Trippie Redd - Can You Rap Like Me, Pt. 2 Lyrics

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Trippie Redd Can You Rap Like Me, Pt. 2 Comments
  1. Litha Ntsodo

    He went all out for us and no listen to it that much kmon niggas

  2. Miganti / Ayakashi


  3. L Matthies

    Trippie got outrapped... lowkey

  4. rrose _artistt

    Make more of this

  5. Myles Butts Channel

    0:53 is fire

  6. BallTalk

    yall think he going of,f and don't get me wrong he is but if you think this shit is THE shit yall haven't heard any shit from NAS or any 90s rappers


    BallTalk honestly some rappers from the 90s are overrated from a lyrical standpoint. Yeah he’s not on like big l or bigs level but if we talking lyrically Tupac wasn’t anything special


    romiedahomie nah pac didn’t have a crazy flow but that man was a lyrical genius

  7. DawaKINE

    I can rap like you 😃😂, so after all u 'r my favorite rapper


    I want you in my GTA SA radio

  9. Damon Gibson

    When you find out you can actually rap

  10. deez nuts

    babylte on soundcloud‼️

  11. FNCsteff_ killa13

    Damn this shit is heat my nigga wtf🐍🐍

  12. romiedahomie

    Somebody send this to Eminem

  13. Bigg.Vito

    Trippie can actually rap😱😂

  14. No Name Aye


  15. Isaac Corona

    You can definitely feel a Lil Wayne influence from Tripp on this one. Fire

  16. Tariku Krob

    This flow is fire 🔥

  17. zaillis

    i can hear enimem on this.

  18. Dems Gaming.

    To think they both freestyled is crazy

  19. Wojtek Banach

    Love treppe red

  20. Elijah Shane Wilkins

    Chris king killed this 👑 🔥

  21. xanyissad

    thought king chris come up the one who sound like x

  22. littledon

    I like how trippie kept his day 1s aka Chris rock because look at love scars 2

  23. MakeContent 24

    I gOt wHEre I aM bEing ExacTLy whEre I ArE nIgag

  24. Fn Qbuj

    Only real fans remember the first one

  25. Josip Josić

    underrated, its so sick

  26. Jesus Guerrero

    Quien a la español


    That I wuv trippie redd recording is 🔥


    Trippie is snapping shit 👌🔥🚫🧢

  29. I'mgoat yuh

    Lit as fucking ablume

  30. Mr Duck

    Gives me some 90s rap vibes.

  31. vRemon

    You can tell he is influenced by weezy a lot

  32. Mike Dee

    Stop playin Trippie we knew you had this cold flow

  33. lol

    pole bruh

  34. KEEMIE

    Chris King Blacked on this 😩🤦🏾‍♂️🗣💯

  35. Shammy Boy

    trippie can rap but i hate when hes mumbling . Just stop mumbling start to create hip hop ..

  36. Alan

    In this track, Chris sound like Trippie

  37. Kelvin King

    I recognize the sample but can’t put my finger on it and it’s driving me crazy 🤯

  38. Roblox bart God kid

    Who wins


    Chris: comment

  39. Goofy Nibba

    Lmao this was claimed by UMG

  40. ImTed YT

    Can you rap like trippie?

  41. Exclusive Beats

    Absolutely nobody:
    *I WuV tWiPpIe WeDd*

  42. Exclusive Beats

    **I love Trippie Redd**

  43. Connor Noble

    This is fire💥💥💥far do xx"9

  44. Jesse Ogden

    Chris king rapping like a gangest but sounds like a nerd

  45. kush papi

    Sounds a little to fast if u know what I mean..... Or I could be tripping

  46. Marie Cangy

    Go trippie go trippie yeah

  47. joshua torrez

    fire one of my favorite rappers

  48. joshua torrez


  49. bloò

    songs like this from trippie prove that hes not just another mumbler rapper

  50. Gianna Nikoleit

    This song sounds exactly like Sam (Is Dead) by Odd Future in the beginning


    Bring in the horns

  51. Faze Kid

    Big 14 what the fuck going on

  52. OogwaySama

    The first one is still better, but this one still bangs.

  53. Rawsome Awesome

    Thank god he finally made another rap song

  54. Jahzee Pettiford

    Now this is his true power like a jutsu sign thats fast he rapping

  55. Big Bambino

    I hear lil Wayne the most tbh this shits 🔥

  56. Alex Norikov

    allty4 >> !

  57. Grant Lee

    just realized this gives me infinity (888) by x vibes

  58. marco moves

    Up in coming lil wayne

  59. Retaliate Daizツ

    If his styles of rap were more balanced between this type of rap and “mumble rap” he would be 5x more famous. Or for a more deeper explanation, if he makes more songs like this and cuts done on his current style of rap to balance it out he will become more famous as he will be more respected on both sides of the game. For example Logic, for a long time he was seen as a good lyrical rapper. Then a couple months ago he made Icy with Gucci Mane and it was safe to say it was a mumble song. I like both but it would be helpful for Trippie to get noticed by both sides of the rap game. He is way too talented to let it all go to waste

  60. redd tenations

    this is the purest rap ,

    the very essence of rap .

  61. gavcyaboy 118

    I don't care wt no one says tr is lyrical

  62. Fiiish Stiiick

    Just realize he says then n word 50 yomes

  63. Chancla Man

    Imagine if Cordae was on this

  64. woodskiir25 HD

    chris king fire

  65. Comixareus


  66. Looser Kid

    Her nigga got bars who’s your service provider 😮🔥🔥can’t be the only one who caught that

  67. Jamele Bruner

    Being the rapper I am I can rap like trippie redd.💯

  68. unknown person

    We need an album of Trippie rapping like this.

  69. Luiza Coutinho

    Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog vibes

  70. JozziBug

    We're not worthy

  71. ishie fishieproductions

    trippie redd still sucks odee dick n is pussy chris king the only good part bout this song

    R.i.p juice

    Shut the fuck up

  72. Sir Kachowzaa

    This has to be on 2K

  73. Mike TheGamer

    I’m just gonna say allty4 was so fire and trippie a goat🔥

  74. FudgeTheSin

    just me or did this kinda ruin the old one like it kinda ruined it idk tho

  75. FruTubers

    when part 3 comin out?

  76. TreKa

    I have an eargasm with this🔥

  77. Reach VisioNz

    A nigga got bars who’s your service provider

  78. Oneshot ;[

    King sounds like logic

  79. Cymj

    This beat sound like some cordae shit. Ngl

  80. Mari Ruybal

    Albums lit

  81. Mari Ruybal

    It's hot on there bro

  82. pernada boriusz

    Fuck yeah

  83. Dumb Shit

    This need a YBN Cordae remix

  84. Mark Di Pasquale

    harddddddd assssssss fuckkkkkkk another dope hittttttttttt...✌🏽

  85. Donavin Meeko

    Trippie earned my respect now.

  86. NamaWave

    No hate on trippie redd but i think i killed this beat better

  87. 803METRO

    Im glad we serve the same gvng and u agreed to prove yourself

  88. Goofy Nibba

    Just a god singing his song

  89. Dumpster Baby

    He can rap he just chooses to be ass

  90. Latoya Yates

    Staight gas!!! Nigga spit Fire🔥🤙

  91. Alex Clarke

    Trippieeeeeee lets goooo love this side of u

  92. Plugg 4x

    Stink Face Alert 🚨 1:10

  93. Itsbro Bro

    This flow is fire but beat trash

  94. Space Smoke

    sounds like lil wayne

  95. Stevie Shred