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Triple One Innovators Comments
  1. Paolo Verresco

    My daily jam! Thank you 3ple1

  2. Rohit1080

    one of the best videos i've ever seen.

  3. Galucci K9

    On top of a mountain forcing people to listen to this on my big blue party lmaooo

  4. Alhizzyhiz

    Billy rocking the back ground dancing cracks me up


    What the fuck did I just witness

  6. SPVCS

    Dudes is mad underated.. & real artists can see the originality from these dudes yo... Much love from new york 💯👏 🇦🇺 🇺🇸

  7. Homo sexuaali

    Lil dijon = mexican jesus

  8. sofian123fallout

    I will worship you guys

  9. Another One

    Zim invador!

  10. s h i n r a t e n s e i 新罗

    than god for the triple

  11. TanMonkey

    this is so underrated :(

  12. Isaac Wood

    Yeah the fucking boys

  13. Ghost

    sick cunts hahah

  14. Георгий Лободенко

    Классный клип, Славик


    мне тоже очень понравился

  15. CSBX _57

    Is it just me because I’m hearing “zenofader” or is it the accent

  16. Based Fanta


  17. bigflea

    I love this song so much but this video... Makes me idk what it makes me I love the song but this video...

  18. BensonTV

    wie heist der sound da von


    also der beat

  19. Mx_ Creator

    Reminds me of a young Ron Jeremy..?

  20. GoodnightTitan

    You guys are the bomb

  21. JustAnotherSadBoy SBTT

    One of the best music videos they’ve made 😂😂😂

  22. S.W.4E!


  23. ra1den

    2:00 when i forgot words

  24. John Smith


  25. John Smith

    Haha this is dope

  26. Paul Harris

    Thank you for making music

  27. Paul Harris

    I love yall

  28. FiFi

    wind machine intensifies

  29. Young Doodle

    This background music sounds familiar what’s it from

  30. Daniel Alvarez

    love from pinche dallas .t.x

  31. Ricky

    I find it amusing when the tiny yellow car spins into a portal at the end. That shit was funny.

  32. Egemen şeremetli

    patlarlarsa diye bırakıyorum 200k

  33. Песочные Часы

    “Bitch wet her panties to my song”💁🏼‍♀️💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

  34. JimmyKoda

    100% were a band that realised where the coin was at and fukn own it hahahaha

  35. Krissy Bell

    Lol 😘😘😘

  36. Wavy Whale

    Die in your arms

  37. Stuggy

    These guys make the funniest clips

  38. Mitch Toasty

    2:27 is iconic

  39. Julian Camp

    This is my favorite anime.

  40. Oscar Sallas


  41. abyƨƧƧSSsent

    cutting edge - i just died in your arms tonight ; you're welcome .

  42. Demetra

    Your music is so damn good! Love from Greece

  43. yungxross ride

    Best Fuckin song in the world man. Legends🤘🤘🤘

  44. charlie Horne

    how these guys not fkinghuge

  45. npr67

    This makes me laugh every time I watch it xD

  46. krissy bo

    this made ma day

  47. Giant Asparagus

    Still classic

  48. Piździk 200


  49. Mason Welch

    I thought it was “bitch where my pennies to my songs”

  50. spicyrubber

    Man where is this melody from? I swear this is a sample! I neeeed to knooow!


    Ok got it. Has to be "I just died in your arms"

  51. Σπυρος Βου

    Utterly cringy video clip. Great song nonetheless.

  52. Reed Davis

    this hard :()

  53. JonnyD

    this is so underrated, should be more popular imo

  54. To Kajoj

    Please play this at my funeral

  55. Andre Hill

    Love the voice of the Assian Jesus

  56. Ted Striker

    Epic Shit, greetings from Germany

  57. Cristobal Arriagada

    died in your arms sample??

  58. Mateo Barrera

    Come to the states

  59. MW Astrophotography

    I'll be damned! They even predicted Tesla in orbit 😲 00:56

  60. stoli

    This gave me such a big smile

  61. C H R U P P E K

    When they fuze Post Malone is created

  62. Alanis

    O instrumental é do Cutting Crew :v

  63. Magdalena Pałka

    this cured my depression

  64. Raiden loko

    This is beyond amazing, video 🔥 beat remix 🔥 lyrics 🔥 #rare

  65. Ubik Ubik

    Probably my new favourite band <3

  66. Cristian Mendez

    triple one all day

  67. Isaiah Deitz

    Do you have more songs like this

  68. itsmacjames


  69. itsmacjames


  70. itsmacjames


  71. itsmacjames

    im not even tryna hate but this is wack yano its not real music

  72. itsmacjames

    i dont understand how people back this

  73. itsmacjames

    naaahhh come on this is a remix we need some real artists these guys are awful

  74. Jorge Miranda

    Funny cunts

  75. Jacox

    can't not drop a like, so good :D

  76. Bauma

    Innovators Innovators Innovators Buen Vídeo Triple One Es peculiar Pero Bueno Y Cómico :D

  77. starafek

    Ex De <3

  78. Gabriel Larock

    Happy 1 year :)

  79. Lumiiatis

    Самая недооцененная группа

  80. Jason Hoffmann

    Triple One is Life!!!

  81. Bang Bang

    Respect from Polen ! best squad and REAL

  82. mac mittens

    oh they are a group ?I just want to hear the Mexican on the hook

  83. Tristan Eschenazi

    I did so many cocaine to this track.

    Tristan Eschenazi

    365 till i die on a fine day

  84. DLonda Begaye

    My favorite song of their album omg jst love Mexican Jesus's voice❤❤❤

  85. Jake Weisert

    Who else saw that tag Shai shirt in the beginning?

  86. Tenille Bull Bear

    y'all too litt .my typaa vibe ✨🖤

  87. LapTekki

    What was the original song called?

    Jason H.

    LapTekki cutting crew - I just died in your arms tonight

  88. Leonardo Fernandez

    i love that fucking sample

  89. Vick Brezolin

    😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘I Love you 😍😍😍🤗🤗😘😘

  90. José Leonardo

    Brazil Jesus


    Lyrics on my Channel Guys!

  92. Gabriela

    I'm in love