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Trippie Redd 6 Kiss Comments
  1. w33d and gr33t

    i love iyt


    This hook is perfect

  3. Negao sFs

    Olha essa track,se fude :fire:

  4. Akeem Thomas


  5. DripEscalade

    Tik tok is starting to ruin this song 🤢

  6. Naumovski __

    anyone notice the sharingan sound

  7. Kam

    this video like when u take acid and smoke weed o_O

  8. YO II

    i like this song but the lyrics are disgustingly sexist tho


    Do what ever i want dont give ah fuck living my life uhhuh uhhuh


    Dont got no opps they stay inside bc they scared of my guns


    Where’s the vocal or text shoutout to Sailor Moon in the song? Give credit for the opening sounds that are from that show. As soon as this song started I was like, “That’s Sailor Moon!” I don’t know why the little girl was crediting this artist for Sailor Moon’s sounds. She should have said, “I love Sailor Moon” in the beginning.

  12. Lyrical Irvin 999 Gang Forever


  13. idlebroken

    R.i.p. juice
    R.i.p. xxxtentacion
    R.i.p peep
    R.i.p mac Miller
    Free melly


    idlebroken R.i.p Nipsey

  14. Decro 77

    RIP X
    Free Melly

    I can feel Trippies feeling. Its terrible. We all wish you wont be next. Also same for Ski Mask. Lost his friends, X and Juice...

  15. WRLD

    Keep yourself safe plz! We can’t lose more 4real😫

  16. Titon's World

    When it said "I love Trippie Redd" I figured out that that is Trippie without auto tune. Lol just kidding I fucking love you homie.

  17. Los Angeles CA

    “Cuz we live that fucking TRIPLE 6 (666) life”
    What the fuck are we listening to

  18. Theofilus Yoge

    lagu muelek

  19. Abee Cervantes

    If Trippie made this song alone it would be 🔥

  20. Joseph Vernon

    Everybody knows this song and it only got 10 million??

  21. Slim

    Free melly

  22. Kakashi Hatake

    I had way higher expectations of this song but it was straight trash not a diss to anyone on the song but this song was straight Doo Doo water

  23. cesar cruz

    Imagine a song with Trippie,Juice wrld and X🔥

  24. A R

    This song is slept on ‼️‼️💯💯

    D R

    It's garbage asf fym 😂

    A R

    D R you’re garbage ✌🏼🚮

  25. kevinFTW

    why dose tr look like he has boobs

  26. phantomx6

    Pls trippie redd stay safe we need you alive

  27. Leith Alali

    Trippie has been through the worst man.first it’s his bro and then it’s da homie jadseh and now this

  28. Oth Gaming

    In the summer time

  29. Nett

    Miss juice wrl d lit always my favorit

  30. Calum Sharratt

    Won't look at the past, it's behind us
    Falling in a bottomless pit, find us
    Life is a purge, sound all the sirens <3

  31. cart2140 cart2140

    trippie Redd sounds like Ynw melly unbelievable

  32. FuZe ツ

    People we lost:
    lil peep

    Legends who are still with us:
    Trippie redd
    YNW Melly

    We really don’t want to lose the last 2 😖😖😖😖😖
    Plz don’t let that happen 😭😭😭

  33. Cleide Quirino

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 mi brasilian🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  34. Melody Cabrera

    If you ever wanna see Trippie in concert do so best experience. He puts on one hell of a show❤️1400 forever

  35. Alyanna Manzo

    I can’t wit this song it’s sooo good and it’s a shame that one legend is gone one is locked up and a other one is just going through life😣

  36. Lit Vibezz

    Why did Trippie go in so hard 😬🔥🔥🔥

  37. Plank Man

    One time for my high buddies☀️☀️

  38. ᴅᴏᴍɪɴɪx

    Juice part need to be longer than mellys

  39. Daniel the Immigrant


  40. Trinkets Delight

    And that's the name of the game. Murder

  41. zgoatz

    I only play juice wrld part 😭

  42. Whoaaa Yooo

    Juice: “Make your wife my slut”
    Melly: “She swallowed my kids”
    Trippie: “It’s cold in the Summer Time”

  43. ASTROBOYproductions

    😔💔 we miss u juice!! Fuck man ..

  44. Thor Funder

    1:15 🤮 get ynw melly out lmao he’s good but not in this song

  45. Stephanie Spencer


  46. Scrubza HD

    mellys verse got me 💔😔

  47. King Trevon

    Only here for juice rip

  48. David Bao

    Holay melly transition to trippie is art.

  49. ks ks

    Can’t stop replaying this song tbh

  50. ks ks

    I miss Juice Wrld😔🖤

  51. Official Yvng Hollywood

    Clicked for juice stayed for trippie and melly R.I.P Juice 💔

  52. colton hastings

    I miss talking to juice, he's the only famous person who would text you back, I'm make it big for you homie,Rest easy my brother, I won't forget you

  53. Onna Berry

    Good song but I need to speak with who ever made this bookie ahh repetitive video

  54. Imaniidoll

    This looks like a bad acid trip 😭🤣

  55. Zach Fuchs


  56. oi bruv

    Im looking for lil b cuh not this

  57. Deluxe Gamesters

    RIP Juice WRLD

  58. King Trevon

    The solo version of juice is 1000 better

  59. Jay Morris

    JuiceWRLDs’ verse sounded like the dopest fucking hook until I realized it was his verse.

  60. tiktokmemes

    Juice isn't dead if he's not forgotten
    Never forget Juice❤

  61. Lucas ZZzz


  62. Are you feelin it now Mr. Krabs

    this actully juice's last song he released before dying


    Well it's not his, it's trippie's

    Are you feelin it now Mr. Krabs

    Coezi features count asshole

  63. Tyshaun Spencer

    This is 🔥🔥🔥

  64. Coop3r_G4rner_ _

    Juice slaaaaaaaaapped
    AHHHHHHH it sucks so much know 😞

  65. Aalliyah Arguello

    Free melly 🎯💯

  66. Wadu

    Am i the only one who thinks Melly’s lead in from juice flows great

  67. John John

    *JUICE INTRO BEAUTIFUL* don’t @ me.

  68. Walter White

    I am white

  69. Mike Franko fishing

    I whuve Trippie redd

  70. Wi11 Power


  71. Ribby priest

    Don't mean to be rude but trippie sound like his nose full of snot

  72. Jeremiyah Espinoza

    Who ever disliked the song dose not know what good music sounds like 🖕💔

  73. John MangO

    fuck melly. rip juice

  74. Benedict Dubaciu

    This song is too much, it makes me cry and isn't ok😢

  75. Funky Kong // Mashups!

    #FreeMelly #RipJuiceWrld #TrippieLastHope

  76. Skomantas Mikelionis

    this shit slaps

  77. T3oh Lee

    I got a new track out if you wanna hear sum heat check my channel 🔥🎵more music otw

  78. Zeesham Khan

    Like if miss juice wrld

  79. taichi panda paplet

    1400 999 young nîgga WRLD only true fans knows this

  80. Bethany Kulp'Glover

    How you pussy but u never bin in one 😂😂

  81. JoekPlays

    *RIP* *THE* *BEST* *RAPPER* *EVER* 🎶❤💔

  82. Jeremy Hill

    Feb 17th 2020 still a legends free melly rip juice wrld , keep doing ya thing Trippie

  83. lil g gcode

    This song is timeless..................🔥👍🔥👍🔥🔥🔥

  84. HYf3r

    great songs don't have hooks

  85. Yung MJ

    "Wont look at the past,its behind us"😥

  86. Platinum T

    Im from the future. Trippie Redd died in March.

    Rest In Peace to Trippie. A tragic way to go out.

  87. 21 Savage

    trAsh aasf

  88. Lantz 999

    Lowkey I love Juice and Trippies part

  89. sub to me for no reason

    Fucks with it

  90. DrvxX

    how else feel sad for Trippie

    RIP Juice , Free Melly

  91. Baby Girl Chloe

    Protect trippie at all costs, we cant lose him!

  92. LLJ gtmedamoon

    Rest easy bro we miss you💔