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Trippie Redd Apply The Pressure Comments
  1. Recnac Turtle1661

    Wish it was on spotify..

  2. Derek McCrickard


  3. Brandon Brooks

    No cap i fw the energy he got in this song

  4. Seth Padin

    But some of the songs are pretty🔥🔥

  5. Seth Padin

    This was on his soundcloud when we was like 14-16 somewhere around there, either he posted this or somebody who recorded the songs

    Brandon Brooks

    he released a whole mixtape of his old music, he posted about it himself

  6. Itwuzluckk

    Y does it remind me of limp bizkit keep rollin type shit 😂

  7. DEM Project

    Is trippie going downhill?

    DEM Project

    Damn I thought this shit was new


    @DEM Project this "shit" better than his new music bro, fr fr.


    Styzy facts


    @Styzy yeah

    Roger Singh

    Styzy cap

  8. Atomistic Zero

    Soundin like Swae Lee🔥🔥

  9. kai_town420

    7th like😀😁

  10. Zac Made Media

    Bro out sounding like a 12 year old swae lee/treez lowkey hybrid lol