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Triple One So Easy Comments
  1. Jeremy Jam

    Film clip had me in stitches

  2. Megan Lindsay

    Was that Nerve in the start?

  3. Blue Hunter

    How is this song not at a million views

  4. 07:19

    Woah the story in it.. lol

  5. Jonah Marshall

    1:15 - is that emma stone? XD she looks just like her XD

  6. Jonah Marshall

    Bruh, this shit is SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!! congrats lads! Big up!

  7. lacy mathis

    Here bc Matt Corby

  8. Aly Biddle

    Love ur mum

    Aly Biddle

    And ur dad it 2019 baby

  9. ban burl

    Ahaha nerve ya madcunt

  10. King Milk

    I love everything about this video 😂 lyrics are sad but so good.. triple one forever

  11. Nxlah

    [Intro: Kwame]
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    [Chorus: Kwame]
    She tryna kick it with my best friend, yeah
    He only calls her on a Friday
    I swear I call her till the world end, yeah
    She only love me when I'm dreaming
    I know you're broke and need your bills paid, yeah
    But that's some shit we'd pro'bly all say, yeah
    But she still fucking with my best friend, ayy
    God I wish it was that easy, yeah, yeah

    [Verse 1: Obi Ill Terrors]
    She taste like lemonade, but I've never sipped it
    She sound like serenades, but I never listened
    She feel like velvet sheets, all I got is blisters
    She come over sometimes but she ain't my business
    Plant these secrets, I'm prophesying my misdemeanours
    Feeling choked inside but I don't know if she can see it
    You see my kicks are getting cleaner and my drinks are getting cheaper
    They almost free, 'cause people lie, they don't want either
    It's safe to say we just some needles in a stack of hay
    I'm always losing ways and staying down and blue for days
    Wish she'd hit me up and pull me out this fucking haze
    But this is purgatory, she ain't say a word to me

    [Pre-Chorus 1: Obi Ill Terrors]
    He was walking J's when he jaywalked
    Tryna grab some papes from the corner store
    She was off her face by the payphone
    I know that she

    [Chorus: Matt Corby and Kwame]
    She tryna kick it with my best friend, yeah
    He only calls her on a Friday
    I swear I call her till the world end, yeah
    She only love me when I'm dreaming
    I know you're broke and need your bills paid, yeah
    But that's some shit we'd bloody all say, yeah
    But she still fucking with my best friend, ayy
    God I wish it was that easy, yeah, yeah

    [Verse 2: Marty Bugatti & Lil Dijon]
    Make them plans and they fall out, TV dinner, no ball out
    Cataracts, I went all out, UFO, not a light house
    She pullin' up, I stay vacant, she want L and T, no bacon
    I speak the truth, that's blatant, get operated, no patients, I can't
    Stay out of trouble, I smuggle liquor in bubble tea
    So orthodontist, the donnest man when I shift the teeth
    A handyman, but a man is what he struggled to be
    And stay relapsing, no relaxing for a boy like me
    I know you really got it like C notes
    (So easy) You live inside my mind depot
    (So easy) The dark follows my ego
    (So easy) They follow me, follow me home

    [Pre-Chorus 2: Lil Dijon]
    And I've seen your call
    (So easy) You leave me wanting
    No taste, no law
    Lay it down on me, lay it down on me

    [Chorus: Matt Corby & Kwame]
    She tryna kick it with my best friend
    She tryna kick it with my best friend
    He only calls her on a Friday
    He only calls her on a Friday
    I swear I'll call her till the world end
    I swear I'll call her, no, no
    She only love me when I'm dreaming
    She only love me when I'm dreaming
    I know you're broke and need your bills paid
    I know you're broke and need your bills paid
    But that's some shit we'd pro'bly all say
    Some shit we'd probably all say
    But she still fucking with my best friend
    She still fucking with my best friend
    God I wish it was that easy, yeah, yeah

    [Outro: Kwame]
    Fell in love with shawty till I seen she fuck with Marty, damn
    She said things were different till I seen her eat with Conor, man
    Went to split the bill then realised that she had left with Bill
    I heard she slept with Dom, but now she waking up in Quakers Hill

  12. punk slug

    Does anyone else have no idea who Matt Corby is??

  13. The Sad Clown


    When you nut, but she keeps sucking

  14. Qatorゥ

    legend has it that this is JESUS FIRST KISS

  15. Russell Williams

    Cant figure why did Matt wanted to contribute this?


    Because he could? Maybe he likes them?

  16. Joshua Fawns

    Straight out this film clips fucking weird!

  17. CreatveMnds


  18. Lachie Gordon

    Hottest 100 winner right here

  19. MaksimIzer

    someone needs to get these guys a better voiceover edit crew

  20. Alondra Skål

    Matt is the reason I listened, Matt is the reason I'm here & now I can't stop vibing... thank you Matt <3

  21. Levi Clark

    Quakers got a start

  22. Luke Genesis

    Quakers Hill represent! Hahahah

  23. mike michaels

    Modern day missy Higgins type bull

  24. Francis Berry

    I clicked for Triple One.

  25. _._mac__

    Who the fuck is matt corby?

  26. Gyselle Rodrigues

    Matt ❤❤

  27. mmR Medved


  28. ThomasSaPe

    More MC

  29. Sharon Rooney

    I really appreciate the amount of fairy bread in this video

  30. amonda

    Matt led me here. I liked the song BTW

  31. Sarah Lutze

    Wow surprise banger

  32. amina miah

    Came here for Matt Corby and he's only in the last 30 seconds. As a Brit, I have no idea who these other people are (song's quite catchy though)

  33. narutardyish

    I really like the tone shift, Super refreshing! Keep up the good work homies

  34. Alec Percy

    Weird how the song starts at 3.19 and finishes at 3.34

  35. Michael Lisperguer

    Mad track... so i checked the clip... wish i never saw it. What's with the feet? :/

  36. Dominic S

    Kwame? Check. Triple One? Check. Matt Corby? Check.

  37. Cruze Frost

    Wtf I wish I never watched this

  38. Christopher Bradley

    Nerve going in with that tongue 😂❤️

  39. LemonCat69

    matt corby being in the title is the only thing that got me here, this song is so far from my usual but gotta admit its not bad

  40. Gabriel Larock

    What level are we on?!

  41. ADGRM _

    lol big Lil Dicky vibes about this song

    DJ Skree

    ADGRM _ nice profile pic

  42. Sam Beard

    Yo what happened to allday bruh

  43. J Dee

    Great song, great clip! Nice job, boys.

  44. Cleo Kentish

    im a kiwi but god this is good

    Earth Soul420

    Me too, and its so summery and chill.

  45. MinoXephos

    Clicked because of Matt Corby, stayed cause the song is catchy af

  46. Maureec Ngawaka-Nathan

    Utter nutter...and I am HERE for it😁👍This is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Robbie Kinloch

    am i losing my shit or is that nerve?

  48. Fi Derbyshire

    I like pepper

  49. Manny Ademolu

    Corby should have had a verse

  50. K Yeates

    I call toxic masculinity on your best mate tbh
    Mad tune

  51. edana sue

    matt corby really is the most beautiful human being

  52. zara t

    This video has too much feet in it

  53. John Reid

    Love how edgy this cunt attempts to come across while making some of the most radio friendly pop songs in AUS

  54. pixshout

    so good !

  55. King Flippy Nips

    Triple One looks like he broke his jaw & cant open his mouth properly :| But Omg Matt & Kwame <3

  56. James Russo

    Golden gloves

  57. Simon Ralph



    I fucking love this vibe

  59. Garrett Stevens

    Not going to lie. I gave this song a chance just because of Matt Corby

    lnvalidM8 ?

    @Garrett Stevens funny how every cunt thinks the same

    King Flippy Nips

    @lnvalidM8 ? You didnt add to this conversation whatsoever. So there's that.

    Talon Stanley

    I'm glad there are so many people in this comment section that are here for the exact same reason I am lol

    A'chynee Edmundson


  60. Malachite Alpha

    So... this happened... are we gonna speak about Matt Corby’s slide in? Omg! I’m in love with this song it’s so...
    “yassss, smoke that blunt and dance in a silk robe with a drink in your hand”
    Dude the chillness🥰🥰💯❤️🔥🙋🏽‍♀️

  61. Shelby Hutchison

    Can y'all come out with like... way more music plz I ♡ it EVER SINCE like day 1

  62. Hannah Douglas

    More Matt!! 😍😍😍

  63. Asher Park

    nervey getting it in the kitchen

  64. Ashley Morris

    Is this the same fricken Matt Corby who sings Brother???!!?!

    Kelsey W

    Yep. You should check out more of his stuff- everything's he's done is gold


    The guy sings the very best notes you've ever seen effortlessly and with so much feeling at the same time, you should listen to him

  65. Ilija Pantelic

    Okay I thought I am the only one listening to both these guys and Matt . And never NEVER I would have thought that this will happen. Not even in million years

  66. Taylor Stout

    Recently discovered Triple One and I gotta say I FUCKING LOVE IT. Obi lays down raps that I haven't felt in a long time, Marty keeps the flow going strong, and Dijon has an awesome voice. Their videos are simple but beautiful and make you actually feel. Gotta say though, I hold it down for Obi, restores my faith in music.

  67. Schmitty

    y'all could get it

  68. Syntax_junk01

    Tf is nerve doing on this

  69. Felix

    What a waste off Matt Corby

  70. Drew Beattie

    whose only here for corby lol

    guns n drums

    Just you

  71. Medeiros

    Só vim pelo Matt Corby

    Meu nome não é Carlos

    Da uma chance pro Triple One, os caras são bons!!

  72. Faith Meredith

    Gong cha making an appearance > anything else

  73. Findlay Walker

    So this is what the friend zone anthem sounds like

  74. Liam Marin

    Wack as fuck

  75. Nathan Taverner

    REPPING Quakers Hill 2763 yeeee

  76. Markzy

    the camera work is amazing

  77. dylan lee

    damn this should become a super group

  78. Gus W


  79. Liam Anderson

    Visit london pls

  80. Marco_

    was not expecting that


    Co tu się odjebało?

  82. mike west

    so good

  83. Kraken TBDM

    Mmmmmm patas

  84. Pixi Dust

    Needs more Matt Corby I say

    King Flippy Nips

    Everything needs more Matt Corby I say :D

    Hey Darkhere

    Bruh he took away from the song’s potential

  85. branden casey

    Sick track sick video!! Stepping up the aus game

  86. Lyndon Coulson

    Obi has a foot fetish and i aint mad

  87. rhy_boy1

    Can’t wait to see you lads holding stupid shaped award.
    Y’all gonna blow the fuck up big.

  88. BatLlama

    lmao is that nerve just sucking face in the background?? love it

  89. John Doogie

    Best song

  90. king dysfunc

    Dat mullet 🤣

  91. Helina patiently waiting for Matt Corby to pop into the video. Bummed he canceled his tour in California. Come back to the states Matt!

    Nadily Merry

    Bro fr I wish he'd come to Missouri

  92. Autumn Summers

    Listening to this shit, drunk on a bus at 5pm I'm is a real mood.

  93. Anwii The French

    Obi that was fucking beautiful big man. My favourite verse of yours now hands down! Another job well done 111 boys!!!



  95. drewZie

    If these guys don't blow the fuck up in 2020 I'mma be pissed.

  96. About 7 Midgitz

    Classic triple one🔥

  97. Mr Green's Mean Green Bean Machines