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Triple One Latex Comments
  1. kylutrash


  2. Secret Sesh

    Fire as always

  3. Sam Hays

    You gents are an inspiration, all of you! All the lyrics from all guys in these songs inspired me to make my own music, keep it up! 👛🤙

  4. Flavyyy

    been a while still 10/10 :)

  5. Miriama Kaimoana

    That gat at the end along with with lil dijons vocals are heavenly. In looovvee with them and their sound

  6. Ghost Girll

    Damn , why are you my favorite person ?

  7. neylo

    One of my favorites!

  8. Zach InTheHat

    This is a really good song to smash to.

    Cheers boys


    Man this song should have more then 1m views 😒

  10. Seth Oestreich

    I've heard only a handful of songs that I can say are one of a kind masterpieces. That being said LATEX is one of them. I still don't know what kind of mood that this song puts me does something that no other song has ever done. It's a feeling that can't be decribed. I fukin love it. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR MUSIC GUYS YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY FUKIN AMAZING.

  11. lenni

    Still fire

  12. Floofaroo dotcom

    Dijon the best

  13. James Clark

    Supersoak say oawwww

  14. Lucas legendada PT BR

  15. Mia M

    found you in the last few months, shocked by how underrated you are tbh cos your music is 🔥

  16. Baby J

    I want you guys to blow up☺️💕 the world needs to know who you are!!!

  17. Katelyn Drake-Brockman

    If this ain’t perfect I don’t know what is! Perform this in Perth?!

  18. my dogs nuts

    How in the hell are these guys not famous af?!?!?! People we need to stand up

  19. Tyler Perkins

    which one from the band sings the chorus?

    Abyss Music

    This whole song is just Phantom

  20. AINRD 1

    T1 never grows old on me....been listening a while and never disappoints! Much love and many ups - AinRd

  21. Kai Meese

    Triple One, please do "Ace High" from "NO BANGA BANGA's" but an acoustic version.

    Other's would definitely like to hear and I know I personally would.


  22. Konqet

    I fucking love this guy

  23. shenanigains

    is there going to be an album soon?

  24. Matt Erman

    He got a good range of vocals... Had to check out the video to see which one was singing

  25. Wockstar


  26. Oliver Mägert

    holy.. insta buy. awesome!

  27. Tom Sherwood

    Cant wait to see you guys at Fall In Marion Bay! Yiewwwyiiiieewwww

  28. dampsvinet

    God damn, that hits the spot

  29. Max Bslassy

    Shout out from German 🤙🏽 best Group Ever!

  30. Marilyn Mayonnaise

    2018 put it in my ass dadddyyyyy

  31. Mack

    My favorite song right now I've listened to this at least 300 times

  32. Eric Swift

    Easily my favorite song from them

  33. s j

    my heartttt 😭💖


    The best at it.

  35. Kai Meese

    seriously, please make more like this! ❤💯

  36. realismproductions

    Mexican Jesus mmmm ❤️😤

  37. Jonas Kreßer

    already back...fell in love with this song

  38. Jonas Kreßer

    gonna show that to all my friends ! love from germany

  39. Luq Simeon

    what a beautiful song.

  40. 12 X nZy

    lyrics of the song please

  41. Jordan L

    Guys, come in Paris, please !

  42. TKT Ashes

    Question. WTF IS THEIR GENRE. This may seem simple but I'm so confused. It's like smooth rap but some of their songs are like actual rap. I don't get it but I fucking love it and I need more, what genre is this

  43. Joe Khan

    stright fire with every release.. been following you guys for a couple years now. smoke outtt

  44. Júlio Garcia

    Much love from Brazil!

  45. Eric Rodriguez

    What happend with the hair of the mexican jesus?????

  46. imakeshoes1

    Triple One are so consistent and versatile it's crazy. Been a fan ever since overflow dropped a ways back

  47. Sad cabé

    Hope you guys keep making solo tracks like this, really enjoying ' The naughty corner'

  48. Sad cabé

    a catchy emotional song,that can be replayed over and over. Beautiful singing Mj

  49. Lozanox3 :.

    This shit is dope

  50. Kat Peek

    Lyrics please? Someone?

  51. toxiccrill

    Mexican Jesus );

  52. Malik Evans

    They never disappoint if you ever wanted to like every song a group does these guys are the prime example

  53. Isaiah Burt

    great song after great song, hope to see you guys in the states soon

  54. ben lopes

    you guys are such a talented, creative and original group literally love you guys and your songs so much

  55. Routine

    Love you! From Italy.. I spread your music to all my friends, you deserve more. I wish you the best!


    cazzo sì

  56. lillfella97

    Just a masterpiece.

  57. Juri Genrichs

    Triple Onetake <3

  58. sasori

    love you guys from 🇹🇷

  59. Paathurnax

    Been on repeat since it dropped, honestly one of the best voices i've ever heard mexican jesus has ascended to god

  60. mike romero

    COLOMBIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA u guys are fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    wow i didn't they could get better than the libertine.. fuckin solid

  62. Victor Nordblad

    Why havent this song exploaded yet?

  63. No One

    Im loving this 😍 the chorus is AMAZING!!

  64. rvL Tesa

    love it❤

  65. Craig Kasiske

    Long haired white dude and/or the Asian guy should've jumped in and spit a verse.... either way this track is great! "Mexican Jesus" is definitely killing it again with the chorus... these guys have to blow up soon, I still don't understand why they haven't yet!

  66. Kavin Eaton

    Mexican Jesus is my favroite Jesus tbh

  67. Craig Richards

    Visuals for Tarlo would go hard

  68. Jeff widjAIWDJAWd


  69. szczęście jest koloru czarnego

    awesome ^_^

  70. Kevin Yezek

    Only 16k views! Wtf. This is too lit to have so few views. 🔥🔥🔥

  71. 卡茨珀

    2years later and you still are my best Singers


    u boys have changed alot since i heard doozy lmfao!

  73. Josh Spare

    Tour the States! You will blow the fuck up!

  74. Marley Bob

    Triple One


    The latex is on, she whip out the cream
    Naked i know but she gets tired of me
    Lay on the floor, pull up the key
    Hate waking up, what's inside of me?

    The latex is on we under the sheets
    Face on the wall but her grip tight on me
    Pray to the fall, pull up the heat
    Stay for it all when she in time with me

    I don't wanna see you so deep inside of me
    I just wanna see you there so I breath
    Pull it off slow, teach me how you feel
    Show me what you know, make it feel real

    If it's all wrong then it's meant to be
    Up all night long, sugar came to me
    Skin tight pressure tryna make you bleed
    Seeing bright lights feel the ecstasy

    I see reflection in your eyes, mine are closed
    I feel the imprint of your thighs lose control
    Oh yeah, it’s alright, my dreams coincide
    Oh yeah, it’s alright, lady hold me tight

    The latex is on, she whip out the cream
    Naked i know but she gets tired of me
    Lay on the floor, pull up the key
    Hate waking up, what's inside of me?

    The latex is on we under the sheets
    Face on the wall but her grip tight on me
    Pray to the fall, pull up the heat
    Stay for it all when she in time with me

    Seven reason
    She soaking and I’m feeling her core
    Sunrise Phoenix
    Her touch, but im cheating the fool
    Oh lord how I’ve been waiting
    Lady you sweat impatient
    She close i want you closer
    Just kill me, dont kill me

    The latex is on, she whip out the cream
    Naked i know but she gets tired of me
    Lay on the floor, pull up the key
    Hate waking up, what's inside of me?

    The latex is on we under the sheets
    Face on the wall but her grip tight on me
    Pray to the fall, pull up the heat
    Stay for it all when she in time with me

    What's inside of me?
    What's inside of me?

  75. Lars Hogue

    I love this!

  76. Lg Eagle

    They gonna blow up off this masterpiece

  77. TheSecondWing

    I'll do my best to let everyone I know hear from you. Cheers from France. Love you four. ❤️

  78. Matěj Bulín

    Big support from Czech Republic ❤

  79. eFrag

    You guys need to blow up like NOWWW

  80. Josh Hughes


  81. the bootleg boy

    such a consistent group 💕

    Nóe Tim

    the bootleg boy what lmao

    Nano Anarchy

    Right? i love triple one but they are _not_ consistent.

    J. M

    Consistent in the way that they release only good songs <3

  82. Manestoo

    Triple one up next

  83. Vikke 百

    Another banger🔥

  84. southrussian xxx

    Fire as allways 🔥

  85. damian

    awesome guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  86. Shizzzo

    So beautiful. From Belarus with love

  87. Lilsedative

    Triple one is so underrated wish more people listened to them can't for you guys to blow up and change the generation with good vibes.

  88. BucHManNaerw


  89. Toppy Jones.

    Beautiful :)

  90. ikaro souza

    i just can't describe how good i feel when i hear that voice

  91. maneasd

    where is the no jumper interview???

  92. shadows

    this is pure gold, song gives me the best chills, thank you guys! <3

  93. kamirru

    triple one gets hot!

  94. Lord Iso

    this one is sure to blow you guys up

  95. the man

    Waiting until triple one is on the hot 100s


    the man triple one on triple J? Im waiting for the day one of their singles goes triple platinum, then we might have triple millionaire australian artists

    the man

    worldwide man