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Triple One Sure. Comments
  1. ShuffleToExpresss

    Such an amazing combination of talent

  2. Kiana Norfolk

    I'm a simple person, I see triple one, I click 🖤

  3. Mad Lad

    Come to the US

  4. Saharahahaaa

    This song makes me feel so many things 💕

  5. dampsvinet

    This song is out of control

  6. Shelby Walker

    who knows the meaning to this song??? love it

  7. Daniela Almeida

    Muito orgulho de vcs

  8. wight

    jesus will forever be my jesus even if he has short hair. short haired jesus ❤️

  9. Mitchell Gough

    Neel Kolhatkar spitting bars

  10. Brian Stancato

    Not Rock!

  11. BriBri Bri

    i love you guys so much. this is amazing.

  12. days


  13. Stevlyn Hendrix-nepia

    Fk this planet if ya'll dont blow up ima lose ma nut, kinda hope ya dont tho hah 😏😎👌

  14. IamTheBahe

    Why you guys remove That's My Money video? I liked it.

  15. Sean O'Reilly

    I love this so much 💖 From New Zealand 👌

  16. Mad Lad

    10/10 would fucking recommend

  17. Josh Bryant

    I’ve been listening to triple one for a few years now and they’ve only gotten better 🤙🏻

  18. xzjcv57

    Love from belgium

  19. vicc

    my fav band

  20. Dakota Compton

    I need triple one in my life, can i come hang out? i don't need my current life, i need to live another.

  21. Luke Robson

    I don't wanna die without a triple one requiem...

  22. Ross Kinkade

    Come to the USA? Or Canada atleast please :)

  23. BunnyTrailPro

    sitting here on friday june 7th 2019 in deltona florida of the united states of america ive been listeneing to this song on repeat for the better part of an hour ive gone through so many growing points so many ups and downs in the past years since oct 31 2017 clicking this cong and listeing to it thinking about life, this is the point in my journey of life at 27 born 1992 jan 1 that i cody drown ebunnie decide to go onto embrace my attempt at serious music you guys inspired me thank you. now after typing this scomment i am going replay this song one more time and go to sleep and start my destiny tommarow.

    i love you all, and love is the one tru god
    one love my peoples

  24. Elijah Mac

    Australia’s very own SuicideBoys ... Check my page. Going to do a reaction tomorrow 🤜🤜🤜👌👌🔥

  25. Der Star

    Pumpin this track from somewhere in Germany. Wish I could see you live one day.

  26. FuzZ360DUBS i


  27. trevor f

    is there a mountainous region in Australia? just curious
    I know places like Texas consider a hill a mountain... fk yall Texans


    not really aside from the blue mountains

  28. Snowyy

    Five down in ethanol
    I found the irreplaceable
    My how you got me all aboard
    Cause I don't wanna die without a rosebud burial
    Five down in ethanol
    I found the irreplaceable
    My how you got me all aboard
    Cause I don't wanna die without a rosebud burial

    Stained axe gon' break that icy floor
    I fly so high my wings are torn
    I wage my life before the war
    I fly so high I hit the floor

    I'm of a new breed, I'm of a new seed
    Imma break down what they taught me
    And Imma write 16s till I'm 40
    And my son bangs head with the Lord please
    Life gon' end like a fuck you
    So I don't waste my time with the who knew
    What if she said, what if he did
    What it could be, what I am now cause
    I way overdo it, I move in a unit
    With 3 triple ones and a V and B
    I'm off my shit like it's C and K
    Lips on liquor, no fucking outs
    I'm a beast with a sucker sound
    Gun in mouth, loaded round
    Global burn, battleground and I
    I sit and reflect
    I stay dying to eat with a chain on my neck
    Slip-not for the faint of the heart
    Or the failing effect I keep saying it again
    Yo we tryna get in
    See me banging the walls like I'm bringing a bat in
    Why you tryna pretend
    Like we ever just been just a part of the planning

    Like we ever just been just a part of the planning
    I don't wanna die without a rosebud burial

    Five down in ethanol
    I found the irreplaceable
    My how you got me all aboard
    Cause I don't wanna die without a rosebud burial

    I don't wanna die without a rosebud burial
    I don't wanna die without a rosebud

  29. yonekoBByeah

    this one is dope! I thought they will be playing at the Big Pineapple Music Festival :D

  30. No One

    COME TO NZ!!! <3

  31. KOST WON adelaide cone smasher

    Marty Marty Marty

  32. Silver n Black Cat

    That hook is deeeeppp! Much love from Canada 🇨🇦

    Ryan Berneche

    i thought i was the only one in canada who listens to these guys. GO RAPTORS GO!!!!!!

  33. Lachlan Halliday

    will we hear this on triple j i wonder

  34. S. Ochwat

    very beautiful

  35. VPSS 5O

    Tune 👍🏻

  36. you are mum gay

    fuckin chooon

  37. KaYato ­


  38. Darchy

    So glad YT recommended this.... the last time I loved Australian music this much was Wolfmother over 10 years ago

  39. Lucy

    everything triple one releases is a banger but this is something else

  40. Ben Moore

    sick. from tasmania

  41. Gustavo Alovisi

    so lit damn

  42. Tarelka Boy

    Pretty cool.

  43. stoli

    you guys are something else huh, long ass fan here

  44. TK Beatz

    Didn’t expect y’all to be aussies I’m from Australia too if you guys need beats got tons 🙏🏼

  45. Nick Lockwood

    Where Marty 😕


  47. Dylan

    Just saw this on my recommended, its at 40,842 views so Im gonna stake my claim before 1M. Its about to blow up

  48. The Dark Mongol



  50. S. O.

    More songs like that!! Autumn Collection and Lakes was sooo fukking great!!

  51. Dylan Martin

    The passion. The beat. The vibes with the real feels.. this song is a true banger. 🤘🖤🌊🖕 #suicidenote

  52. trevor f

    so good- from florida
    you should collab with pouya or shakewell

  53. Ryland Mitchell

    is that neel kolhatkhar? dont know how to spell his name

  54. HC Proxy

    budget joji

  55. Stevlyn Hendrix-nepia

    Dope 👌💯 mad at myself for not checking this out sooner. Definetly killing it boys 🔥🔥

  56. budsmkoe

    Imagine if they could play instruments, they'd be a bomb ass band! Salute 🎶💯

  57. z Z

    Love from Ireland 💜

  58. Beastdrizzy

    Guys has anyone seen Marty? He hasn't been answering my texts and I'm getting worried

  59. Conor Hurley

    Bones Vibes...doozy

  60. suckmyballs andmycock

    Post Malone's disabled brother

  61. mayday malone

    Wtf am I watching

  62. Bad Wolf

    My funeral jam.

  63. Marco Ramirez

    Lol why is music so depressing now a days

  64. Jānis Zušmanis

    How are you SO good all the time?
    Billy - you are genius



    greetings from germany

  66. Kirty Bee

    BOYS! Boys... what an epic fucking track. Some real Sydney soul in that beat. Keep on keeping on. See ya at ya next. Scoop up and hit the GC for a show. Definitely be a large and welcoming reception for you legends

  67. Scaleb yeye

    where's marty

  68. kylutrash


  69. Твой Друг

    One of the best

  70. Ray Ward

    What's up with Mexican Jesus looking so run down? Hope he's not swinging on the glass dick like 90% of Aussies hip hop scene lol.

  71. Syntax_junk01

    The 40 dislikes are lil pump fans

  72. Syntax_junk01

    Triple one goes hardddddddddd!


    Needs mo fire


    Was gonna say.... OK! almost made my play list, get it right might just get that like

  75. James P

    Nah we good

  76. Tred


  77. Jack Treble

    really is just gorgeous vocals

  78. Astroscience

    We need a concert in cologne, Germany 😭

  79. D B

    I remember when butter dropped, i thought they couldnt make any song better than that. But every new song they drop is so fucking good i dont know how they do it..


    they’re legends

  80. juice


  81. Aphotix

    Amazing 🔥🔥

  82. svislav

    Back to making music eh. If I hit you guys up on insta can I make open verse for one of you. Don't wanna post it unless you guys want to. I'm pretty sick. We can make a legendary travk

  83. gNsky

    Billy Gunns always delivers

  84. S P A C E M A N E

    They never disappoint

  85. Jay Emory

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 booooooooo


    so lit i hit the dab!

  87. JOEJOE

    Never heard of them. Now i have, thank you youtube :)

  88. Michala Račáková

    U N D E R G R O U N D L I F E

  89. stoli

    Come to france please

  90. KoDeeZ x

    When you like the video before even hearing the first bar

  91. Andrea C.

    You should put a warning at the start for epileptic people.

  92. thirtyoner

    The sound quality, voice quality and over all production of this is amazing, keep it up guys! this is mad.

  93. Shawn Loomis

    Y’all continue to amaze me with yet another fire ass song

  94. Oz Mane

    u mfrs raw as fuck, shoutout from the SouthSide of Chicago!!!

  95. Samantha eve Vibert

    Best track yet , you boys are killing it! ❤❤❤

  96. whoismattli

    bones let himself go

  97. Maloney .J

    holy fuck