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Trippie Redd Keep Your Head Up Comments
  1. Javi Soto

    ni el faso se sabe prender

  2. Luki

    Bro i fuck with trippie soooo fkn much

  3. R R

    He wearing pink makeup, square

  4. FranVM


  5. Madàra

    4 millions views only?! Underrated song !!!

  6. Nashayla Lomax

    I used to sing this song when I was

  7. Alexander Antonio ramirez

    Me encantooooooo ❤️

    Keyla Freitas

    Vc é brasileiro?

  8. Thatguyintheroom 14

    Ngl he looking like a cutie

  9. Lucas Silva


  10. tha life of niya

    Song stay on repeat😭.

  11. Sandrine Gabot

    Trip I read is the best

  12. SniperBoi YT

    Legend has it he still tryna use the lighter

  13. Fernando Franco

    Yo también tenía un perro:(❣️

  14. Jesus Guerrero


  15. Estella Cruz

    I rlly rlly Like this song but now everytime I listen to it I get reminded of my ex😭😭


    Ull get through it m8. Keep ya head up

  16. LYN

    Love you babyyy keep doing your thing 💛

  17. Hugo Boss

    Why is this so good for situations to explain

  18. Eliana

    my man locked up, our friend just committed suicide a couple weeks ago, my mom had a stroke. & so much more but this album manages to help keep my head up

  19. Alexis Araiza

    when u r high asf this video makes you trip so dope

  20. Finding Solace 1111

    Keep your head up for me √

  21. ayootinydancer

    I love you trip keep your head up bae❤🖤

  22. Mob Ties

    my eyes redd like trippie

  23. Aerozy88

    If youre making music like me, keep ya head up cause we're trying. Check out my soundcloud/DjCrivea/Aerozy

  24. Keyz SuperEffective!

    Shit is art

  25. David C

    When dat bitch gonna light?

  26. JayJay

    Keep doing yo thang lil baby

  27. CamBone's Quick Clips

    I'm tryin

  28. The DZ Gang


  29. itsmelilpeep

    dealin w so much shit baby i’m fed up

  30. CaM

    Que obra de arte hermano!!! Saludos desde Argentina brou.

  31. Love Chrissy


  32. Chap

    my guy canoed tf out that blunt

  33. Jonathan

    Here after Juice died
    Rest in paradise ✌
    I love yall ❤


    Wat dose juicewrld have to do with the song


    @yvng.chunnk19 Gotta keep your head up fam

  34. Cassandraa _2x

    me trying to keep my head up when i found out legends are dying young💔😢

  35. MR420

    flicc urr bicc trippiee redd

  36. Stubbla

    Why do you burn half of your blunt when lighting it?

  37. Ali Sad-06

    I miss old trippie 💔

  38. NEL_ TH3rd

    This might be my favorite Trippie song to date. He put real feeling on this one. Keep yo head up G

  39. Lounblound




  41. Brandon Reynolds

    Smoking a blunt to this... duh 💁🏼‍♀️

  42. LemexTheGreatestVEVO

    This is basically a video 🔥

  43. Grant Bittle

    This man is never lighting my blunt

  44. King Wio

    Keep ur head up nice🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. Fguu h tfuuygt Tyu uhh fyjhgyihggy

    Fir a second i thit he was wereung lipglos

  46. Deandre Naruto66

    Y'all remember when his voice was high and now his vice deep

  47. Jewsph

    You like drake, gotta steal people’s music to get big🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  48. Danjo Adventure

    Lyric is sick. But video wise is whack and trash.

  49. daddy ツ

    now THIS song should have been on ALLTY4 😔

  50. Jas Kaur

    Mellow vibes 👌

  51. Harvey

    My favorite part is when he light the blunt

  52. hahaha

    beautiful man beautiful vocals

  53. bootleg girl

    when he said big 14 the fuck going on i lost my marbles

  54. Jeremy Guerrero

    Okey okey bye

  55. trap stack

    what brand clothes is trippie redd where in this video

  56. Young Twon

    Favorite rapper dont sleep on this nigga

  57. Gideon Boshuis

    goeie pokoe

  58. Francis Eshun

    Why the hell was this disliked on my account bruh.

    This African voodoo strong aint gonna lie

  59. rob iglesias

    This video is dope

  60. christian garcia

    Why is this song not on the radio? This is a hit! Grammy NEEDED

  61. Yung Flemsey

    Tripie yo keep the black only dreds

  62. Cristina Vallés femenia

    i can feel your pain

  63. MamaiaFrumusicaCadeinCurSiSeRidica TataieBosorogul

    Like Trippie Reed

  64. Nicholas M

    Hes growing at the top tho tbh dont lie🔥🔥🔥

  65. Geovanni Pink

    I watched 3 minutes of trippie redd getting frustrated cause he is struggling to light a blunt

  66. J Dres


  67. diego carrasco angulo

    Me haces llorar con cada canción 🤢

  68. Brandon Basave

    Dam, Trippie really going through some sad shit

  69. YB 23

    Just Gotten keep Your Head Up🙌💪

  70. Medusa FF



  71. Donald Phillips

    Is it just me or does this song give you kinda lil Wayne vibes

  72. Dominican Champ

    That blunt canooing odee come on bro

  73. Chxxv YT

    Triple yuhhhh bruh subscribe to Chxxv YT

  74. Reebok 4life

    I’m gonna listen to this song until.......................♾

  75. Thayná Varanda

    Essa música ainda vai virar um Hino!!!

  76. Stoner Princess

    Fav 😇

  77. V.K.R. V1T0R99

    love scars 4 ????????????????

  78. king alex

    fire as fuck


    passa a goma no baseado ta queimando errado trippie

  80. weeny booty

    His shit wont light up he bout to cry

  81. Carmensita Davis

    Came a lonnnnggg way

  82. Daniela. Beltrann


  83. T. Stamp

    X would be proud

  84. Rachel Moten

    But did he ever get to smoke his blunt tho???

  85. Ricky Bravo

    Lyrics: Whoa, whoa, whoa
    Yeah, you gotta keep your head up for me
    You gotta keep your head up for me, for me, for me
    You gotta keep your head up for me, for me
    Me, me, me, me
    Yeah, gotta keep your head up for me
    Yeah, cause I'm trynna find
    Yeah, you gotta keep your head up for me
    Whoa, whoa, 'cause I'm trynna find
    Think outside your mind, yeah
    Now my wrist froze up, bitch
    Lamborghini got the doors up, bitch
    You know what it is, you chose up, bitch
    Keep your heart, keep your soul up, bitch
    You was looking for exposure, bitch
    I was looking for some closure, bitch
    Lincoln Park Bloods like I'm Rosa, bitch
    Big-ass blood, need a donor, shit
    I'm ready to give up my soul to a bitch
    I'm on that shit that you know I'm with
    Shooting shit up and exposing shit
    Now my heart got a hole in it
    When I travel my mind you can go in it
    Big ass cup, I put a fo' in it
    With my milk in your mouth, Oreos in it
    Sucking that pussy I'm froze in it, yeah
    Yeah, Big 14 know what the fuck goin' on, yeah
    Whoa, whoa, whoa
    Yeah, you gotta keep your head up for me
    You gotta keep your head up for me, for me, for me
    You gotta keep your head up for me, for me
    Me, me
    Me, me
    Yeah, gotta keep your head up for me
    Yeah, cause I'm trynna find
    Yeah, you gotta keep your head up for me
    Whoa whoa, cause I'm trynna find
    Think outside your mind, yeah
    I keep my mind open
    If it's on my mind then you know it
    I be speaking my mind like a poet
    I guess this is why I was chosen
    Keep my foot on their neck now, I'm golden
    Splish and splash in designer, I'm soaking
    It's game over now enter a token
    This time you better be focused
    Yeah, better keep your head up
    Better keep your head up
    Yeah, I've been dealing with so much shit
    Baby, I'm fed up
    Yeah, but I keep faith, baby, I keep my head up
    Fuck what they talking 'bout
    Let's run them bands up, yeah
    Yeah, keep my, keep my, keep my, keep my
    Whoa, whoa, whoa
    Yeah, you gotta keep your head up for me
    You gotta keep your head up for me, for me, for me
    You gotta keep your head up for me, for me
    Me, me, me, me

  86. Jesus Alvarado

    Everyone needs to keep their head up 🧐

  87. Jay Nando

    I swear all his songs if u ever trip on acid u will see why hes called trippie redd people dont notice how much of his videos are made for TRIPPIE SHIIT

  88. G R A T I A S

    Hey Dolly Keep Ypur Head Up For Me Okay!