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Trippie Redd Love Sick Comments
  1. Ali Rıza

    İ sorry.

  2. ItzyaboiRob 27

    Rod wave and trippie need to make a song🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. Sour Sdey

    I become addicted to this song🥺😩🙂

  4. Stan Dgr


  5. Angel Warrior for X


  6. Angel Warrior for X


  7. Olivia Henry

    I love this song

  8. N.B.A

    He needs to make a music video for this I’ll be mad if he doesn’t

  9. Cyndi Soto

    1st time hearing this song En, I love it! ❤

  10. Obito Uchiha

    Those fireworks at the end be hitting nbs

    Upstate Camper

    Obito Uchiha 💯

  11. Mekson BigAlto Officiel

  12. _ff pinhoogamer PRO

    Amo esse cara♥♥♥♥

  13. Leahanne Reed

    Dude this ish is fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but the shirt :●

  14. Michelle Mccarthy

    Go trippie🤩





  17. fabio fabinho

    Men i feel like i'm dead

  18. Dodger 808

    so underated

  19. SushiBlackBoi


  20. Gio XIV

    ‘Could of been love ... idk’ 😏

  21. Exhale Warlord

    best song ever

  22. Misty Lyons

    Am I the only one who listens to this shit 10 times a day... this is my shit. So glad I let my man turn me on to Trippie. Boy is sick asf



  23. Gabriel Sierra

    Trap was never the same for me after Trippie. I truly love you man.



  24. Dayana Bers

    My favorite song ❤😍

  25. Luciana Onfroy

    It's hard to see red video's because always I want to smoke ...And guess
    I'm a fucked headweed without weed

  26. Déjà Jaunt

    I love this creature he’s definitely not human 😏


    wtf but yes i love him too

  27. Sidney Assemien

    Trippie you are my idol

  28. jesse kennedy

    Banger 🔥

  29. Liz Browne

    I love you 🥺❤️

  30. Ivo Catjar Fritzson

    I was trying to find love for 13 years but I,m alone

    But this makes me happier (:

  31. Matheus Rocha

    Best álbum of 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Ryder K

    This is shit.


    bruh u really be out here watching videosa middle aged woman would be watching and calling trippie shit gtfo

  33. TG The Goat

    Nahh this song really a mood late night blunt Nd some GTA with gang I be super high

  34. Steetentshin

    The start broooooo

  35. oscar_glx kiko1234


  36. ML Addict

    I only heard of this song from chase Hudson's Snapchat story and I'm gland I found it this shit bomb


    😎😎😎😎 go listen to his other songs

  37. Michael

    Man i swear trippie redd is my vibe

  38. José Contreras

    ECUADOR 🇪🇨🔥

    Joe Dilla

    Arivaaaaaaaa amigo

  39. Slick Migillicutty

    What a pile of trash 🤣 No talent having turd... look at this clown.
    What happened to Rap, hip hop. Went all the way down the toilet!

    Lylia Bruni

    its not rap its love song.

    Rodolfo toodope

    Yeah stupid ass can't you read the album "A love letter to you 4" if you don't like it gtfoutaa hereee


    you’re so dumb i actually hate ppl like you. there’s different types of rap!!! this isn’t even a rap song bro like whatttt??????????? if u don’t like it then go watch ur fucking old school rap or something u fucking idiot


    and wtf ur last name trash

  40. Levi

    What kind of camera takes videos like that?

  41. tanasia

    PSA : DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WHILE YOURE HIGH 😭 i cried my little heart out & im not even having relationship problems 😂 trippie just does that to me lol


    im high rn bruh i’m just laughing

  42. audley mcintyre
    Best pop ever


    that shits ass

  43. Matias Flores


  44. Youtube Theking

    This album will always be legendary ong

  45. Sayvon Solomon

    Drake should have been on this 🔥🔥


    Sayvon Solomon omg now i can hear him on it


    ew no wth

  46. koolkid95114 gaming

    i was watching porn and there was this girl masterbaiting while listening to trippie redd


    I’m so sick of love songs

  48. Noisy the gamer

    1:20. Best part

  49. Jesse Mendoza

    Listen please!

  50. Alliny Rodolfo

    1 love sick
    2 chosen
    3 real feel

  51. Moon Music

    Come peep game

  52. Moon Music

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 leaked🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. Moon Music

    Check this out

  54. Moon Music


    Que música do caralho

  56. Dre Dae

    I love u trippie

  57. Carl BB

    cant wait for tour

  58. mona

    first song that i think its speaking out of my soul. fye song&album shiii


    Essa é vicio , olha esse flow essa voz o beat 🤟🏻🔥 lenda


    Rarooo , novo rockstar 🎶🇧🇷🤟🏻🔥❤️🚀

  61. sadderbythecloud

    Been trying for like a month to find the guitar sample is it FF? Any help would be great

  62. Miguel Ramirez

    Best hit on this album!!💣💿💿

  63. Lil Frost

    Xxxtentacion STYLE! Its music is very good

  64. Joyce Stephanie

    Miss you😇🙏

  65. Ah'Mari Mahoney

    "Cry me a river I'll float right to the end. Youll float too bit*h hope you rememberr."

  66. Jay real

    Bro on 🔥 🔥 frfr

  67. Nick warren

    This beat is amazing tbh🔥

  68. Lone Star Boy

    Feeling loveless and hopeless. 😥 the world is almost over.

    Just hold on. You won't feel anything soon.

  69. scm TY

    Don’t let it get into your head

  70. David Rodriguez

    All I’m saying is protect trippie red at all cost, I do not need anyone dropping his unreleased music that shit can stay unreleased

    P4P1 IRON

    David Rodriguez why u here just to hate? 💀 wantin some free clout?

  71. Marques Williams

    when i saw the lyrics this shit hit even harder

  72. James Fredrick

    His hair ga ASF tho

  73. Kobian Broughton Kahui Broughton Kahui

    Bro when I was on trips one of my homies played dis n my trip started kicking in hard

  74. Cyka Blyat

    i’m gettin some serious joker vibes from trippie rn 😂😂😂😂

  75. Vake Snake

    Broken hearts 💔 here only

  76. Victor Hernandez

    New decade new 69

  77. True_T Jo

    Love this song❤❤ I played the 1 house version too😥😍

  78. Roy Cus

    We need a Love Sick Video! :-( @colebennet wya?

  79. Nate Stokes

    .75 speed😭

  80. Shantell Devins

    This my. My favorite song

  81. C Dank

    Last comment of 2019 🔥

  82. Ester Paz

    I love this song

  83. AWHVuurwerk

    0:31 that firework is everything

  84. Kelly Wyatt

    This song hits different love you trippie❤️

  85. Mr. Blaker

    rip juice xd

  86. Toxic Skipx

    if trippie dies ... im goin with him 😔

  87. lovely trash

    seeing you on feb 11 in indy 💗💗

  88. Weed

    These songs help me through my breakup

  89. Habi Rem

    Babyyy! , cry me a river float right to the edge!

  90. Suzana Nogueira

    Trippie is the best

  91. alyiekid2x 2xxx

    i dont gotta ask i know yu know

  92. Yuon

    big 14 know the fuck going on

  93. Shirley Robertson

    It's cloudy hear in Ohio😍

  94. ale barbieri

    big 14 🧟‍♂️