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Triple One Showoff Comments
  1. Wide-Scope

    US rap videos - Guns
    Australian rap videos - Beers

  2. Brezzy.

    best song


    lit as hell man lit as hell

  4. Izaac Graham

    I don't like his style of rapping but the chorous is good

  5. BarnsyBDC

    This is great 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

  6. addict

    0:29 look at lil sknow top row to the right the second one look at him chillin

  7. TheACEOne23Official

    Trah Trah triple gun fuckin drunk triple one

  8. bulletstorm storm high score bulletstorm

    This isn't that good not even top 20 in australia

  9. Jabber Gulch

    The singing sortof sounds like post malone

  10. Tennielle Noble

    My boyfriend showed me this and now I can’t get it off repeat !!!!! Absolute fire 😍🔥

  11. Luke Fregona

    How am I JUST finding you dudes?? You gotta get all your shit on spotify already cause I need this in my regular rotation!!

  12. RaQ's 1

    Bad ass. You guys are on point

  13. Keenan Johansson

    This made onefour think again.

  14. HypeKiller 1991

    Bunch of young legends in this clip

  15. apache tyson

    This deserves so much more views

  16. Nathan Willson

    Love it!

  17. Sad Spud

    no way this has been over a year already!!

  18. The county’s Finest

    Swear I thought I was deep
    Into the oz rap scene but guess I was wrong lol how did it take me this long to find triple one 🤦‍♂️

  19. Hey Darkhere

    Yo are they eshays

  20. Kiana Norfolk

    Fucking underrated

  21. Swansen03

    Freesouls cameo!!

  22. GooodGuyLeon

    Its is soo underrated

  23. Lyndon Coulson

    Someone give me the @ of the dude with the P L A Y tattoo on his face! Thanks xx

  24. Emmanuel Duran

    Bro I remember jamming to their song Doozy 3 years ago, they've progressed so much since then! Respect boys 👊🏻👊🏻

  25. Alex_ Sohigh420

    Han crecido mucho, espero mas material de ustedes por que son muy buenos
    Saludos desde mexico

  26. Mathew Weber

    These guys are like the Aussie version of Migos, call them Mates if you will

  27. Livewire

    Why hasn't this gone bigger? Fucking best thing I've heard in ages.

  28. Hunter Thomas

    Triple ones getting hot!!!

  29. Matt

    Fucking killer song. Outro is fire 🔥

  30. NiChelle Moore

    So glad I discovered you I like to just sit back and listen to your music on full blast and feel the lyrics and incredible beats flowing through me and absorb within me until it feels like its apart of me moving me down to my very soul because thats how deep your music touches me and it's my therapy

  31. Meexi

    Marty verse bra 😤

  32. Hello Again


  33. DraugrLord

    Fucking fire at the Rich Brain concert. Best shit watching you guys walk on stage. Legends.

  34. Eric Rodriguez García


  35. Brenton Neale

    Butter is still the Banga braa !! And the are underated but so was chilling menace and huskii they'll pull up there keep rolling the tunes boys can feel the love

  36. Conner McEvoy

    How do I buy your music?

  37. Stuggy

    love wen wombat chillinit and triple 1 appear in each others vids.... all the best in one

  38. Jason H.

    Also, if y'all love this - check out Redline Reaper and Valentine Kid. Same style, similar vibe, killer beats - y'all will love them both. GET THOSE TO A MILLION VIEWS TOO!! Peace.

  39. Jason H.

    Been down since Incense. So happy to see you fellas getting more and more shine every year. I can't wait for it to get colder over here in the states so I can continue to rock my triple one hoodie and show love and support. Looking forward to big things in the future!

  40. Jesse Albright

    Literally best group I've listened to in a long time

  41. JVDYN

    Ayyy can't wait to see you as a guest tommorow night with rich Brian!!! (Melbourne)

  42. Norton Sparkles


  43. George Simon


  44. Arkadiusz Smok

    Holy fuck! Chillinit,Wombat,Triple One,Menace are the future of hip hop.Greetings from Poland!


    Old mates mullet at the end playing handball is crazy! 3:39

  46. Sheila T


  47. Dylan Eade

    The more you listen to it the better it gets

  48. Just Vincent

    Triple one give me the best high school vibes

  49. Memanda Umpostal de Floripa

    like a M.O.N.Z.A-D.R.I.F.T QualidaD

  50. Alfonso Casciani

    3:33 I like how he's just wearing a U.S. Army PT jacket but he's a Civilian in Australia LOL


    This rap group beats every rainbow head fag in the rap game

  52. GabberTeezy

    it reached the 1 mil!! let's fucking gooooooo!!

  53. Mike Cox

    absolute art, don't forget north queensland in your tours.

  54. stoli


  55. Damien Stewart

    Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

  56. j russell

    ok no lie red head chic has to be maia mitchell,, looks just like her. makes sense kinda bc shes aussie ?? surely she gets on the sesh xD

  57. Blackwell

    Love from the UK. AU really has so many young talents

  58. Shan M

    Does anyoen remember the triple one song where they were in a forest i cant remember the song!

    Geoff Whipp

    That's my money

    Shan M

    Geoff Whipp you’re the man bro

  59. Livewire

    Ya gotta put Dennis Lily in one of your vids as his Tongan character. Funniest shit ever!

  60. Livewire

    Killing it boys. But the dark dude in the front killed the zoom in at the start by licking his lips! haha

  61. Cyka Blyat

    amazing !

  62. narcotect

    how did i miss this one - tune

  63. Jonah Jacksteit

    big love from canada, putting everyone ik on this shit

  64. Gordon Ramsey

    Mexican Jesus rocking that fresh as fuck kangol Buckie steeze!

  65. Finn Parrant

    i wasnt a huge fan of his verse in redline reaper but this is really fucking good

  66. Stevlyn Hendrix-nepia

    Sending love from nz 🔥❤ dont stop what ya'll doin! 111 !!!!

  67. Kevin Pavone

    I discovered you guys with this song thanks to spotify raccomendetion and I’m going to listen to all your songs next. This (triple) one is too dam lit 🔥. Big fucking up from Italy!!

  68. Loopy Gucci


  69. Sam Perrot

    Is that wombat 1:06

  70. Dethxz

    This deserves to be on the radio this is a banger that’s to good one of my favourite tbh at the moment

  71. Hector Vazquez

    Good music.but have the guy singing more. His part and more in the back ground

  72. Matt Rodney

    Guy on first first totally biting Denzel Curry's flow

  73. Mohammad Salah


  74. Mohammad Salah


  75. Mohammad Salah

    Fuck this song

  76. Mohammad Salah

    Ugly song

  77. ial ovi

    ugh, best song 🔥🔥

  78. Jordan S

    Been listening to you guys so long I forgot how I found y’all 😂✌🏻

  79. BillyTheKidd 19

    Nearly 1 mill boyz

  80. 369onerealitytwominds

  81. 369onerealitytwominds

    It's time

  82. Bryce Cutting

    fucken hell cunts

  83. William Crowden

    finally almost a million views.

  84. Filip Rothen

    3:17 kurwa co kiosk


    Bruh I thought my screen was dusty 4:14

  86. abraham salah

    i love triple one so so so so so much

  87. Obie T

    Ay from up er in briz love you boys ay peace kepp it up

  88. Meexi

    Old mates first verse hard as fuck 🔥

  89. sPOTIFY

    Who still comes back to this banger



  90. crush star

    your music is being heard in america..

  91. LordRyan100

    Still waitin’ for this to blow up 🔥

  92. Benny 420

    best Aussie boy band since the bee gees

  93. Jared Simmons

    Just found you guys and not disappointed

  94. Anderson da Cruz


  95. Big ZeeRo

    Henson park just down the road lad

  96. Lorenzo Rupolo

    best rap song to come from down under EVER

  97. Active Asset

    So underrated one of the best songs I’ve heard you need to get Christian James in on this boi blue is fire


    biggest banger!!!

    Talon Anderson

    BODYBAGMEDIA Fucking oath it is!!!


    BODYBAGMEDIA yes yes


    For sure