Trippie Redd - Whats My Name? Lyrics

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Trippie Redd Whats My Name? Comments
  1. shadowmohd

    Do people actually listen to this

  2. Jlen Briscoe

    Whats that anime scence from

  3. Alch Lit

    When he humps the air 😂

  4. Franklin Johnson

    Is he a rapper or a singer????, never mind it’s good

    Abigail Oøf

    He can be both at times, he just has a unique style

  5. Lejavian Espiritu

    Who still playing it in December 😳🖤

  6. King Esco

    Can this be on Spotify

  7. Yosabel

    Today one year ago..

  8. kinq josh

    damn this came out a year ago
    merry christmas 🎄

  9. VuziTube

    this masterpiece just turned 1 year

  10. PMK

    Merry Christmas 🥺

  11. GenieBeanie88

    Damn it’s really been a year

    Manal Yazdani

    GenieBeanie88 I remember the day this came out and I came back to it today and didn’t even realize a year has gone bu

  12. itzderek !!!!!

    Crazy how this got released a year ago time flies by hella fast seems like it was just yesterday, merry Christmas everyone 🤘🎄

  13. Jeremiah DLOS

    We back

  14. Gabriel

    1 year, say my nameee 🎅

  15. älen

    1 year ago released, crazy!

  16. JustNothin12

    Christmas 2019?

    Roy Cus

    Tomorrow makes it one year❤🔥

  17. miguel SRT14

    Christmas vibe ‼️

  18. Dylan Fielding

    Can we please get this on spotify!!!

  19. Julian Mckinney


  20. Applehead. Jackson

    Michael Jackson ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Karde Alston

    Love u pull up

  22. Lil Hope

    Spotify ??

  23. Dexy Uchiha

    653 times

  24. okegoms

    legend has it that she's still saying his name

  25. Fonz Carr

    Who's playing this in 2045?

  26. Collaide

    This is one of his best songs. I just want it on spotify.

  27. Vitijo

    so this song getting added to the deluxe album?

  28. April Simpson

    best video to watch tripping ❤️

  29. yarely Gomez yarely Gomez

    I just fukking like this sing

  30. adg Six

    What’s my name >>> LERAY 💔😭😭😭😭😭

  31. Luciano Loco

    Wo sind meine deutschen Freunde👍👍😅😅

  32. Renny RP


  33. Itz_ Peavey

    Pretty sad how its almost a year and still not on spotify :c

  34. wendel lira

    Música muito boa de se escutar adorei

  35. Marcus

    December 2019?? Almost a year😓


    Right that's crazyyyyy

  36. Ruben Zuno


  37. Crippie Redd

    Trippie redd

  38. xZaya

    No one:
    Simp when they send 1k to a egirl:

  39. FILIP_ 23

    my namee my name aayyy eyy yeah

  40. Vesta9 Obliu


  41. Lindsay Turner

    DECEMBER 2019????


    Décember 2019??



  44. licorne 210618

    Yeah Trippie She say your name bro

  45. NaBin MaGar

    Somebody say his name😂😂😂😂

  46. KiLLCAM

    we need this trippie lol

  47. TrippieRobs 25

    Why tf this guy never drop this instant hit on streaming platforms?!?!!!!?!?!!??

  48. Danny Escalante

    Decemeber 2019??


    whos still playing this in december 2019

  50. TheGreenPhoenix

    This my jingle bells.

  51. Lil Guts

    bumping this christmas day this year fosho

  52. Edgar Arguelles Pyle Torres

    Why this isnt on Spotify?

  53. Martin Rubio

    Them city lights 💯🔥🔥🔥

  54. LSteves Prod

    What species of frog is he?

  55. D E A T H S O U L

    What's muy fuckinggggg nameeee?

  56. Keyni Free

    This song is really different than all his song but the beat sounds the same right????

  57. Shamara Robinson

    I love this song

  58. kennedy aldon

    Who playing this in December 2019???

  59. Gingerella Cookie

    he's a sensitive soul

  60. Gingerella Cookie

    Trippie is so sweet

  61. EzW_oshie99

    when is this going to be on spotify

  62. Jaycee Bell


  63. Fuck Love Forever

    He was Not even Trying And DIs Jawn Was Tuff like The FIrst Time I Heard it Im like its ight THen i LIsten to it the second time im like dis SHit tuff i knew the lyrics so quick lmfao shit fire

  64. Tristan Stockley

    “She say my name”
    “Hit her from the back”

    Michael Lamar white the 4th hit her from the back

  65. Tristan Stockley

    Damn trippie was in love lmao

  66. Isaiah Ollison

    Yeah she name

  67. Y.D.C REGGIE

    Dis song still makes me wanna caress the air slowly

  68. Emojimatt

    1st listen: ehh this is decent
    2nd listen: ok sounds better
    3rd listen: SAY MY NAME

  69. Isaiah Ollison

    Yeah see saids my name bo cap

  70. Foofke Music

    1:03 "Lucky like a four leaf clover" um... excuse me?

  71. G I D E O N K E M P

    Where is he?

  72. Whiskerprince

    why this not on platforms tho

  73. Manny up Next

    Melodie at the beginning is beautiful

  74. Kevinskevin

    Can’t wait to play this to my girlfriend in February ❤️😂

  75. Brazy Yona


  76. Krystal

    Even though he repeats the same thing. It’s dummy hard 🔥

  77. Owen Walker

    When someone asks you out because of the game oreo😂

  78. Enid Martinez

    trippie redd this cool

  79. ssj4goten9000

    was that lanez in the background


    It's recorded @ lanez's crib

  80. Tamiris Ramos

    Lavi Lavei

  81. Tamiris Ramos


  82. Tamiris Ramos


  83. Tamiris Ramos

    Hsjsns dhrbe dirbebdbdhejdbdhrebbeberhbeebbe

  84. Tamiris Ramos

    Bxjsjz dbs djdb sdiirud

  85. Tamiris Ramos

    Curti voce ♥️

  86. RunitupDre

    Who listening to this right now and like “ damn this remind me of Christmas “

    Kimberly Short

    Lol...a lil

    V.G. DLC

    Facts !

    Dontlet Mefumble

    More like Valentine day lol"She said my name"

    Roy Cus

    Tomorrow makes it 1 year❤

  87. Suicide Obito99

    Best song Ü_Ü

  88. Fonz Carr

    Who's playing this in 2025 Mars?

  89. 2800will SB


  90. Xxxtentacion Youndaggerdick

    School is bad bcuz when its drug free day they are showing you not to do it but when they grow up they do drugs


    You're the best I'm on the best trip of my life above the blue sea with your damn music ayeeeer

  92. Naruto Uzumaki

    Who’s here before 2020 <3

  93. Jorge Joachin

    Why isn't this on spotify 😤

  94. Kauê Gomes

    he was in love when made this song

  95. MarvinLegend

    Broooo spotify ???