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Triple One Tarlo Comments
  1. Batn'Bunny

    Aussie Japan expat. Thanks for bringing me home ❤️

  2. Superdupertys

    just discovered these guys... this is incredible. genius

  3. Nick Mango

    Yup 😎

  4. Nah, I'm good.

    Where's the sample from??

  5. TheACEOne23Official


  6. Ryan B

    Is this sticky fingers in an alternate universe?

  7. thebøifromspace

    Im so so fucking unbelievably proud, Phenomenal and quality music that represents the real artists in our city, got me emotional

  8. ShuffleToExpresss

    This is beautiful

  9. Jeremy Ulfohn

    Song is great, chorus is masterful, rapping is shit. The band should high key fire the rapper.

  10. Benzo B-GRIM B23 ODD1

    Bumping triple one from Del Norte Colorado 719 Thanksgiving day.

  11. Nathan Grey


  12. Mayne One

    This is my number one song btw lol #tripleonegohard

  13. Mayne One

    The location looks like it's around Arimdale to Tenterfield area lol

  14. Valentina Cracchiolo

    it hits me right in the heart

    “it’ll never be the same
    i’m waiting for the rain”

    i can’t be the only one. it’s so emotional and idk why

  15. Shirley Ivey

    me and my boyfriend be jamming this song 24/7

  16. Ghost

    it gets better every time

  17. Michael L

    So damn smooth!

  18. rhy_boy1

    I discovered this like a day ago.... this is my fav song now.....
    I’m glad you bois are on tripple j unearthed at least.

    Fuck this shit is good.


    I love this song❤

  20. Jesus

    I listen to you from Spain. Nice!

  21. Just Vincent

    I love triple one so much ☠️

  22. cockroachafro

    Beautiful southern tablelands scenery! Martys probably rocking the first polo the area has seen too...

  23. Thomas Stewart

    these lads got the cypher fire , fans till I die these artist got some serious music that's being made

  24. Rannoch

    Last verse is *HOT*

  25. Martin Naxera

    still on a fucking repeat, legendary

  26. Niall Proctor

    how does this not have a mill yet

  27. Joseph Martinez

    what the Frick. how the check do people not know about this amazingggggg group?? The US needs this

  28. Sus Smith

    This song has made me ball my eyes out more than I'd care to admit. I love it.

  29. Sol

    number one romancer then treat you like cancer

  30. Homo sexuaali

    This shit is lit af🔥

  31. Tyler Jensen

    Obi looks like a werewolf guy :)

  32. Ghost Girll

    Marty made this song luv ya

  33. Lucai x

    The Dickies go hard

  34. grim truth

    Am i the only one sitting back stoned as thinking this vid is halarious? Haha sick song tho

    Luke Robson

    The zoom-in on the tyre gets me every time! 😂

  35. daniel lima

    I miss Australia a lot when I listen this track, I can't wait for be back

  36. Jayce Constant

    the evolution is unreal

  37. Cherios

    Dijon is actually Neel kolhatak he just dyed part of his hair blonde lmao

  38. Adambh_

    Wtf these cunts are underrated as fuck

  39. Erel

    The guy that sings the chorus straight up Aussie version of post

  40. Michael French


  41. Brett Postle

    Still one of my favourite songs I find it really hard to believe that Triple One isn’t #1 in AUS

  42. Lee Rodgers

    Country bumpkin hip hop. But I’m feelin it!

  43. Deine mutter liebt mich

    Please come to sweden :((

  44. jay m

    Lovin these guys! I get you're a bunch of trippers, but why the pink dress at 1:19-1:21? Cheers for the tunes

  45. knxght

    When's their next tour

  46. ssshh

    Before 1 mln

  47. TheRealGetrad

    eaisly on my 1000th listen of this song since it came out, fuck hell boys i love this shit

  48. Abraham Khan

    much love from oklahoma

  49. jay m

    Been looking for something fresh, trying to move on from 1990-2010, you got me Lads! Cheers

  50. Alex Alfaro

    What is Tarlo?

  51. Adam Široký

    🥰🥰top song

  52. KingKiller Monk

    Really good. Respect from Columbus Ohio.

  53. Tanner Russell

    I listened to this on triple J and fell in love immediately. Love from Queensland bros ❤️

  54. Mark Causby

    Fuck the 86 dislikes

  55. ssshh

    From italy!!!!

  56. rory williams

    This beat slaps hard at

  57. Paios


  58. Aussie Booga

    The chess game is wrong lads. You don't knock the king over.

  59. Amy Millington

    Wait... This isn't over a million yet. Those poor people who don't know triple one.

  60. Sam Perrot

    The video is shit but the song is so good

  61. Aaron Reynen

    Anyone disliking must have a boring life , such an awesome song

  62. Swayne

    Love from France! I love your songs

  63. Molly Faull

    tripen one was what got mje into hip hip thesed ude chbaged my ,ifr frfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrf



  64. Acrilique PRIME

    Europe love toi so much bros ^^

  65. Acrilique PRIME

    Absolutely immortal

  66. Bella Meer

    This is a masterpiece

  67. Btraylz 1

    This is Fly As Fk ,Go Carrrnttzz

  68. Seth Wellington

    this shit lit love it

  69. Chef Jones

    'We can remain dancer out here on the sandust number 1 romancer they treat you like cancer' dooooppppeee

  70. x826stlx ____

    The 84 haters can go fuck they selves.. Real ones know bout that triple one

  71. JT TV

    Somehow only just found you guys the other week. Been giving my neighbors and people in traffic a good sample of your work ever since! Much love from NC, USA

  72. michael

    Added this song to my saved songs on spotify and spent about 3 days listening thru music till I heard it again and had on repeat till I memorised the name

  73. Lorna Derek

    I want to make love with this song, then marry her and having kids and being happy till death and even after.

  74. Caitie Mark

    Pretty good for auzzie rap

  75. Chadd Davis

    This is such a chillin vibe love it 🤙🤙 cant get away from this song mad love straight from where i think yous are from correct me if im wrong. Australia!! gotta love living here 😃
    Ps love ya work with chillinit

  76. Kenny

    Greetings from Germany !🕊🕊

  77. Ash Cole

    Man this shit made my day aye

  78. ibby guy

    Mad track dudes

  79. scarnonkent

    #4 in my hottest 100 vote. huge song. 2019 is going to be bullshit for you boys. much love

  80. Karma

    make more like this

  81. scott hutchison

    The only subscription I've got 😎

  82. jamie parmenter

    How is this song so underrated, should have at least a mil by now. Absolute fucking banger, love you guys


    legit facts man. like what the fuck. they're so damn good and have so much potential yet noone seems to be picking them up.. its only a matter of time.

  83. Bam Hairfurst

    Love from the UK, you guys deserve to be so much bigger!

  84. eratik oz solo

    yeeehaaaa aussie music in good hands

  85. Fred Müller

    most underrated

  86. Nicholas Damit

    How has this group not blown up yet

  87. Dansken 099

    The best song imo , keep on doing this triple one! <33

  88. 4 ohm

    support from Switzerland!

  89. sezeritosss

    Pfff this is fcking sick🔥

  90. Ben R

    I would love to make music with all of you in fro. colorado represent

  91. Ben R

    this is flame homie. shout out triple ONE

  92. Jackson Crane

    This beat bangs, the video is funny, and you guys smash it. Lovin it!

  93. andg_rodg _4_real

    Can someone pls tell me what edm song they sampled??

  94. Scenic

    Go harder then 90 bms