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Trippie Redd ! Comments
  1. Jordan Adewale

    This is for 6ixnine

  2. Fame

    He kills people the color of the rainbow yo

  3. 2K_GOAT

    Mom can we get play-doe
    Mom:Timmy we already have play-for
    Play-doe at home

  4. luxury obsession

    Shout out to my cousin bleep r. AKA redd rum.

  5. Oh shit it’s mr weedman

    Bruh moment

  6. yeetme20 5

    This song about 6ix9ine

  7. Hayden Stump

    This song was kinda meh

  8. Dipz FN

    My ears are going ↙️↘️➡️⬅️↙️↘️➡️⬆️↖️↘️➡️

  9. The Double Face

    The beginning of the song deadass sound like wokeuplikethis from playboi carti

  10. Slime Chief

    I wonder if he listens to 03greedo lmfao...

  11. iamrocketfn

    this song is ass

  12. Jayz 503

    The song is fire no cap but the vid is weird🤢

  13. SleeT_Zordzyz

    Yo when’s English version coming out?

  14. UZI SOLO


  15. Sam Sam

    When 69 gets out 1:16

  16. CTM _

    The quiet kid when he finds the people who asked for his lunch money:

  17. miguel plata

    bruh i just realized that shit has 9669 on it crazy

  18. Galactic Mii

    69:snitchgang ish writing statements. Trippie redd :listen to this video

  19. Garlic Bread198

    All these dislikes are parents that hate violence

  20. Trey Burke Racing

    So can someone explain what the video is about? Like the irl meaning

    the fiend

    He wants to kill 6ix9ine because 6ix9ine snitch on him

  21. ii_Kvng_ish_ii

    First comethazine made a song about threats to 69 (find him) now trippie made one
    He finna be shot as soon he step out the prison 🤣

  22. Jack LaCroix

    You da best 4 real

  23. Muhammad Richards

    Grinch balls

  24. Muhammad Richards

    Harde track

  25. Insta Sour

    On the jump suit grinch the number is 9669

  26. sno

    bruh this was a reference to tekashi?? pls let me know cuz the snitch had 9669 as the inmate tag soooo... pls let me kno

  27. HeyIts Logan

    This is disturbing but fire

  28. Mr Swollentip

    If you’re in a gang you’re cool 😎 trippie redd and 69 said so 👍

  29. Mr Swollentip

    So trippie is that crack head thing killing everyone ?

  30. Saige Bergstrom

    I only like this song because of this video lmao

  31. Zackery Kennedy

    The phone booth has “billy” spray painted on it, which is one of 69’s songs

  32. Robin' Your Hood

    Beat hard, but all this yelling ain't making the track any better.

  33. Laviolette Gael


  34. Tristan Massie

    “I was outside being bad with the grinch”

  35. Dinis Fernandes

    I love this song

  36. Max Payne

    3rd time... 3 the holy trinity... She will pass she will be taken up before God... If she chooses to keep defying Gods wishes after that... She will not return... Point blank period... No Mercy......... 🙏

  37. Max Payne

    He we go........

  38. Max Payne

    Yeah he sure is the grinch that stole Christmas, because he just wants to continue to drag this out and make everybody suffer because he refuses to face the fucking truth smh. CAN'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE!

  39. Brandon Shelton

    Guess that was snitch9😈

  40. Max Payne

    Hey bro serious question?... Is it ok to pick a fight with somebody that your unmatched against and then when your getting your ass kicked by them turn around and put all the blame on them because you don't like the outcome of picking a fight with somebody your unmatched against?... I'm sorry I'm not taking the blame for this Scumbags terrible ass decision. How is it MY FAULT he picked a fight with somebody he's unmatched against?... Exactly foh.

    lord of gang frogs

    What are you talking bout?

    Max Payne

    @lord of gang frogs Mind ur tea. 🍵🍵🍵

  41. DopeGhost

    1:11 💙

  42. Eli Burger

    It’s funny cause Trippie isn’t gonna do shit

  43. Evan D gaming

    Ay yo pierre, you wanna come out here, 1:35

  44. avacado leahy

    my teacher was playing music while we a
    we’re doing art and this came up while she left the room

  45. Traquan Valentine

    This beat tho l

  46. TR Clapzz

    Beat go crazy

  47. Ahr

    2020 January 69 alive

  48. Eddie Figueroa

    Trippie redd Trassh !!!!! He aint bout Shit

  49. MrMeatballMan

    new robot chicken episode featuring trippie redd

  50. * warriorwolfs * • quit life •


  51. 21Baskets J

    me in ww3

  52. Soft Himiko

    Trippie you should make robot chickens

  53. Landon Arnold

    Who here at 6.9 mil views

  54. James Polk

    i wanted the video to keep going and for him to wack more fools.

  55. Dikey Bomy

    I like this song

  56. JD x Scorpion

    Like if straight

  57. BTG

    For anyone that needs to read it. TRIPPIE REDD IS NOT ABOUT THIS LIFE

  58. Lil Dick

    RIP the rat

  59. Luca ツ

    this currently has 6.9M views

  60. Rudolph Maurizi

    If you look at the guy talking to the cops, his shirt has "9669" which could reference 6ix9ine snitchin

  61. Cliffy B

    Song and video concept FIRE

  62. Håkon

    Snitches prison garb #9669

  63. AmeliaFlynn 1

    69 gonna go missing one day

  64. Brian St.bernard

    Child god I'll send yo ass to heaven

  65. I noscoped JFK

    Yo Pierre you wanna come out here?

  66. Joseph houston

    Follo0w Mario Belaire

  67. Corey Locklear

    Love this trippy

  68. SSS CA

    Trippie we get you, your sarcasm is a bit 2mush

  69. thegodforlife Lucas

    If trippe got jail 69 snitched

  70. Ladi Dadi 013

    Trippie Redd♥️♥️♥️ 6ix9ine💀

  71. PATRIK * Game


  72. switcheezy

    The clay animation goes perfect with the song

  73. Gods Angel14


  74. Gods Angel14


  75. Emmanuel Hamilton

    6.9 million views 😂🤣

  76. Paradize

    This is the 69 diss the grinch has 9669 on his uniform

  77. Wiz Conway

    I’ll kill my brother if he snitch is he talking about 69 😂

  78. Yeet God

    Here before 69 dies LMAOOOOOO

  79. Gabriella Valdes

    Gumby gone gangsta

  80. Gamer 1000

    This is a dope song

  81. Nika Ejo

    Why do I feel like this is about 69 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  82. Caleb johnson

    Would yall have the guts to kill ur fam if they snitch 👀👀

  83. FrostyFire Rmg

    I bet right when Tk69 gets out he gon' be dead

  84. Jonathan Hannigan

    It's official six nine is official rat

  85. Jin Daboi

    trash asf😂😂😂

  86. EMHSA ́

    Who's here at 6.9 mil views? 😆😁😆

  87. liljjdabeast clout

    This goes hard with air pods

  88. Carlos manuel Diaz menacho

    Caramba eskett

  89. Adam Ben

    6.9 millions views 👁

  90. 1.000 Subscriptions Before Death

    I'm sure that he will be sit quietly when 69 comes out of jail

  91. Mr meme

    Robot chicken

  92. ProdBySwifty


    The stale play-dough at 3am: