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Trippie Redd Love Me More Comments
  1. Marina Johnson

    🙌❤ on repeat!! Love this song!!

  2. Fkxmf Cmckrkc

    I mean trippe redd has the long hair and the girl has short hair Just trade LOL😂😂


    I honestly don’t how I’m gonna cope with life If Trippie Passes.. 🖤

  4. Akram Ben

    1:50 💔

  5. Chauncey

    trippie might like boys

  6. Kenneth Collier

    Trippie has range musically, as well as vocally.

  7. Jacob Lofton

    Trippie threw his blunt on stage and walked out the club 😂



  9. Adien Shuford-burke

    is he gay

  10. Gregory Joseph

    Trippie redd rather be dead fill my brains full of lead...

  11. Gaelle Cantave


  12. Amare Moore

    I wish you would suck me i wish suck me ayye ayye

  13. Taylor Wise

    This girl looks more beautiful than most girls that would try her hair style, she’s mesmerizing.

  14. Poopy Poop

    I don't wanna fuck with you

  15. Nikki Knapik

    Y'all some dick cheese ass bitchs let the goddess rock a headshave in peace

  16. Valiriea Royalty

    I feel so bad for Trippie. I feel like this music video was a perfect representation of his relationship with females. He just wants a girl to love him for him. To not be going around doing fuck shit and to not want him for his money and he keeps getting the same girls that love him for his money and clout and I feel like eventually that shits gonna take a really hard tole on him

  17. The Wrestling Guy

    Still looking for a bad Trippie Redd song

  18. Daniel Ramirez

    All his songs sound the same 😐

  19. Chicken Oner

    Just listen to a trippie reds greatest hits playlist and did not like any song of his also not one song was memorable we should trade Juice Wrld for trippie Red

    SlaterTheGator 47

    Chicken Oner dislike

  20. kai tattoos

    You know this song for his ex AyLeK$

  21. the flax_boi

    I knew trippe was looking at Jaden Smith in a wired way backstage

  22. Google J9neworleans

    Check out pain 🎯

  23. chris bullard

    Woopie Goldberg back at it again

  24. nate singer

    Bro trippie gta live a long life n prosper.cant take anymore artist dying yo

  25. Liam Ritzhaupt

    When will nick stop being stupid?

  26. KinG CapitalG Leo

    What sonG is the sample from i cant think of it 2 save my life

  27. Carson Wallace

    no cap the people disliking this video has never experienced love

  28. Ivonne Angel

    Love this song ly lil 14 keep going ur the best ill always be here og fan❤️

  29. Mo 11


  30. James Fredrick

    Trippie getting soft asf

  31. Deez Nutzzz

    Trippie red gay

  32. Ertan S

    Who is this guy ? I didn’t even heard of him until Eminem dissed him 🤦🏻‍♂️


    Ertan S he is a very complex rapper he has the same vibe as X he is happy and sad at the same time you need to listen to the lyrics

    Ertan S

    BenPotter he is a ghost rapper!

  33. Jared Lopez

    This song Be hitting like no other Foreal , you can tell hes using this from the Heart 🔥🎵✊

  34. BabyHairGangsta

    i wish i coulda been the model in this video this shid look dope asf exactly my style tryna do something like this

  35. frostbite585

    One day y'all will improve your standards in music

  36. raymond cardona

    Who listen to this garbage!!!!

  37. big laci


  38. Shirley Yap

    Im going to die

  39. Shirley Yap

    Im depressed and sad

  40. Derrick begay

    This song??!!! Gosh

  41. Lisa Smith

    The people who listen to him

  42. WeepingSponge

    The Emo Rap Industry is on its last leg

  43. Tyler Lott

    Why I thought that bitch was MGK

  44. ba cot

    trippie, we need to talk.

  45. themodslife life


  46. Zoey Hester

    Love me more 😩

  47. Cameron Robinson

    Can’t lie she fit as fukkkk

  48. Patrice Callaghan

    Is that a duded🤦🏾‍♀️🤯👩🏾‍💻🤷🏽‍♀️

  49. Shaka12

    greta thunberg cosplaying as lil wayne.

  50. iSlap You

    This was lit🔥🔥

  51. papawushutv

    straight garbage

  52. Matty Tarantino

    😂 everyone trolling this girl
    It looks like it's about him liking someone he wishes liked him back
    He's dreamt about them together and being happy
    But in real life it never will happen

  53. schmuck !

    Trippie really be missing beiber

  54. Vlog Hogs

    is that a gril

  55. Za'Neia Gipson

    1:18 Tripple Red sounds like Juice WRLD 😢😥😭😭😭

  56. ItzTarpp

    Nick your Stupid! 😂

  57. Dontae Gibson

    I wish u will love me more

  58. Nikki Arrates


  59. andrees

    dont die trippi :(

  60. ZinGamma

    Yo the video content got me dying.

  61. Maryanne Jackson

    I wish that you would love me🥺🤕💔

  62. Mauro Segundo

    Vengo por mi docis diarias :)

  63. Arianna Gales

    I think the girl is actually cute asf 🤤 she just doesn’t look how y’all usually expect 🤷🏾‍♀️


    Arianna Gales she looks like a boy


    Luis That’s the best part nigga

  64. Ghost

    This is how many people hate Trippie Redd and like 6ix9ine

  65. Luna Juliete

    💚💚 trippie super talented 😘💙👏🏽✈️☪️💧✨

  66. Stanley _sk8

    Love me 😍😍😍

  67. john west

    who else smoking cigs trying to kill lungs

  68. Forbz

    That girl hella ugly



  69. Crystal Chivas


  70. Luis F. M. [ALIAS]

    This manz has lost many of his good friends but he dosen't let that stop him from being a great artist

  71. Seth Robinson

    Never been a Trippie fan but I do like this

  72. Jose Gil

    He just needs someone

  73. Esmeralda Rosales

    I wish you could love me more

  74. J. W.

    Does anybody know the girl in the videos @? 😋👌

  75. Samuel Robinson

    I wish XXXTENTACION still alive I one to And meet him because I never met him because I was a little kid then I grew up I am 16 he passed I never got to make it to meet

  76. love Trippie redd

    I love trippie❤️🥺

  77. Thug Love

    Why waste time with that white girl ?!

    Look behind you trippy 1:01


  78. takakzu

    hol up is dis nigga gay

  79. Ronae Reeves

    That's a whole nigga he's hugging

  80. BOOM 4

    This turds voice is legit annoying. Who's her parents? Coolio and tickle me Elmo?

  81. muaythaijosh

    Still on repeat lol...

  82. Booty BenderAnt

    Thought trippie was gay for a sec

  83. paul salinas

    So this what Justin beiber up to these days 🤔

  84. Linda Gallgos

    Shit hot. Trippie keep colecting them Dimonds 💎

  85. MoonFTP

    Que pedo el trippie dijo que no le gustaba el lean y ahora lo toma, dou

  86. Celeste Pule

    Yo this song is dope like no cap😶🔊🎶

  87. letti ramos

    This gives me gta vibes

  88. FortniteFortnite

    Trippie man, if we loose you we will be sad. we lost 3 your all that’s left. (X gone, Juice gone, peep) Please.

  89. Red Jelly

    Is that a boy

  90. Tyler Lowe

    He fr trynna get punched in the face with that wack ass haircut.

  91. Payton Snow

    I love this song so much, pls make more music like this

  92. Danny Fitzpatrick

    Now he's back with ayleks I think

  93. Jeffrey Lontajo

    Song is so dope. Def deserves more views.

  94. Porko

    *If peep was a girl he would be that girl*

  95. Jai’Len 67

    When I watch this at night I feel depressed 😪😢

  96. Trippie Redd

    Listen & Download:

    Gerson Gamer



    Congrats on 2 Milli subs in advance you rockin it!

    Patrick Mol

    Not a note comes out your pee brain , same bla blaaaaa everytime ,this not rap never a rhyme to be heard of just bla bla shit

    Patrick Mol

    Whoever listens to this is for sure under 19 and listens to that new poo poo rap and know no better