Trippie Redd - Welp! (Watch How I Move) Lyrics

Welp! (Watch How I Move) No Lyrics. Welp! (Watch How I Move) If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Trippie Redd Welp! (Watch How I Move) Comments
  1. Jmxri M

    this beat tuff tho

  2. Dash

    He predicted the coronavirus with that mask

  3. Busta Fool

    Bruh I'm bumping this in 2020 lmao he was so young

  4. hoodies and flowers

    I keep forgetting about this song omfg 😂

  5. Sara Barnjak


  6. Dopey

    Why does that sound like a anime in English dub tho

  7. 3von

    Puberty did a number one this man

    Mr. Logic Man

    MaRzツ on*


    Mr. Logic Man don’t do that it’s really fucking annoying

  8. Meaghan Wood


    WhyNotUz Productionz

    Meaghan Wood big facts

  9. Izaquiel Souza

    14 💀🔥

  10. I M D I 3 I N G

    damn i remember when this h0e was under 10k

  11. glitter girls

    2020 ?? bc yes this is that fire 😗

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  13. Will C

    Real fans here this the og big 14

  14. Dark GamerXX

    UKA UKA vibes

  15. A Student lmao

    He was 18/19 when he made this be proud

    WhyNotUz Productionz

    A Student lmao he was 15

  16. Turbo tv

    Trippiest redd off his prime

    WhyNotUz Productionz

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    Turbo tv

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    On Instagram

  17. Marcelo Pereira


  18. 68 topic

    South park vibes

  19. Rich Money

    Was 69 little like him 2 years ago

  20. Nicisciller 05

    am i the only finds this song fire🔥🔥🔥

  21. 50,000 subs with no videos

    Sounds like Rico Nasty

  22. TaKe

    Its like...

    Kids bop

  23. Parmesan Brody FAGIOLZ SQUAD CHANNEL

    Who’s still watching this in 2020?

  24. lilkatana

    man is ready for the corona virus

  25. Brady Brown

    Still bumps

  26. Ray AnOo

    No One:

    My 2year old brother at 4AM: 00:25

  27. KommunistDoggo

    Good music to vibe to

  28. Gucci Burqa

    Damn i miss 2017 trippie

  29. Alexander Negron

    it's 2020 and this is still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤷‍♂️

  30. Zelnik999

    Rappers first video vs newest video

  31. IWelxah

    here before he dies

    Wawa Skittletis

    IWelxah same 😔

  32. Allso Zqxro

    Who agrees that Lil 14 is better then big 14?

    Arthur Morgan

    You can't stay young forever.

  33. Karde Alston

    What you know about that word lol making twin proud we look better then that haha

  34. Miraflor Gumban

    This is before trippie was so chunky

    You know what i mean


  35. john doe

    I miss this Trippie... Lot of ppl didn't know him before Dark Knight Dunno but love letter 1 and 2 were his best shit imo

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  36. Erin Jones

    Before he sold his soul

  37. ColdSteeze


  38. CC The Curry God

    0:12 6 year old me looking for a place to hid in hide and seek

  39. Maritza Aguilar



    1400 Trippie redd

  41. Lil Lime

    He wearing a motherfucking fishing vest wtf

  42. Sk3tch076 rblx

    I don’t like this song but he gets even more better each time


    This Video is a whole vibe

  44. Doggo Doggo

    That high pitch voice tho..

  45. De Jo

    Its so good

  46. Freebies With Navejar

    I love this song

  47. Freebies With Navejar

    I love this song

  48. Rodney Miller

    is the same trippie

  49. Stan 800gang

    2k19 #14ForEver

  50. tony is dumm

    Bro i wish trippie red a lil like this,but he still dope

  51. Javier escuella

    1:55 back pains

  52. Water Jugg Yt

    Ayee this nigga trippie 😂😂

  53. theloveT bbg

    Most rappers: Spreading out money 💴

    Trippie: Spreads out black n milds😎

    anyone here in 2019😝

  54. Almighty Glo

    Aww lil Trippie 😂😂😂

  55. Canisius Chisenga

    😂😂😂 he was skinny now here has gained wright ⚖

  56. Trolling For Life

    Amazing song cant wait for the english version

  57. Divón Pitt

    Bruh wtf!

  58. WrathSinister

    Wow even back then trippe still has the same "YEAH!" 0:56

  59. PRISMATIC Coldz

    damn... better than now

  60. Charles Edward Blanchard

    Ever wanted to make an auntie Anne’s pretzel. Say no more

  61. 青Battousaii

    Swear to god Trippie started a whole new genre of music with his voice, no nigga is the same to trippie not no fucking uzi or nothin



  62. Pigglitto

    These was them ohio days huh


    Release flesh n blood

  63. Tristan Morrisey

    trippie balls done dropped now lmao

  64. Aria Relle

    Yo im deaaaaad 💀💀💀💀

  65. Francisco lilCuellar

    2019? Oh yeah!🔥💯


    Trippies fire but why does almost every rappers style get worse with fame.

  67. Exmo Gxng

    Who else is watching this in Oct. 2019 (it's still fya) 🔥🔥

  68. JustSomeKnight 2003

    When he was skinny

    Carson Thomsen

    Lol FACTS

  69. M, Dont ask me again

    Watch how a young nigga mooooove i love this fucking song DAWWWWWWG

  70. YT anderson

    Wow old triple yea that voice

  71. Francisco Bacame

    Who got the sauce

  72. Skittles For life

    this is not bad tbh💀

  73. lucas arlie

    Sometimes I’ll just randomly sing the hook to this song. It’s too damn catchy.

  74. SpEakEazY

    Trippie face baby

  75. 311 Jazzy

    Only real fans know it

  76. SneakerHead yaniii

    Baby 14🥰

  77. Cashboat

    Imagine trippie and carti on this track

    WhyNotUz Productionz

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  78. Cashboat

    Old trippie man 🖤

  79. 3k_Kata9a

    He looks like xeno carr

  80. Tye Tingvold

    Loved the old trippie

  81. MatsyGamer

    came here from Lael

  82. Grace Bob

    This is catchy I like it and I love the younger and older trippy but lowkey miss his young voice tbh

  83. Stupid ass lucas

    To this day I come to listen to this shit and this man was only 16

  84. slushy

    2017, simpler times, all around great year. <3


    This brings back a sense of nostalgia for me bruh and Idek this song before

  86. Jahseh_ Ccp

    This beat hits diffirent then his songs now

  87. Josh Lopez

    Yo I miss this trippie

  88. Dylan Behr productions

    He looks and sounds like xenocarr

  89. God乡IC꙰Y꙰

    Emo redd

  90. Shadow Fruit

    Look how skinny he is here and now he is less skinny...

  91. Haley Vargas

    is he wearing a choker-

    AHH i LoVe him

  92. Guadalupe Guerrero

    2019 anyone????

    R J

    Oh hell yeah☻❤🔥

  93. prod. yxshi



    Welllppp + + 🗡

  94. Brandon Consalvo

    Love coming back I remember when he dropped this