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Triple One Madonna Comments
  1. Suijancide 666

    Best Song I ever found... <3

  2. Mad Lad

    triple ones go fuckin hard bruh

  3. Matt Cook

    Sending love from America

  4. Flavyyy

    bonafide banger

  5. wight

    couple years later nd jesus still has better legs than my girl

  6. Aaron Feaser

    i hear you caaallllll mmyyy nnaaammmee

  7. Angelika WhiteBird

    I like the video but I love the song. Coming from South Dakota to you guys. Keep up the good work. 😊

  8. Xzavier Petersen


  9. Aaron Ajay

    Very Great Song!!!

  10. andaris meriscova

    Dear triple one u just dont know how much i love u guys i just heard doozy around 20times i dont know ur names but brother (the one with long hair)i have to say u r a legend nd the asian guy fuck man u r awsm everyone of u guys rock bro i am from india my friends doesnt listen to much but since i share them with triple one they r in love 2 with u guys fuck man u guys rock i will b supporting u guys nd yes i will b waiting for more nd i need more till they stay blessed i know this is all shit nd wont read whatever the fuck is i dont care but i do love ur talent

  11. PlumConch836

    dude sick track!! any chance i can use it in my gaming channel, will credit you in description!

  12. Lauri Kontinen

    1:52 -> best part💪

  13. ian osses


  14. Christm H

    From astari 3yrs ago to here, keep going guys and keep up with the those visual effects. Love this video 🖤

  15. sad boy

    Feels like a problem there is nothing stopping from stepping right into your territory
    Three ones the brothers, there is nothing other existing could damage me mentally
    How come when I speak they listen, when you speak their vision appears to go blurrily, (so when)
    A century pass I will venture the dark, and come out cause, that’s what I was s’posed to be
    Bitch I’m gone, whatever the reason, for why I can’t ease up, not giving a fuck
    47 Ronan, up in her throat man, sounding like a Yamaha in the back of the car
    She get off on my ego, two forty Kawasaki to deep throat, I get the Nagasaki for free though
    Sit on the booster, Blowin up your puter, never tutor, the troubleshooter, the paper loose, so whatever suit’chah
    Many people they find me repulsive
    Running mouth your jaw click get convulsive
    Slow your breath now I want you to hold it
    Any body got a problem then solve it
    See the white of my eyes, red like a Collin
    Swollen, But look on the plus side, open her ass wide
    Tamahagane Iron for when I’m trying the cusp eye
    I’m eye’n the finest lyres, no sleep for the highest flyer
    No cap on the highest buyer, put us on a pin
    I’m up in a black ford, tinted dust on a dash board
    Blowing up with the jack chord, and the day has begin
    If you fuckers ain’t heard of us, TO be the murderers
    I Heard you ain't worthy, we put your ass in the bin
    When Bukakke don’t know bout it, because I been herb clouded
    Hurt anyone who has doubted, I’m gone with the wind

    [Outro: Phantom]
    I don’t know, where to go
    Who am I, I don’t know
    Where my friends, when i'm gone
    Im a joke, Don’t know why
    When I’m High, When I’m High
    I don’t know, Who am I
    When I’m High, When I’m High
    Where my friends, I don’t know

    Sami H

    Get this comment on top plsss

  16. Tayne Barbaro

    fuck this one is still a banger

  17. Izzy C

    Fuck yes !

  18. Brooklyn Shivers

    I love how the videos go with the vibe of the songs

  19. Tyius


  20. HEKTIC458

    The visuals are perfect


    2:40 lol

  22. Jonas Kreßer

    thats one creative beat

  23. xEndowed Eyesx

    The fact that it's been this long and only 100k view baffles me.
    Truly we must stand alone.

  24. Hristo Nikolaev

    Whats that piano tune, I think I've heard it before

  25. Nick Phoenix

    people sleep on this man I totally woke on this 🔥🔥

  26. Jason H.

    Marty goes off on this. I basically had this on repeat at the gym all morning. Billy Gunns flips that sample on godmode. Good shit ya bunch of cunts.

  27. Poetika.

    most crap i have ever seen this is so bad shit

  28. Dima Nizov

    it's cool 👍🏼 I've been listening to you for a year, good luck to you.
    I am Russian)

  29. Alex Mccutchan

    @1:03 snapped doe 🔥🔥

  30. kxith_heavy

    Brilliant stuff! Respect!

  31. Xavier Tries

    Can Mexican guy (I know he isn't Mexican) PLEASE make his own song with that beautiful surreal vibe

    Rex Bred

    xavier gonzales Autumn Collection

  32. Kai Meese

    This is seriously the fucking best! Thankyou fr!

  33. Tvůj Nabíječ


  34. Rapmaks

    Zajeebiście !

  35. Barack Hussein Obama II

    One of the only groups that i can rely on for consistant bangers
    Keep going G's!

  36. nana tha banana

    he ain't phantom of the opera but the phantom of my heart. god damn he's a blessing. also, COME TO UTAH PLS <3

  37. j waters77

    just let the homie sing on some beats.

  38. Sensitive1998.紫の

    My top.

    1.- Autumn collection
    2.- Overflow
    3.- Colours
    4.- Madonna.
    5.- Doozy
    6.- Ever Since.


    ever heard incense?

  39. Marios Demetriou

    this goes hard asf

  40. MrTrollfacess

    I can't even decide wich voice i like the most you guys are the shit man thanks for all the vibes

  41. gijs

    slept on

  42. TheAkrosmen

    señores el beat es amazing

  43. Shawn Beaton

    Guillermo Rodriguez went the hardest

  44. Taylor Rock


  45. ranma wanhap


  46. Yuno Gasai


  47. Owen Phillips

    Bukakke kinda sounds like Denzel Curry

  48. puri

    i wish the part from 2:07 was longer it was dope

  49. Serenity

    Replay button broke

  50. Trusty Slav Patches

    Every day I listen to these guys I start to love them more and more, their whole presence and vibe just work. The intro of this song gives me chills. Triple One deserve to become big.

  51. SESH

    new favorite artists found

  52. TheFistopp

    Its fucking beautiful m8 !

  53. Bridget Noriega

    bro this shit fuego

  54. Princes crawford

    Marty is my tortured baby🔪😍😍

  55. XnLuisUchihaxX


  56. chlo chlo

    where obi at tho??
    btw mexican jesus can fmu anyday

  57. Mikos

    Kocham to kurwa mać

  58. Ace

    voice of an angel

  59. Lachlan F

    i think mexican jesus goes to my uni

  60. Sherkole Nyak

    Here from Astri a fuck with you guys on such a high level especially the Mexican Jesus we should get married or at least have children

  61. Wizdro

    Yeo Triple one,

    You guys don't know me yet, but i'm hydro - soundcloud: guala "hydro"

    My next song will be dedicated to your group my own flow ;)
    Much love. 🙏🏻👊🏻🔥🤷🏻‍♂️

  62. Leith Fischer


  63. Raqza

    Are these lads Australian?

  64. Raqza

    Are these lads Australian?

  65. Belethor

    look this mustache of mexican jesus. this mustache is so fire man

  66. Belethor

    im your biggest fan from Brazil <3 i love triple one

  67. Camp Li

    These Guys Going In 💯💯💯 I Fucks With It

  68. Marco Aletti

    fire fire fire💣

  69. Caio Henrique

    BRAZIL o/

  70. Hollow Aquarius

    Phantom aka Mexican Jesus is one of the best and naturally dramatic performer's with an amazing voice & Marty always has the best lyrics!!

  71. Myleezzy the stoner

    anybody know the name of the singer in this group?

  72. Milán Balogh

    Whats the name of the intro song?

  73. Erick Pérez

    Respeto desde México!

  74. Hyeonbok Lee

    good luck n greetings from Korea

  75. Leo Muniz

    🔥🔥🔥 lit lit lit!!!! profound sounds here bruh

  76. Snowyy

    Fuck these cunts are good

  77. Hec

    Que foda!

  78. josé

    not gay but 3rd guy is lowkey handsome af

  79. Dominik Roth

    mexican jesus is the best 💖

  80. SpriteK

    kozacka nutka propsuje

  81. DeathLevi59

    keep them tunes coming! i fuck with you guys heavy!!! much love from colorado 😎

  82. prod. breaq

    SZTOSSSS! Greetings from POLAND!!!

  83. Solar Lucky

    he had a sexy ass voice at the end no homo tho

  84. sDbeats

    Mexican Jesus is awesome af.

  85. Hugo Foulquier


  86. smutny boy

    this shit crazy

  87. sjors van haasteren

    i was listening to this without seeing the video, i thought it was denzel curry rapping...


    Bukkake is a legend for rocking that vintage Polo Sport. Homie has style!

  89. Jake Curnett

    Where's Obi?

  90. DrumCobra

    0:45 U scared me

  91. Gregory77205

    Fire as fuck

  92. Shadow Realm Shawty

    You guys forever put me in a trance


    luv from germany ❤

  94. GOTH SIX


  95. LordHonsou

    Bars. Regards from Northern California. We See You.