Triple One - Planet Six. Lyrics

Planet Six. No Lyrics. Planet Six. If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Triple One Planet Six. Comments
  1. Thep Jup

    how have i never heard this? i listen to you guys every single day and have been here since Doozy. hidden gem, new favorite.

  2. Erin Harmor

    So underrated 😥

  3. wvnk

    Sounds like ed sheeran

  4. Kool Kiddo FC

    Billy is becoming Marshall Applewhite

  5. Saharahahaaa

    Still thrashing this 🖤

  6. Krissy Bell


  7. Walmart 666

    This is legend status

  8. quinn

    legendary status

  9. Saharahahaaa


  10. brody is sus

    Still can’t get over seeing you cunts last week and this is amazing see you pricks at listen out

  11. Xavier Answer


  12. RONIN

    Best song of yours I think 😍🔥✊

  13. Produced By Zorg

    Holy shit ⭐️⭐️

  14. Jack Bates

    AF playing yall forever↗🔥


    This goes hard.🔥

  16. Mr Smith

    You guys are fucking amazing

  17. Craig Richards

    Billy guns and Marty go in on this one