar Mosby 1400!!!

    Amar Mosby

    Merch ts still fucking bang

  35. Tamika Clark


  36. luminate ghost


  37. urmamas fatpussy

    Nigga tried to rhyme 'in the air tonight' 4 times fucking brainless retard😂

    Awais A

    Anthony Osuna my nigga watches fornite cosplay I’m dead


    Awais Ahmed 😂😂😂😂😂 man is a HEADASS

    urmamas fatpussy

    Is my fucking comment being taken down or sumn

    urmamas fatpussy

    Bruh i can comment that but not the other shit i said? Fuck youtube

    Awais A

    urmamas fatpussy bruh u 10 stfu go watch ur fortnite cosplay 😂😂🤦‍♂️

  38. Prod. Ilya

    I think this Trippie reed is better 2019 trippe reed


    Agreed, I miss when he stopped straining his voice.

  39. Hunter Conklin

    trippie before the face tats

  40. Divón Pitt

    Wow.... just wow.. 2020 treating my dude well.

  41. V J

    Ohio, Canton.


    2020 i am real fan the BIG14

  43. J.B 0210

    2:48 his laugh sounded like Caillous 😭🤣

  44. J.B 0210

    “GANG GANG BABY GANG GANG!” Why he sound british😂

  45. iAmdeegoattt

    2016- lil 14
    2019- Big 14 (wtf goin onnn) 🧸🥵


    its 2020 nigga tf

    Big Jawline

    he grew


    Big Jawline no cap 🧢


    @XboxRainy lmao facts

  46. Ashley English

    Damn his first song and he was already good as hell.

  47. V1P3R

    This is so emo I love it

  48. Samuli Hynninen

    Who's here still in 2020?

    Moises Cuscul

    Samuli Hynninen me

    Moises Cuscul

    Well it’s 2020 lmao


    Lol bro I'm still here

    Samuli Hynninen

    @giratension same.

  49. ΑndyThegod_YT


  50. Lucid Baby

    Little did he know in a year he’ll grow eyebrows

  51. Yogeta Sahadeo

    The chair you unloaded at 2:18 i heard it in the music ,how?!?

  52. Sir Llama

    Lil foe teen YEEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!

  53. James

    The fake fans can't find us here

    Jérémie Bédard

    James straight up facts🔥

    Jonas Lokk

    James facts

    Chief Ace

    James no cap


    Big Fact lil 14

    Elegant Luxuryss

    Facts lil 14 gang gang

  54. TSO flitzy

    lol 14 gang

  55. xxxryder 1400

    Anyone December

  56. Yogeta Sahadeo

    This song is better than how your songs are now

  57. V.O.I.D

    blue flag and bro throwin up neighborhood?

  58. lil tendie


    Bubble Girl


  59. Depressed Forever

    Who else here just to listen to old trippie

  60. Matt Lujan

    What he says lil 14 lil 14 lil 14 lil 14 lil 14 lil 14 am I wrong or not

  61. BIGRED 16

    Puberty hit this nigga hard

  62. itzclapz a.k.a the god

    Who reminded me that lil tjay is in the video

  63. Johann Leon fts

    Is trippie a blood then why is he wearing blue clothing and blue hair that makes a crip

  64. Nathan Overmier

    He lookin like a crip boi wit the blue dreads


    U Look Like a satanic kangal

  66. 1kfrosty

    that 14 in the beginning beuh 😂


    Any bitch watching this on 2019 Dec


    Pls don't die like the Others

  69. SkiWrld

    Trippie Fan since 2017 this ish still fire/2019

  70. No one here in 2019??

    Rel Mex gang gang it’s the same gang

    Rel Mex

    @𐤀𐤆𐤓𐤏𐤄 some people changed

  71. Salmeron39

    He used to be trippie crip ?

  72. Justice -

    Dang just noticed that’s lil wop in the back

  73. Jayden Bluntson

    I love this song

  74. supreme bryan

    Any 2019??

  75. Talon Slaton

    This song fucking hits 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. XenoVsTheWrld

    This song powered af I remember before he blew someone commented the exact day he would go crazy and burst into mainstream shit was crazy🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. Matias Fuenzalida

    Why can’t we have this trippie back


    Matias Fuenzalida fr now he’s fat

  78. #amosc: BLXCKROSEP

    Why this not on iTunes?!

  79. Tokyo

    U used be crip

  80. Nichole

    0:00 a legendary blood rapper was born


    Hahaha, ayy, 14
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy
    14, 14, 14, yeah
    Ayy, okay

    Young wild boys in the park at night, yeah
    All of the freaks come out at night, yeah
    Got the parking lot on smash, wrist ice, yeah
    Got the lit buzz, I ain't talking no light, yeah-yeah, ayy
    Lil 14, ayy, Lil 14, aw yeah 14, yeah, yeah
    Lil 14, yeah, Lil 14, say hi to 14

    [Verse 1]
    On the block baby, boolin' with my pipe out
    Commando with a motherfuckin' knife out
    All these niggas lame and they want my style
    Fucked your bitch, I hit her with the lights out, ayy
    Made my money all day
    All these niggas hella lame
    Kobe with the pump fake
    I can feel it in the air tonight
    Dirty Glocks busting in the air tonight
    Your legs baby in the air tonight
    Hundred round drums in the air tonight



    Lil 14, ayy, Lil 14, aw yeah 14, yeah, yeah
    Lil 14, yeah, Lil 14, say hi to 14
    Young wild boys in the park at night, yeah
    All of the freaks come out at night, yeah
    Got the parking lot on smash, wrist ice, yeah
    Lil 14, say hi to 14

    [Verse 2]
    With my gang and that's all me, okay
    The MAC it hang, and that's on me, okay
    My forty bang and that's on me, okay
    Same gang, and that's on me, okay
    14, yeah, 14, yeah
    14, yeah, 14, yeah
    Ayy, 14, yeah, 14, yeah
    14, yeah, say hi to 14, yeah-ayy
    Gang gang, it's the same gang
    I ain't never changed, shit ain't changed things
    Woah, gang, gang, baby, gang, gang, yeah
    Gang, gang, baby, gang, gang
    Ayy, yeah, watch me sauce on you
    Watch me sauce on you
    Watch me sauce on you
    Sauce, sauce, sauce, sauce, bitch

  82. Master Splinter

    No homo but he look better when he was skinny

  83. DroptopGazer

    Bro went from Lil 14 to "BIG 14 YOU KNOW WHAT TF GOING ON"

  84. Theresa Levi

    The song is so old and where the freaking 2018 trippy oh my God

    Theresa Levi

    I like to 2019 trippie but not this old trippie Redd and just because he's not old or years old this song is very old and you won't even sleep by night against sounded like a high-pitch helium balloon

  85. Phillip Braswell


  86. Zachthefoolie

    We want old trippie back

    Felix Silva

    He fine now

  87. Karen RM


  88. skimaskthefatgod

    The Most OG song I heard from him

  89. Sumayyah Heggs

    Gang gang