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Trippie Redd Everything BoZ Comments
  1. Roblox Godson2

    I can teach bitch land that codes

  2. Nick V


  3. Jay Dee


  4. ShadowZ

    I won’t be surprised if trippie smoked in a church

  5. Jessica Fernandes

    Não curto a voz da Coi

  6. Moon Nethery

    Don't ever tell an artist what to do. Same shit gets repetitive and tiring. That's why Logic fell out. Love this. Love everything from him.

  7. Vampire

    One of the underrated, good songs from Trippie Redd. 🥺❤

  8. lasplaz zey

    Man i make these fishes nervous?

  9. KingJo 007

    I just remixed this go listen‼️💯

  10. Mike Dee

    This song go stupid crazy

  11. Slim Bean

    Damn seizure check

  12. celine penn

    This song didn’t age well ...

  13. Decco The DEMIGOD

    My dumbass thought this was a music video

    Pure Jokes

    me too p

  14. Drank Carter

    Omfg this beat I wanna light up a wood an take a long drive

  15. Drank Carter

    Wasted beat

  16. mike 2dum YT

    I’m in my bag Birkin 🥵

  17. StayOnCodeTexas Texas

    It ah Gloc 40

  18. D - Pleasy

    Issa glock 40

  19. Andrew Zanardi

    Where TF is Coi Leray lmao

  20. King Tiki 01

    Fuck the beef this song is a masterpiece 🙌

  21. JxydenDaGoat

    does coi leray have a dick? cause i do and this song go harder than my dick


    @Jaedan :P


    Renegade get the fuck off of this part of YT you’re clearly too young, tf kinda joke is that?

  22. home9dog2blue

    Coi voice sexy af 😍😍😍😍

  23. 6ix6ix6ix

    This is lil wayne 2019 right here


    Song lit and chill

  25. D‘ Angelo Drummond

    Coi is tuff fr ❗️

  26. volki talky

    Damn Coi Leray's part is really shitty

  27. Jay Cee

    Trippie so right. Coi was a genius when she was with him, this is the best song she has.

  28. Visibility Chaos

    Trippie red ft ekt 40

  29. Tiara Adams

    This is my song period.

  30. aireyonna o

    coi's part is trash asf 😪

  31. STR8 Riley

    You ain’t built like that lil Nigga you can get exposed.😭💔

  32. Frances Ratchford

    you can hear Coi spitting on the mic

  33. Kennedy Myerica

    She not on beat lol

  34. Honey Martin47

    Ou yesss

  35. Shoe Monster

    shirt so hard

  36. Ibanez Larue

    This man simpin rn

  37. Wraith

    I’m trying make beats like this, in the future I think my catalog is lit tho

  38. Elena Kitumba

    this song give me the good vibess

  39. Ghoul Saiyan Pt2

    Coi leray : Its a glock 40

  40. Shadey9s

    It took me a minute to realise this is just audio

  41. JuanYuliuz

    Coi Leray ruined this

  42. 3minati

    Trippie flow flawless

  43. William Becerra

    Who ever dis like this dong is gay and go get a new life because this song is lit

  44. Juugboi

    I’m pretty sure he’s addicted to butane by now

  45. Matthew Willett

    Album underrated asf

  46. Erra Titan

    What size shirt is that?

  47. dawn kebals

    r.i.p trippie's lungs :(

  48. Isaiah wong

    Only 3 more songs left on the album people are tripping this album hit 🔥

  49. Mike Richardson

    cool track though

  50. hudson17

    "pussy nigga knows i came from totin poles and you and build like that lil nigga u gon get exposed" can just be me that clocked this 69 diss

  51. Gabi Rusalki

    🦋 lord krishna protect us 🦋

  52. Anonymous

    the only reason im here is bc of coi leray this shit aight

  53. Jabri Williams

    Coi killed this shit 🔥💕

  54. Liszxy

    She sounds terrible

  55. home9dog2blue

    Trippie needa drop a cookbook called 200+ ways to call someone a "pussy nigga"

  56. Jbk Foodieinyourarea

    This was released on my bday & I’m just now finding out about it 😭❤️

  57. herbs flavored

    coi need some singing classes

  58. WavezFN

    Those retakes tho🔥🔥

  59. EBKDeadboi

    Coi Leray trash jeez 😥

  60. tshepiso Refiloe

    My favourite song on the album

  61. lx _addict

    GloCK FotY

  62. A Love U

    Plz do more songs Coi.. but never with trippie redd anymore

  63. Echoxulan

    everything not boZ

  64. brutally honest

    When he said "Op-postion" i felt that

  65. Lil SN4PS

    And somehow Coi got pregnant

  66. original cameron

    Best song of the album...least amount of views


    Pop pop pop get shot in your head man get shot where the headband supposed to be at uh uh 🐱nigga my favorite part

  68. Big Boi

    legend has it he still lighting that blunt

  69. nigga im high af

    ngl this song go hard as fuck 😬

  70. Cloud here


  71. Fil Hubbard

    At one point this nigga was just free stylin

  72. Matt A

    Coi carries this song insanely hard

  73. Bravo Bro

    Who's writing this shit....if it's truly trippie, it's advanced for a 20yo

  74. Tina Singh

    Tripple redd video boring

  75. TheOfficialElfBoy

    What pants is he wearing?

  76. jae Bando

    He dress like that on purpose but idk why

    Natalie Heredia

    Its style

  77. Darrel Daddy

    Why is everyone getting thick? Juicewrld now Trippie?

  78. Bills Realm

    Coi is trash someone edit this without her part thanks

  79. Jonathan Pruitt

    To bust shots at the opposition

  80. Jonathan Pruitt

    Coi Leray go hard I fuck with her music now I like her part in this song to

  81. HTX Lemarc

    no one:
    coi leray: *sounds like Lisa Simpson*

  82. HTX Lemarc

    no one:
    coi leray: UNO DOS TRES

  83. Tebtu


  84. William Amaya

    "Issa glock fooe-teeeeeeeeeeee"

  85. Beetle Juice

    This song was fire until coi fuckin drooled all over it and put it out 🔥🤤🤤

  86. Christopher Appleton

    Its a glock 40

  87. Adrian Adreezy

    Trippie stay making artists from no clout rappers idk if he does that intentionally or he just getting played ...

  88. Eniola John

    Trippie Redd is the best rapper

  89. stevenc4444

    im going out..hand me my budlight platinum!

  90. Johnney Young24

    Trip Yu need to do a video for this song it's 🔥

  91. Parque do Zé Colmeia

    Coi redd e tripa leray

  92. yourHIGHness

    ❗New Up & Coming Business❗
    IG: __bodybeaute
    Facebook: K&L Body Beaute

  93. Erick Carpio

    Coi is trash

  94. Joshua Hernandez

    coi leray ruined the song highkey ;(


    Joshua Hernandez ong

  95. nicole g

    Why did it take me 2 minutes to realize this is the same video looped a hundred times lmfao

  96. cassie chartrand


  97. normal account

    This song is so much better without bitch lady