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Trippie Redd TR666 Comments

    Swae needs to work with trippie more

  2. Sergio Saavedra


  3. AcTiv3_Legendd


  4. Icy_wrx

    2020 Gang wya?

  5. Keshawn Barker

    2020!!! We up!!!!

  6. ruizerved

    Who here in 2020?

  7. Rice_Only

    We made it boyz..... 2020👍

  8. Drigo

    This how we kicking off 2020

  9. Davi Ferreira

    Tr666 ✔️


    This song is forever a vibe going into 2020 Vibin to this

  11. Rafaaa Lavareda

    2019 :)

  12. Jose Escamilla


  13. WhiteFire

    Hell to the no no NO *NO!*

  14. iqra arifullah

    This song still 🔥

  15. stvarnojebenoneznam

    2 years tomorrow

  16. Alexis_rainbows 34

    Who still listens to this 2019

  17. Dualwield

    who here before 2020 <3

  18. Sotonye Clement

    Anybody know the name on Spotify?

  19. isaiah williams

    December 2019 anyone ?👀

  20. jolaaa.



    When he say it will be on the deluxe


    @ImKinxed in the comment idk when

  21. Sinner SH0:C:K

    Resultados de búsqueda
    Resultado del Gráfico de conocimiento
    Trippie Redd, Swae Lee
    We all got one common goal
    Third eye open, never close
    I put that on my fucking soul
    (I'm telling you)
    I know, know, know, know
    Said I know, know, know, know
    Said I know, know, know, know
    Said I know, know, know, know
    Until you die
    You got to realize
    If you don't try
    You'll never know, know, know, know
    You'll never know, know, know, know
    You'll never know, know, know, know
    You'll never know, know, know, know
    You'll never know, know, know, know
    I love it when she Vogue (yeah)
    I'm on another dose (hey)
    These diamonds on my neck dosey-doe
    And the cash blows like snow (ooh)
    I float in the truck like a kite (kite)
    The timing, the timing is right
    These niggas, they on thin ice
    You can hate with all your might
    I'm moving my ceiling mechanic
    He don't have no money, so can it
    I think I'm a hopeless romantic
    Kim Kardashians and many mansions (ooh)
    We all got one common goal
    Third eye open, never close
    I put that on my fucking soul
    (I'm telling you)
    I know, know, know, know
    Said I know, know, know, know
    Said I know, know, know, know
    Said I know, know, know, know

  22. Royal Tee Comedy

    How do even I pronounce the name of this song

  23. Key Boat

    Idgaf this song coming along with me into 2020

  24. oThatHurts

    anyone still bumping this ?

  25. 7sevennn

    Just found out bout this second just now how tf didn’t I know about this This tune is slept on

  26. Aiden Snap

    we cant lose trippie redd

  27. idontplayboy imnotcarti!

    if he’d put this on his album it would’ve been billboard #1 hit

  28. Marcela Celis

    Eu amor essa musica swae lee eh foda

  29. Marcela Celis

    Essa musica eh muito bom

  30. Evan Rey

    plz be on the ALLTY4 deluxe 😖

  31. XXX Tortelini

    Allty 4 deluxe lets go🤩

  32. 510JisatsuNiño

    This has some melancholy vibes to it but i like.

  33. Endo Poopa

    Miss the time this song came out😭 I wanna go back

  34. Mikayal Nadeem

    nice song but short

  35. Calavera dark

    666 locura like

  36. _Midnight

    Back Here again before this is on A love letter to you 4

  37. Gonzalo Gonzalez

    Who still listens to this song in 2023?

  38. Waltteri

    Who still listen?

  39. Garrett Noseworthy

    Anyone have that gang gang podcast version of this on Spotify?? I lost the link😖😖

  40. Emir Hasan

    Who's not listening to this song?

  41. Ahmed Iyaan

    Set play back speed to 0.75 u won’t regret it

  42. Alexander CTA

    Here after Trippie said he’ll drop this in the ALLTY4 deluxe

  43. Axel Rendon

    Just now heard of this song

  44. Astro 202

    Third eye open never closed 👁✨


    REAL Trippie fans know how much it means to us for Trippie to finally drop this officially streamable

    itzderek !!!!!


    Fuck your Shit

    PSYCHEDELIC KIDS why what happened

    Slatt News

    This is a part of his delux, brazy

  46. Jaquevius Walker

    He just promised this for deluxe version of ALLTY4 wtf 🤣

  47. Matths



    @ImKinxed Yesss and also Hellrain


    Matths when he say thissss


    @ImKinxed i don't remember exactly, i guess 1 month ago


    @ImKinxed i thought it was coming before christmas, but maybe only next year


    ​@ImKinxedu should consider following him on Instagram, he posts a lot of news

  48. kinq josh

    this shit finally coming to streaming services

  49. Froop •

    Anyone here from the ALLTY4 deluxe announcement?


    Froop • so is this song not officially released? Because I was confused when he said that it’s gonna be on the deluxe

    LilCleanCuts 2

    Nawafaljasser He only dropped it on his SoundCloud. It hasn’t officially been on any official streaming platforms


    LilCleanCuts 2 well what’s the point to put it on the deluxe? Since everyone has heard it

    LilCleanCuts 2

    Nawafaljasser I think it’s to put it on streaming platforms.

  50. cryptic yt

    This my top 5 favorite Trippie song bruh fr 🖤

  51. Travis Scott

    2020 anyone?

    cryptic yt

    Travis Scott
    Shut up lil bitty bitch

  52. mani !!

    This song a gem ❤️

  53. lx-FXMZ-xl

    November 20, 2019. Eastern Time 10:23. Whos here?

    Sebastian Benavides

    its dropping on the deluxe for allty 4 🔥

  54. Diversoul

    3rd eye open never closed

  55. M G

    Beat is a zelda sample 🤷‍♂️

  56. Ultimate games

    Scott Storch a Legend

  57. Hugh Murray

    Not on spotify no mo :(


    it will be on allty 4

    cloud poop

    @Matths that's stupid tho cuz were not getting another new song


    @cloud poop we r

  58. YNJ Havoc

    1:38 Kim Kardashians under the mattress

  59. Celal Duman

    celal babaa

  60. Romain Pichard

    An album with swae please

  61. Isaias Santana

    To bad this never was officially released 😭😭 this song brings back so many memories from when it first dropped


    He just promised he’s gonna drop this song on his deluxe version of ALLTY4

    Isaias Santana

    Ooohhh shit 🙌🏼, when he said that

  62. M4X

    I swear im still listening to all of Trippie’s work when im like 50

    Truly an artist that makes me feel good and i love him so much, its like how people love Michael Jackson, Trippie is Michael Jackson for me.

  63. Nebur B

    I know know know ooooo! I felt that

  64. lil Calmexrbey goat

    Y'all can't lie that this song puts you in a mood

  65. 8oh3 Telli

    Anyone else still listen to this?

  66. Take a Snickers

    Lowkey sad

  67. Alexander Vargas

    Put that on my fucken soul

  68. tsilfoglou _

    Who is still listening?
    Almost 2020

  69. Alejandro Mtz.

    Idk why this song not in spotify

  70. vidjen09

    1.25 speed

  71. samuel barajas

    me like it

  72. Ozorg Profano

    Vim através do Botadão kskskskskskskskkskdksks 2019

  73. tony bumps


  74. The Slime Tester

    Brings back memories.

  75. XSTR8-_ CAPPIN

    Said I know know know ahh, Said I know know know ahh🦋💪💔👍🏾❗️

  76. I love you

    2019 anyone? 🤟🏽😎

  77. Nigward

    Damn i just realized this shit came out on christmas

  78. Freezy Zed

    1 november,still listening

  79. Walison oliver

    So tem americano pqp

  80. Tahmeed R


  81. Zaner Burris

    October 2019 stand up.

  82. Zhiken Quo

    Guys I can’t hear, how does it sound?


    One of the waviest songs

  84. 96ro gue96

    #9696 @96redebt96 #selfmodeartz @96rogue96 #namastebitches

  85. Jose Adolfo

    what are the lyrics?

  86. lukas lagos

    what is "no cap" i'm from Chile and idk what is sorry for my English like kodak

    Rigz !

    It means no lie. When you say no cap your saying not lying

  87. C A

    Fuck 666 Fuck Illuminati!

  88. Geesy Slumpp

    Miss Old Trippie :/

  89. I am replenished

    Dummy underrated

  90. RealG4Life


  91. 104 *

    song hits different when faded bruh

    lil memeless

    lots of trippie redd songs hit way different while faded

  92. doyouevenlift 1744

    I forgot about this song..damn 2017.

  93. Kyle Terry

    Remembered when this dropped, still pure 🔥