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Trippie Redd Black Magic Comments
  1. Michael Barajas

    This song is rawww af idec

  2. BIG_14

    Best song ever 🔥

  3. Hybrid Shark '

    2020 anyone. Still too 5 best songs🤷🏽‍♂️‼️💕


    Hybrid Shark ' no 🧢

  4. Deez Nuuttz

    How much do you charge for effects for a video?

  5. Gax uses incog

    Dont let the tik tokers get this

  6. Trippie Redd

    An go tell people where you got yo swag🙂🤞🏾

  7. Jovan Ostolaza

    This song is so nice to listen to when your high😂


    Jovan Ostolaza me right now 😁

  8. keYon Webb

    Why this isn’t on Apple Music?

  9. HunniedBand Sey

    My favorite song by him🔥🔥

    Brandon Hernandez

    @BIG_14 good taste 👍

  10. Asher Rodriguez

    “Need a whole lotta cash switch cars like my mood Swings hopin that a nigga don’t crash”

  11. Freezing

    This mans bryan got a free 3mil

  12. Jordan Neal



    Jordan Neal I feel like turning nothing into something

  13. Ashkan Akbari

    Ayy, woke up one day like fuck it
    I feel like turning nothing into something
    Get to sliding on these niggas in a bucket
    Roll down the window on these niggas, get to dumping (Dump)
    I don't fuck with these niggas, Uncle Ruckus
    I just retaliate, fuck repercussions, I'm stunting (Yeah he do that, true)
    Lil' nigga on a pistol, I'm clutching, yeah (Fuck it)
    Lil' nigga know he on a different bracket (Yeah)
    My money stretch long, bitch, Mr. Fantastic (Yeah)
    Known to pull up, nigga, if it's static
    Roll down the window, nigga, get to clapping (Boom)
    Yeah, catch your pussy ass out in traffic
    You lil' niggas always mothafucking lackin' and slackin' (Know we slide)
    Yeah, been fire like a dragon
    Flying carpets in this bitch, nigga like Aladdin (Huh)
    This a Persian rug, and we drunk in love, let's do fucking drugs, yeah (Huh)
    Put my love above, boolin' with the thugs, diamonds in my slugs (Uh, bitch)
    Ayy, sippin' on that d'ussé, uh, shawty do whatever I do say, uh
    Big flexing with your boo thang, uh, yeah I switch cars like my mood swings, woah


    This shit underrated af

  15. Michael Beyer

    Why is this bitch not on Apple Music tf

  16. Primont

    "Good one richard"

    Brandon Hernandez

    A hit, good one Richard, Aye Ricky let her out

  17. Muddy8 4L

    Hardest song.

  18. ECash

    Why this not on Apple Music man


    LilCleanCuts 2 no it’s not

  19. I posted this comment

    this beat fye

  20. Trey Njoroge

    Is it me or does trippie have the best "yeah" ever....?

    Kelly Peacock

    Trey Njoroge no hate towards trippie but x has the best yeah. trippie has the second best yeah

    Trey Njoroge

    @Kelly Peacock I say that because trippie does different things with his. I cant recall X doing anything special with his

    Awais Ahmed

    Kelly Peacock x not that good as trippie

  21. MemesGuy

    “Bryan” the guy who uploaded this video won a giveaway by mr beast comment right here

  22. Y.D.C REGGIE

    Dis song so underrated😓

  23. Michael Beyer

    Why is this banger not on Apple Music. Gmt

  24. Arlette Tafoya

    Trippier at the faze clan house

  25. •Luis• Hernandez

    why isn’t this on apple music

  26. el perro de los simson

    Is official?

  27. Just Me & I

    I can't believe that it's been 12 months since this released, so fast!

  28. evan martin

    the last good song he made

  29. Mr. What

    the webm

  30. bigsci


  31. Ghost Boi

    Isn't that the house from MFKZ?

  32. malyki weddington

    This is my opinion why he woke up in the in the morning to nonthing to something then he showed money so I think he,s talking how rich people just wast money


    malyki weddington I'm too high for this 😭

    malyki weddington

    @bigsci what you mean

  33. moonthegoon

    Why he in the clout house

  34. allan tzalam

    Fav song

  35. Kurtis Hannah

    Yo this is still one of the trippiest music videos out there when on psychedelics,💯


    I watch this while high on DXM.

    Kurtis Hannah

    @bigsci isn't that cough syrup??

  36. Kelen Moore

    I been on some 4s an my head was spinnin aboutta pass out song came on now im hyped up

  37. Ahfended

    drop this on apple

  38. Tribal Killy

    This is way too underrated

  39. AlasadiZ

    He needa drop dis

  40. BanSho

    still one of my fav songs to date

  41. VRFfictions

    One of the best trippie Redd songs yet hands down

  42. VRFfictions

    One of the best trippie Redd songs yet hands down

  43. Stone Crown


    Jumbo Junyay

    Stone Crown ngl thought it was too, grows on ya though

    Stone Crown

    @Jumbo Junyay Nevvvveeeerrrr

    Jumbo Junyay

    Stone Crown biiiiiitch

    Stone Crown

    @Jumbo Junyay I understand small minded muthafuckaz like YOU can only comprehend other small minded bitch nigga shit. Dont act like a bitch on her PERIOD cuz I dont like this WEIRD AZZ FUCC BOY.. I'm sure you'd love to have his dick in ya mouth right now. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Plug azz bitch

  44. PaniK-_-FFA

    got fucked up to this song. 1400🔥

  45. Zulu Nantambu

    aye dude best song he made so far

  46. Jenae Unique


  47. Scythe _ Vaz

    They need this on Spotify

  48. Menuisier Aluminium

    Menace 2 city

  49. Esah980

    Louie should edit more of trippies vids, they’re so good I wanna do that!

  50. Tye Tingvold

    When listen to this when I get baked

  51. Shad 23

    One of the very few new artist I fuck wit

  52. Landin Irvine

    so when they dropping on spotify??

  53. jamar jefferson

    Bruh why isn’t this on Apple Music?🤨

  54. RelaaysFN

    Last video of trippie not as chubby


    So toughhhhhhhhhh

  56. etika

    Anyone 2019??


    I see you everywhere 💀

    Amahri Harper

    etika catch me 2020 dukes


    This my acocunt
    Just using another one hi etika

  57. ethan weaver

    woke up one day like fuck it. I feel like turnin nothin into somethin

    ethan weaver

    also shoutouts to the man bryan

  58. Wesley Carter Edwards

    People like this toxic bullshit? Damn this new generation is fucked. Dont u dumb mfs realize this is sonic mind control from dark forces maniputed by powerful corporate black magicians? Wake up ya fools


    @Trunks !! I know that's why I said listen to the lyrics dumbass and do you hear any references to evil shit or whatever? No he just talks about drugs and money like most rappers. I can understand if this influences people to do drugs and stuff like that but that's just society jumping on trends not sum brainwashing shit lmao.

    Wesley Carter Edwards

    Simple cats be on simple shit and insult the intelligent from their simple bitch brains. Stay in your little average lane boy

    evan martin

    okay mr spiritual so

    Trunks !!

    @KINGDEAD i wanna join them and i will😈😈


    @Trunks !! you're a virgin too.

  59. MC Larouche

    Upload on spotify pls

  60. Rolexmelll Topic

    This is Bobby song💔🖤

  61. RNGC Zyteria

    FaZe House BTW

  62. Zero Games

    Who’s still here 🔥🔥


    Zero Games me


    Trippie why isn't this song on spotify bruh

  64. Kali Yuga

    fav trippie song ever

  65. Isa Arizmendi

    They in the clout house

  66. Javier g4mer

    Trippie should’ve added this to “!”

  67. Vahagn



    I just found this, and this is one of my favorite trippie songs wtf

    Carlos Spence

    ikr this song is catchy af


    Carlos Spence frfr

  69. trey

    this song still slept on ? shit crazy

  70. the dude that does videos

    Huh yeahhhh

  71. TooSlime

    Such a good as song honestly one of the best from trippie wish this heat was on Apple Music though 🥺

  72. kelton harris

    u know where u got it from ummm Biggg fouurteen

  73. kelton harris

    use this as your replay button 0:00

  74. Khap Alot

    he in the clout house

  75. Kelisson_ Lima

    Eu amo o trippie é isso ❣

  76. jazzi p

    mannnn I love the way this mv is edited

  77. Vitali Klichkof


  78. Vitali Klichkof


    David Holley

    you good?

  79. Izoru

    No one:...
    Literally not a single soul:

    Trippie Red:huh YEAHHHHHHH

  80. Zee Freez

    All time favorite Trippie song. Only cause ive never had one of his songs on repeat for so long.

  81. TrippieGhoul

    Why can't it be on spotify

  82. Bitch/ L

    Underrated ass song

  83. Darren Ellerbe

    [BSC] FIRE

  84. Dessi Segura

    Yall are so pathetically dumb asf bruh I cant believe they've succeeded in dumbing this generation down cant yall see that him and all these niggas are satanist???? Their music are going to send yall to hell along with him hes not even a real gangsta he a character they sent out to dumb down the youth bruh open yall eyes!!!

  85. Cheech Fl33k

    I love this song this shit fire af and I know music videos aren't. Not hating but this video is missing one thing and that's like some booty shaking man in the beginning. I'll be like come on director how could you forget that

  86. Kyle F

    Faggot was dancing with cat. Stop doing close ups on your ugly ass face. I swear if I was ugly as shit I wouldn't do close ups on my face in my music videos

  87. firekickz productions

    Faze house

  88. Brandon Cowan

    Mad they moved this from Apple music 😭😭

  89. DtxTony204

    “Woke up one day like fuck it”🔥

  90. Nostxlgia影依ぇ

    bryan= trippie

  91. Mexican gaming

    bruh juss notice they took the vid at the clout house (faze banks house).......

  92. Pokepunk

    please put on Spotify :(

  93. Professor Baffle

    Black magic night
    We've been struck down
    Down in this Hell
    Spells surround me day and night
    Stricken by the force of evil light
    The force of evil light

    Under his spell
    Blinding my eyes
    Twisting my mind
    Fight to resist the evil inside
    Captive of a force of Satan's might
    A force of Satan's might

    Fighting the curse
    Break it I must
    Laughing in sorrow
    Crying in lust

    My strength slips fast
    Soon I must fall
    Victim of fortune
    My sources grow small
    Life slips away
    As demons come forth
    Death takes my hand
    And captures my soul

    ...Oh, sorry! I thought this was a Slayer song.