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Trippie Redd Beat It Comments
  1. InfamousKayee


  2. Hudson Barrow

    Everyone hit up the official trippie discord

  3. Erial Cole

    Swear uzi a rip this sounds like one of his tracks

  4. PreciousTia Love

    Beat it shit is fire 🔥 I love it 🥰 this another banger 💥💥💥💥

  5. grimsgrind

    this shit is explosion blue flames.

  6. zmbvids

    Sonic drowning

  7. zmbvids

    When sonic is under water

  8. VaultDweller

    The beginning flow is the best🔥🔥🔥

  9. Lexi Harris

    My fave off old self 💯🔥

  10. Nikki Ransom

    Beat 🔥

  11. jacob sagmoen

    I seen trippie last night in concert.... best concert I've ever been to... no cap no cap no cap

    Okeythegoat 23

    U haven’t being at la flame 🔥 concert yet 😭

  12. Juan Garcia

    Bezos Bankroll

  13. CrampedLemur8

    The best

  14. -iconic- vGod

    This the best on his old tape 🖤🔥

  15. Bluestrip Boii

    ya niggas Slumpd on Trippie💯💯

  16. Atomistic Zero

    Beat it beat on fire🔥 he was a goat since the beginning

  17. King Finesse

    Yeah trippie shook et 🔥