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Triple One Valentine Kid Comments
  1. Adorable taco

    theres sush high vibrations in this song, forreal a huge catalyst for the planetary awakening <3

  2. Santi boo Manualidades faciles

    ah alguken leyendo esto? like si estas leyendo

  3. William Gilpin

    Bomb drops straight deadly

  4. Joel Schembri

    How have triple one not blown up massively yet they are so fucking good

  5. austin bergman

    Triple one is so slept on it’s crazy

  6. Finn Parrant

    damn marty had a solid verse on here and showoff. obi has had alot of really good verses like on redline reaper and sure. but on here its not his best imo. dijon is always on point except for maybe snake bite betty.

  7. 410merc

    about to blow up

  8. Jiří Matějů

    Fakin clean vibe ❤

  9. Premium Reviews

    Obi murked this beat mate

  10. Decaying Retard

    They need to come to America

  11. azul nelson

    I love this song

  12. Japp Kul

    Nobody has a harder entrance on a track than old mate Marty

  13. AZR SteelcityMC

    This is dope az fuck boyz 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    this group is Australian correct?

  15. ameliap0ndd

    such a refreshing addition to aus hip hop scene

  16. Btraylz 1

    Dope AF 💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Matt C

    Yall deserve more clout

  18. sezeritosss

    Damnn like it sick flow🔥

  19. Yer Boi

    Blow tf up already

  20. kevin jones

    On god never heard of u guys but when spotify put u guys on i was in love with u guyes music

  21. dingo gaming

    Mexican jesus lookin like mexican peep now

  22. JOA 3

    Tremenda rola 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Gabriel Braga

    Estes caras são muito bons puta merda bixo ... BR porraaaa ! #17

  24. girl nextdoor

    i wanna draw something for you guys, this fucks

  25. Andrew

    It's like all my favorite rappers style in combination, y'all are killing it fr

  26. BillyTheKidd 19

    You guys are fucking fire, I cant believe I only just found you guys! like how is that possible, I found you guys on your 'Wildfire' track with ChillinIt and MitchosDaMenace, I will keep track of you guys now my brutha's :)

  27. Peruna Epa

    So underrated

  28. GabberTeezy

    this is a fucking masterpiece

  29. Oliver

    Straight good music

  30. brodyscooters3

    Who is the guy with the long hair? I swear I've seen him walking around

  31. JasminePolitely

    Music video credit?!

  32. AyeJamJr

    Is the dude in yellow the one who makes the beats or something?

  33. Maks Bulicz

    jacy piękni !

  34. CrispyKr3me

    These boys giving me mad Brockhampton vibes ay

  35. Mack

    This is fucking dope. Please make more merch

  36. Kobe Sad boy


  37. JackIsaacQ

    Wish I. Could like. This twice its goes hard as fuckk

  38. Lea

    You’re so underrated. You will blow up soon. I know it.

  39. Josh Beck

    everyone wants to rap

  40. SgtBeav3

    its crazy how well all of your voices compliment each others so well, keep these bangers comin boys

  41. Matthew Shepherd

    Pratten park!

  42. Mrpr0methus

    You guys are everything.

  43. Cetraphal

    Why does he continuosly remind me of BONES? You know who im talking about.

  44. Konrad Buda

    i love this!!!!

  45. Sagittarius Cloudplague

    that hook melody sounds like something i heard..some ideas? : )

  46. Dragon Boy$

    Dragon boy$ ft. Triple One

  47. Ant R

    He lost weight, haha looks different but looks good compared to the autumn collection video lol

  48. Nouvelle Planète Gang


  49. TKT Ashes

    Love them, just found them and they're great. However is it just me or do they look nothing like anyones vision of what they would look like. Their looks and dope ass music just clashes with me and it's hilarious

  50. killer_plague the_after_math

    Triple one helps me through suicidal times I love you guys

  51. Harry Blotter aka 21 Sandwich aka Morphin mc

    I want this cap

  52. Wisko M

    I love how they mention Angus Young and Bon Scott...AC/DC ⚡

  53. Ubik Ubik

    I love your music. Please don't stop producing. Triple One is literally the sickest band of our days ❤ ps Wanna go to 'Stralla now. Pps Mac 11 pack a punch

  54. Ezra Gingerich

    How isn't this wayyyy bigger? fr

  55. Joseph Cash

    I don't think I've ever heard a bad song by yall

  56. Sharon Coronel

    Argentinian present!

  57. Miguel Der Mensch

    Hard one again, love it.
    i´ll miss Phantom´s hair ;c

  58. Vitor Cavalcanti

    Caralho mano, é o Tiririca

  59. gab

    i miss his hair

  60. Anais Eve

    killer track <3

  61. Anais Eve


  62. deqa

    Tie my laces throw dirty up on you basics
    Obi Ill Terrors got more kick than mac 11s
    I'm filthy with it spit raw meat on a vegan, villain
    Come correct or get neck snapped, I need to feel it

  63. Cassius Felix

    Triple one ☝️ Let’s Get High

    Cassius Felix

    I Luv This Guys So Much

  64. itsmacjames

    kool vid tho

  65. D A N S S

    O N R E P E A T . . .

  66. J R

    The like/dislike ratio is literally 1000 to 1

  67. Robert Paulson

    fuck you sound so good

  68. zalgo


  69. lileone1228

    I know this is a sample of a oldie I know. Does anyone know whats the sample?

  70. Gabriel Larock

    Hopefully The New Album Gets Uploaded to Youtube Today!

  71. Vladislav Vasilyev

    Band, fans, please, more activity in socials. I do not see, I do not hear you, guys.
    You awesome, but you stand on one place in socials medias.
    Greeting from Russia. We, i am, hope we soon seeing on youres concerts.

    Youres music gives me mush powerfull energy! Thx!

  72. Skrim da Cherry

    So underrated I love these guys so much, shout out my boy Mexican jesus also thanks to the boys for liking my post

  73. Blakeeboy2000

    rip peep

  74. C'REAL

    Moustache Gang

  75. daz

    loving the visuals

  76. Lilsedative

    Can someone make an instrumental this shits dope asf

  77. KOST WON adelaide cone smasher

    Goes hard!

  78. Hugh Dweek

    lovely flow,damn i'm so happy tat i found you guys! Amazing music!

  79. Bobby SixPack

    So happy you make music!!!

  80. Tzohx

    keep up the amazing work

  81. Bobby SixPack

    FROM CANADA!!! Fuck with you heavy! BLES, and Thank you for the tunes!! :)

  82. liczba liczba

    This is so cool like sooo coool

  83. Freitas едва


  84. Marv Nezzii

    2:05 best fucking part, listen to this song on repeat so many times

  85. P3SKY

    I love this song <3


    i can listen to this my whole life

  87. Clinton Glenn

    Shit goes so hard

  88. Costain

    Asian lil Peep LMAO

  89. Swagmite 3000

    Let me guess
    these guys are from New Zealand

  90. Robert Josipovich

    ME : " boredom . . . I have already seen all the masterpieces on YouTube . . . "
    Triple One : " hold my beer "

  91. redanarchy baby

    Love yall xx

  92. ДЖИЗИ

    Respect from Russia

  93. Inryoku

    I love you guys <3. instant favorite

  94. domis ayy

    Where are they from?

  95. FouxeN

    china numer 1

  96. Dantes Inferno

    Y’all need more recognition I’ve been fucking with you guys for a minute and I love all of you!

  97. TrentDogg7

    Somebody comment lyrics please lol