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Trippie Redd Leray Comments
  1. Marquis Brown

    I could quote a few lines from this song

  2. Tin Can

    Trippie will likely not have another song like this, deserves more attention.

  3. DxmiDinhø

    "You were only fuckin' with my feelings because you didn't know your own" I felt that shit

  4. Leahanne Reed


  5. Havier xo

    That’s a great peom

  6. Millz Muliani


  7. kristin thomas

    “I felt that”

  8. kristin thomas

    Dang, Trippie got this comment section like a depression center

  9. Clara Fields

    my god I love Trippie

  10. Lillou_07

    Broooooo i was crying just thinking about the relationship im in right now like fr fr LMAOOO i love this song tho tbh no joke i was listening to this for a whole 2/3 hours cuz thats how much i love this song LMFAOOOO xoxo

  11. Christopher Versey

    I love this song trippie need to come to Dallas

  12. Emmy

    here come ayleks fake ass

  13. Lucas Callaway

    Bro how does his album got only this many views I must be half of these views got me listening to you every day, morning, all day, and night

  14. Justin Kendle

    Wow Trippie Red is so corny, no wonder why everyone calls him a simp! After hearing this song really got me thinking that Trippie Red is more or just as dramatic as a pregnant women.

  15. Alex Bagel

    you was only fuckin with my feelings cause you didnt know yours 🖤

  16. Blesiv Sisters

    Trippie low key fine

  17. V Shyne


  18. MacDaKid

    Ready so see him perform in February

  19. MoralSpace

    “always feeling fucked up by love or no love” wow

  20. elizabethh.

    y’all he really made this song for Coi 🥺.

  21. TTvEazyfps

    I don’t think trippie is a mumble rapper/overrated because he has talent

  22. suigenerous sui

    Hi trippie Redd who is why I love you girlfriend sexy girl ❤️💕

  23. David Huerta

    What in the fuck happened to music..

  24. El quashi 333

    Love me like you own me

  25. Sticy boy

    I'm sure if X could hear this piece of art he would be very proud of you🖤



  27. diizkid

    How he make the video look like that

  28. cowboyfromhell1

    (00:36) doner spit

  29. Provoke qxzy

    He fell off

  30. asox duxty

    Whoever disliked the video, clearly hasn’t been heartbroken.😔

  31. cam_the_man452

    Rest in peace trippe redd you will be missed.

  32. Juiced BREW

    Hey look, it's a discount 6ix9ine. Ten bucks he OD's in 2022.

  33. Michael

    I love the intro.. i read it like a book. What a love story.

  34. Phantom_ Gaming

    Trippie reds low key ugliest nigga of them all no joke what a ugly chewbacca

  35. General General

    When he said I do missed what I thought you were I felt bed shit

  36. asddf asdqwe

    trippie keep getting fcked over by bitches

  37. A & B Queens

    Could you enjoy the song Flow Gago with Soli.Boy feat Yxung Flxme on Soli.Boy channel please !!!!!!! ??

  38. Zyerra Walton

    "Some times I'm miserable without you, its like your still here" dammn

  39. Roblox bart God kid

    Rip Leary 2019-2020 we will miss you 1like=1praye for coi Leary 😔😔

  40. Carlos Soria


  41. Svetlana Milhaivo

    “ you said you deserve better now so do I.” Felt that

  42. Mattyice

    He should date Em’s daughter now.

  43. Datits Dapussy


  44. josef minjarez

    This song hits me so much everything he says from beginning to end :(

  45. Yoda

    We need this as a 3 min song but without the talking

  46. David O

    He better not die.

  47. josef minjarez

    In this generation it’s hard to find someone who won’t give up when things get hard everyone just wants to start acting different when things get tough

  48. riza

    ' i do miss who i thought you were ' 🤯.

  49. daniel villarreal

    Literally everything he said in this song I felt it he put my feelings into words I couldn't even do that 😔💯

  50. JJ BEATZ

    Every night I drink I listen to this 😔

  51. Jahzee Pettiford

    "I dont write songs i write life I TOLD U THAT!"

  52. lil xerty

    when your minecraft girlfriend dies and respawns at your best friend bed

  53. Zxpol Alxssa

    " I do miss who i thought you were..and sometimes i'm miserable without you. So its just like your still here " Hit hard );

  54. 16th

    YOOO when he said “closely” I felt that shit 🚫🧢

  55. Randy._.

    Why was that so deep

  56. Shannon Sc

    This needs to be longer

  57. craizebois 2

    Trippie has been dropin dongs non stop last month

  58. DESTROYERx2013


  59. hannah delormier

    Where was this when me and my ex broke up 2years ago bc shiiiiit 💔😭🤧

  60. Alhassan Sheriff

    i really like that "i don't write songs, I write life" lyric.

  61. Famous. Dyke

    It was love at first sight, misery after 2 months 💔 I can relate ☹

  62. oscar_glx kiko1234

    this is some serouis shit!

  63. challsv

    Trippie redd got a boob job :0

  64. anonime:3

    Coi Leray?

  65. Xavier Brennan

    I love you trippie

  66. CHANGE

    🖤🖤☝ALLTY4 GANG
    Speaking real facts not lyrics..

  67. Aggustinnn

    This song hits hard. I love my girl and she was my ride or die.. I fell in love as soon as I saw her. After a couple of weeks she was fucking w me. Messing with other guys. And i let her. It hurts to think about it but she wants to change her ways. She says she changed and she won’t mess up anymore, but I don’t take love for granted, I see it as fake, a waste of time. I been filled w pain since then.


    i feel u, goin thru the same

  68. vvs_FLAME _

    What video filter is this

  69. Apple_ Foot

    Ufo 361 and Lil Lano sind Gute und Coole Sänger du bist auch ein cooler Sänger Travis Scott ist auch ein Ehrenmann Ps ich bin Deutsch

  70. 6an


  71. sixs Licks

    Dam trippie much love ❤

  72. martian14671

    So leray is like deff my middle name wdf

  73. Cari Broome

    Damn trippie damn blood her pussy was tht damn good you made a song abt her ?

  74. lol

    I bet white girls are on here tryna be his fan to look cool

  75. ale barbieri

    big 14 🧟‍♂️

  76. East Davian

    I do miss who I thought you were 💔🥺⚰️

  77. East Davian

    I do miss who I thought you were 💔🥺⚰️

  78. East Davian

    I wasn’t necessarily looking for happiness just less pain 💔😣

  79. ジゼル gisselle

    i love the type of music he does man, makes me have a different perspective of things.

  80. Pred

    The better album of music !!

  81. DodgeBeats Prod By

    The one and only G.O.A.T.

  82. Melanie Noelle

    “You were only fw my feelings because you didn’t know your own”🤧

  83. Uku Eelmäe

    Oh my god this verse is amazing :O

  84. Tyrell Lewis

    IDGAF about what y’all folks felt 🙄

  85. Yujiro Hanma

    The thing he wears is too gay

  86. Mk Rainbow

    Good to now be here
    It was love at first sight and misery after two months
    Always feeling fucked up either by love or no love
    "I thought you was married to the single life", she said
    I wasn't necessarily looking for happiness, just less pain
    I should've said somethin'
    You said the only thing wrong with money is you ain't have enough of it
    You said you deserve better, and now so do I
    Anyways, the best part of us was me
    When you got with me, you were a genius
    Now without me, you have to live life as an idiot
    I don't write songs, I write life, I told you that
    And you were only fuckin' with my feelings because you didn't know your own
    I do miss who I thought you were
    And sometimes I'm miserable without you
    So it's just like you're still here, shit

    I need you to show me
    Love me, love me closely
    Love me like you own me and my heart
    I need you to show me
    Love me, love me closely
    Love me like you own me and my heart, yeah

  87. Jay Kapalot

    Which song is the one where he like “slatt slatt slatt big slime in this bitch”

  88. wydjohnny

    ....You said you deserved better and do I

  89. Antoni Gilbert

    My heart... literally

  90. MannyFresh

    0:37 the lower left tho!

  91. King Jxiw

    When all the 12 year olds think they can relate in the comments felt that