Trippie Redd - Be Yourself (Kurt Cobain) Freestyle Lyrics

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Trippie Redd Be Yourself (Kurt Cobain) Freestyle Comments
  1. scc

    Trippie: I might put it on a song.
    5 months later: bE yOuRsElF!

  2. Tana Calabaza

    Them glasses😂😂🤭

  3. JuaniManiitoMD

    Freestyle mmmm......

  4. Hollow Man

    ................... Mmmmmm what?

  5. Ryan Lewis

    Wack ass nigga

    Aldo Waldo

    STFU at least i don't listen to a screaming Skittles that snitches on every nigga

  6. Jasmine Raven

    This song was literally my highlight now that I see a freestyle too it made it even better. My say was made today by you trip! Thank you (:

  7. Coco coco ocio coco ococococoocococococococococ

    They come to freestyle on hear then turn it to a actual song maybe becuse they don’t know what to write for a song

  8. WhiteDressedInBlack


  9. WhiteDressedInBlack


  10. Jordan Allen

    Someone needs to stop smoking


  11. YT natuu

    Actually put this on his album 💀💀

  12. Argentina Is Bae

    He going through puberty

  13. Matthew Reid


  14. Agata Warelis


  15. EmoKiddBeaTz _SA

    Nigga be ugly asf 😁

  16. Devin Unlimited

    bro really held this song for 7 months

  17. KTG WOLF

    Here after the song was released?

  18. raider grinds

    Who’s here after the song dropped? 👀

  19. Plugg 4x

    0:13 look at his 14 tat 🔥

  20. Andrew Shako

    So that's where it come from

  21. Sam Sam

    This is on Spotify

    It’s called Be Yourself it’s on the ! Album

  22. last timezz

    That the song on his new album wtf he always using the same lyrics

  23. Mitchell

    Who came back to hear the original when he put it on his album

  24. wizard 1248

    Who’s here after the album

  25. LilKempJetSkii

    Whose here after he dropped “!”?

  26. Rileigh kiss tv J

    Months later be yourself ! Album 🥰🤪

  27. HXD

    Little did we know...

  28. Jose Zavala

    Who here after “!” dropped?

  29. wxrkingz

    Who else has known about this before the song on his album??

  30. XD_KaMiCaZi SNIPES

    Now it’s a song

  31. cuwabb

    Whose here after the album ❗️

  32. Enzo Kinukawa

    this shit became new album song 💗💗💗

  33. Jasmine Ramirez

    Who here from the album?

  34. Glokk Mann

    Who’s here from the album



  35. Nick Mase

    Who’s here after the song be yourself cus it sounded familiar

  36. jackson -

    And he did put it on a song 😂 still sick tho

  37. Izzy.fendi

    2nd song on ! 😎

  38. Ralatch

    He put this song on !, straight heat!

  39. Tammie Scott

    This on his new album

  40. Superduperidk

    Who came here from the album ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  41. LemexTheGreatestVEVO

    This song in the album lol not a freestyle

    Kidd Ghost

    LemexTheGreatestVEVO it started off as a freestyle dumb nigga

  42. Swagger _boyy420

    hope this heat droppin in the « ! » album 👊💥🔥

  43. Lil Purpp

    That -
    *GANG* At the beginning tho sounds like me when I’m bent over the trash can tryna puke

  44. chris perez

    Love this song

  45. LV Car Wash Detailing

    Ouch if he bites his toung

  46. OverFlood

    Imagine licking Your Lips With Those Grillz.

  47. saint 123

    Turn that shit into a song

  48. Gmir Green

    He should drop this as a song

  49. Mario Ibarra

    bruh just realized that shit would hurt if u bit ur tong

  50. Young Savage

    He should make dis into a song no cap

  51. DylanSickWithIt

    He said 👽

  52. IssaNoob 187


  53. game K K

    Trippie bro

  54. Angel Mendez


    Everyone's the same, nigga be yourself
    Y'all need to change me, I need some help
    And I remain the same nigga being myself
    And if you can't, on God nigga kill yourself

    Since a jit I been the motherfuckin' shit dog
    I got them mad, they in they feelings, yeah they pissed off
    I had to go and flood the VVS, the wrist dog
    You better pray to big 14, I'm heaven sent dog
    I don't do Möet, sippin' Rosé and some Crystal
    I get my drank from Rocket, nigga ball like Chris Paul
    I get my cash fast, nigga Sonic Hedgehog
    I shot that bitch 14 times and sped off
    You keep on fucking with the gang I'll knock yo head off
    They thought they ran the fucking game and now they fell off
    You unbelievable nigga just like a dead dog
    You feeling froggy then leave, hop dead frog

    Everyone's the same, nigga be yourself
    Y'all need to change me, I need some help
    And I remain the same nigga being myself
    And if you can't, on God nigga kill yourself

    I spoke to God yesterday and I told him save me
    Think it's the rapture today and I told him take me
    I empty clips on them niggas, don't know 'bout safeties
    I got 'em clitching and shaking like they got rabies
    I'm in that S550, swerving Mercedes
    I liked her picture on the gram, now that bitch my baby

  55. Luthando Gotyana

    This nigga looks like a Disney star who's fallen off

  56. XkidontheinternetX


  57. Brendon Maximus

    Message to Trippie m: Stop smoking brooo. You got a beautiful ass voice, no homo, don’t fck it up

  58. Dinosawr80

    The edits are better than the freestyle

  59. Gelatoez

    I know people usually skip 10 secs and all they heard was


  60. Bentlee Smith

    What does 1400 800 or just14

  61. Vilmer Broegger

    That was trash

  62. uh oh stinky

    Autotune is a bitch

  63. kingjoe_521 hi ninja turtle freestyle

  64. cxl.kaliii


  65. Jake Gordon

    This so good

  66. Jada Fisher

    Trippie needa drop this but can we talk abt how montreality is literally the goat they at least try to get all the artist and u[coming artist out there and I love them for that bc the fact that they were one of the few ppl to get peep makes my heart glo.

  67. SK blaze

    I feel like this is a song he is going to release soon

  68. A cat named Scamper


  69. diiss fable

    Best intro ever "yo what the f*ck going"

  70. Shanelle Warner

    1400 gang for life. Trippie's grillz are everything and I love his chains


    So did he fall off or did ppl forget who he is?

  72. usualguyfrominternet

    Нихуя у него бошка дымится я хуею

  73. Ace123 Mason

    0:04 when I’m at my mates house and his parents aren’t home

    Uncooked Steak

    Ace123 Mason i am actually cringing

  74. ml_ne

    those glasses dont fit him at all

  75. TJ Slaughter


  76. ykm_mason the boss

    Can't take him seriously with those glasses

  77. My_wife left_me__


  78. joe

    trippie looking like a disabled alien

  79. Malaika Thompson

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t even finish the first minute of this💀💀 he could do better

  80. netto._.x

    yo, I'm not sure, is he bloods?

    ma'm I now that he blood but u now me right? he use so fkn red on this video dawg.

  81. Jayden Isaiah

    some one please tell me why my boi trippy got shark teeth 😂

  82. LifeOfLawren

    if his teeth fit good in those grills ... imagine what his real teeth look like smh lmaoo

  83. xL Lain

    I bet he stills feels like Naruto Uchiha

  84. Jaden Pollard

    i used to think trippie can sing

  85. Denayshia Anderson

    He trash bro

  86. babybug 13

    that was savage 😍trippie redd finna blow up!

  87. Jayjeezy

    rap about the same thing all the time no actual talent, listening to this like oh brother

  88. Starla Star


  89. August Kampmann

    Trippie is so weird

  90. Mango chris

    Seen this didn’t think nothing of it came back realizing this song has been leaked for mad long every time he free styles it’s a future song jut like his XXL freestyle

  91. Butter fly

    Trippie looks like the red ninja turtle

  92. Yo Boi

    Honestly FUCK BLOOD CuZ

  93. Kyre Fisher

    Duck you tr

  94. Alysa Martinez

    Montreality is the only source to go to. Yerd 💗

    Ricardo Gonzalez

    Trippy the goat

    Jeremiah Braswell

    that was a freestyle

    Acid Rap

    just turned this freestlye into a song


    that was strong ass fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 you should do smokepurpp he is real 🔥🔥🔥