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Triple One Snake Bite Betty Comments
  1. tagtag66

    this is a ridiculously good video

  2. Tori6

    was fucking hoping theyd have more music like this but ofc not
    cant have too much of good music
    not implying that the other songs are bad but fuck why change style

  3. Sarah Louise

    Been here since ‘that’s my money’ had a video clip. These songs have gotten me through some tough times

  4. Foxey

    What kind of Guitar Riff is that?

  5. ShotgunNinja 17

    New favorite song and band 💀❤

  6. Damzcum Oner

    Youv got the go ahead from spanian ay :D

  7. Damzcum Oner

    You guys seem like youd honour a deal

  8. Irene H.

    I bang this sht in my car

  9. big moisture

    [Lil Dijon]
    Her brain is dead, Hate is fed
    Pretty snake bite Betty gotta pay the rent
    I've got mine, Shape and shine
    I've got reason to believe you'll make a mastermind

    [Marty Bukakke Large]
    With innocence as my witness, straight watching me while I listen
    The voices up on my shoulder grow colder with each opinion
    My Willy up in my hand as I stare’et the ceiling fan
    I was younger, rolling thunder, feeling pressure, feeling power
    Cold stone killer with realer ambitions up on a note
    Never quote me on my word cause my actions remain close
    Stone cold up town, we can make you float
    Elevate the place, we can see you pose
    See talons on my tongue they might grab you and rip yah eye out
    See Obi in my shadow might grab you and pop your light out
    Straight up no doubt levitate my town
    Got space to breath buh precipitate the lead
    Lay in the gutter, swing from the trees
    See your pretty women, drop to her knees
    Crack like a bottle, you can forget these
    We stole your whole game, and threw away the keys

    [Obi Ill Terrors]
    Snake bite betty got a black eye
    No teeth and a crack pipe
    Snake bite betty got a bad dye
    Take life in a cat fight
    Cold wind blowing on my right hand
    Flow freeze from that dull light
    Close road kiln from the Flight plan
    Loose k just to lean right
    Crack rock city run deep in that pawn shop
    Cash off pity from the smug that he bought from
    Black top, sitting rocking tinnies on a sawn off
    Non stop ripping at my throat till I'm long gone
    Fuck your vision i'm burning your whole existence
    Poppin off like shivers you office to burn the fishes
    This is all a gimmick you cunts keep calling my digits
    Phone dead at home right next to them dirty dishes
    Bed side, road rage, city limit, cocaine
    Tongue tied, blow pain, pretty betty, no vain
    Retry, fucked up, pitch black, stake out
    Life pass by like bad dreams and break downs

  10. Harry Madden


  11. Rohan Suvarna

    shout out from the US. this shit goes so hard. naughty corner is constantly on rotation. hope to catch you guys on this side of the planet.

  12. andrew maxim

    Gone from a Mexican jesus to Mexican Amber rose 😂 still sooo sick


    andrew maxim hahaha ur spot on mate 😂👌🏽

  13. Mia M

    this sounds lit on 1.25 playback speed

  14. G M

    🔥🔥 💀 🔥🔥

  15. Tristan Riggi


  16. Lucy

    How am I just finding this now, damn 🔥🔥

  17. Ash Stylinson

    This song was so good live! I would love if you guys did another tour at a venue like The Yah Yahs. <3

  18. Ben R

    TRIPLE ONE yeeeessss where do I signe up to rap with you guys or colab on some music.

  19. William Crowden


  20. YNGN

    It don’t feel like a year since this released

  21. gday lad

    How ain’t cunts bangin this shit, this is there hardest track an no cunts herd it.. if this shit was played at a graveyard the number of resurrections of the dead would be in the high figures,

    Au Fam all day bruddda’s <3

  22. Jaiden Tuplin-kelly

    Some serious linkin park vibes here 🔥🇦🇺

  23. Mora

    Found this on spotify just randomly on my phone not paying attention to my music being on a random shuffle of recommended music, and I heard this hook and song and i was like, "hold up, that shit was fye!" And now I'm here.

  24. furkan joy

    başka bir şey bulamadınız mı bu nasıl klip amk

  25. Brooklyn Shivers

    Take life in a cat fight

  26. John Kohlmeier

    Hardest Track of them in my opinion. Loving it.

  27. Fate Whitten

    Found this on sound cloud and this beat is like some old 2001 shit ❤

  28. hello world97

    Spotify introduced me to them with this song

    Ashley Maher

    hello world97 Same!

  29. Michael w

    holy shit so fire

  30. Erik peters

    You guys were smackalackin off the x

  31. Koziołek

    you are fake eminem

  32. singsangization

    Fucking amazing!





  35. CrunchyGaming

    deep web stuff

  36. MrTrollfacess


  37. Zach Lahn

    Love it

  38. Bunker Macmilian

    Brazil love u boys <3


    oia brasileiro ate aqui akjsaksa

  39. Nicolas D'orlando

    I love this :D

  40. Артур Горяев

    Wtf guys?

  41. fuckya dad

    this goes fucking hard boys

  42. Sean Bucci


  43. ilovechickennuggets '

    Damn my boys are blowing up on Spotify this month

  44. faith barrell

    Dear snake bite Betty,


  45. Serenity

    What lipstick is that, must have👄

  46. wight

    When I first listened to this I thought it was trash and I said wtf even happened to jesus. But low key it gets better the more you listen to it and now jesus lowly look dope👌🏼


    im so sad that this doesnt have millions of views

  48. Dick Trickle

    this is such a great late 90's early 2000's vibe

    makes me wanna make quake fragmovies with this playing in the background

  49. Magikinz Precise

    yes fellas gnarly

    Magikinz Precise

    um u guys

    Magikinz Precise


    Magikinz Precise

    yall be on sum next ting like if u makin this what the hell be next whatever it is imma fuckin EXCITED

    Magikinz Precise

    obi mang

  50. Aleksy Adamczyk

    I never thought you guys would fit to metal riffs... but you do! Kickass song

  51. Jacek Berdysz

    I love this shit, love the new look of y'all

  52. Brooke Collins

    Beautiful depiction of tweaker beat friends stuck in then 90s

  53. BrickWolfy

    easily the best song you have ever made

  54. Jake Rush

    I hope you guys blow up (not in the explosive way)

  55. chlo chlo

    this shit fire

  56. Thick With The Vicks

    Fuckin, love you guys

  57. William Wayman

    Keep evolving music, yuuhhhh

  58. SayHelloToMello

    wew lad wasn't expecting this

  59. lupu

    so fukkkkin dope

  60. Alex Henderson

    I think this might be my new favorite song from you guys <3 love the visuals!


    Do these guys even know just how talented they are? Not one single bad song/video

  62. Andrew Wilkerson

    Never stop. You guys are absolute savages, and you're gonna change shit

  63. Лев Созонов

    Russia listen too, tnx for music👍

  64. Minimal

    Not the hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Krylovix

    Kick ass

  66. PlacekKalita

    "the pain is gay"

  67. Kyle

    this shit is good, Australia needs more variety in hip hop. I just don't know if Aus wants to accept it.
    I loved it.

  68. ClipeTube


  69. Sup!

    Obi really went in on this one

  70. DirtNasty

    Fuckin banger 🔥 crazy how under rated they are

  71. Nouvelle Planète Gang

    LOURDAX comme toujours

  72. koya

    is this really triple one??? wtf


    Seyko蒸気波 ?

  73. Strøñkí28

    Bëãútïfūl Brø...o.0)

  74. Tomas 1337

    why no hair ;(?

  75. SyBoss

    this shit is dope

  76. Aileen

    I wanna lick u guys all over 👅🔥

  77. Eye Gouging

    Not really good.


    Lyrics ?? fire asf

    triple one music

    on soundcloud


    I love you guys but this video is silence of the lambs-ish. U guys look sexier with your original hair. Song lit tho 💕

  80. Garbagemon

    I really enjoyed the beat but not quite the flow. Never gonna stop loving you guys though.

  81. Nick `

    This ain't even asian jesus' final form.

  82. Puunk_

    1:27 is that a typo

  83. Nicole Mae

    you all look WILD 😜

  84. G15 RECORDS

    I realized both their newest videos are recorded in dark houses. Light bill must not been paid, but at least pretty snake bite Betty paid the rent.

  85. The Machine That Took My Family

    Raw Humanity and Primal Evolution

  86. Hesitate

    been fucking with you guys since doozy, this is some original shit right here, keep it up boys

  87. Sam Pearce

    god tier vid, god tier song. the experimentation you guys are doing is being nailed with perfection, keep evolving !

  88. VKDrummer

    What's the name of the long haired guy? Does he have any solo projects?


    He goes by phantom

  89. szczęście jest koloru czarnego

    i really prefer "overflow" vibe
    it makes me sick ; _ ;

  90. rvL Tesa

    love from germany ❤

  91. Bartosz

    Is Asian Jesus gay???

    krisu696969 kamyk

    Bartosz dobre pytanie


    krisu696969 kamyk racja

  92. Camiel van Kooten

    Does this mean a new album is on the way? ;)

    Tripleone Official

    Tape, feb next year. Who knows

    Camiel van Kooten

    yeeeeeah man ;)))))))))))

  93. Just Boost It

    Jesus is lady gaga. I knew it.