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Triple One Heaven's Gate Comments
  1. Lemonish

    How come no one is talking about how this is about the mass suicide within the Heavens Gate cult?

  2. Trippa Snippa

    I came across this song a few months ago still been listening to it on the regular and I will say what a fucking banger from the flow and lyrics to the beat to the hook it’s fucking under the radar even for me flew under for ages much respect keep this type of shit going it’s lost in the rap world but fuck this needs to be heard to be respected

  3. Woofeh Beatsaber

    Still underated but on the come up saw them live when they had the supporting act slot for Rich Brian's aus tour

  4. anime reviewer

    This video is disrespectful to the heavens gate tragedy

  5. Isaac Wood

    Still pumping this good shit

  6. Tyler Genzer

    Lemme cop a feat.

  7. EpsteinsPlasticSurgeon

    heavens gate, aussie style with airmax plus

  8. Kieran Grout

    Bruh i got goosebumps straight away dam

  9. Ben R

    fuck yeah let's do some music together hit me up so i can give u my info if your down colorado represent. BEN10

  10. my dogs nuts


  11. Kyle Hogan

    These guys are best to come from.aus so far

  12. Lara Pontes

    Triple One is so fucking good! Greetings from Brazil


    this is probably the most unique group I have heard in the passed year

    this is like fucking deftones trap music, like lil peep but heavier lol

    metal as fuck

    Australia has and always will be the future of music

    much love from Canada

    ej gruby

    Ever heard of $uicideboy$ ? // I know this comment is kind of old

  14. Can we get 20 subscribers with no videos

    good song but not my style

  15. DEMON 13


  16. TheReview66

    Still a banger a year later

  17. brodyscooters3

    Straight clappin

  18. Devin Adam

    Been waiting for some real shit forawhile let's go triple 1 2018

  19. ollie wood

    Fucking harrrrdddd

  20. DeaD WeighT

    Much love from Cali bro y'all are dope asf!

  21. Simplistic Beauty

    how the fuck does this only have 55k, this shit is a masterpiece every 1 sleep?

  22. Lars Hogue

    Tripple one! These guys are gods! Like B.E.R!

  23. CERU46

    neeeewwwww soooonnnngggg <33333

  24. Fuck You

    why am i jus now finding yall, u guys go fkn hard

  25. tim jordan

    this knocks so hard keep it up boys!

  26. Horror Coffee

    The creativity behind your music videos are fucking great. Perfect example of underrated artists.

  27. nicimsizdravie

    This makes my massive 13-inch cock hard always when i hear it. ♥ Nice job ♥

  28. zpacez

    Who thatq 2nd verse ? He da devil bruh ☠☠☠🔪🔪🔪

  29. Lvma Luminous

    Damn drops hard

  30. Samantha Sanderson

    bruh... you ripped off $uicideBoy$ entirely with this concept including the name.
    Then asian mustachey cuts his hair to peeps as a rip off.
    There's a difference between having and influence, and being a gimmick.

    E knows Game News

    Samantha Sanderson is the name the same Heaven's Gate by Suicide boys? Because I looked it up couldn't even find it I'm not sure what you mean but I'd have to listen to the song first

    Dylan A

    Fuck off

  31. j4mes1 •

    wait are 111 esh lmao

    triple one music

    PhoeniX • u d-cide

  32. CrunchyGaming

    underrated group

  33. Retruz

    Why does this song have so little views? My replays don't count or what?

  34. no one knows

    That first verse was fucking hard

  35. Simba Tudibaba

    Really glad I was suggested this group


    Michael Gaona check out common sense by gizmo

  36. Шерлок Холмс

    Заебали 2 долбоеба в начале,которые нудно зачитывают.МНЕ НРАВЯТСЯ ПРИПЕВЫ МЕКСИКАНСКОГО ИИСУСА!!!

  37. Just Boost It

    I will never use otrivin again😜😛

  38. AlienDrifts

    Whats the song sample in the intro?

  39. Dmitry Dmitriev

    dope! big up from russia

  40. Edson F Rodriguês

    Great track

  41. sadneXdope


  42. Marilyn Mayonnaise

    VERSACEYAMS will be buried to triple one !! Lord have mercy



  44. Norlan Zeledon

    This is great

  45. wildcat

    is it me or Marty sounds like Denzel Curry?

  46. Thomas Massie

    Making moves

  47. Simplistic Beauty

    Mexican Jesus is actually Mexican satan in disguise, he is absolutely fire.

  48. Simplistic Beauty

    This is an absolute gem.

  49. Jonny Enigma

    great video

  50. Jonny Enigma

    don't drink the kool aid

  51. Dick Trickle


  52. skyy F T P

    Do this dude have soundcloud

  53. MBO GOTTi

    Y'all Go Check Out my Channel 🤘🏽‼️ Subscribe if you like the content🤷🏽‍♂️ will be posting more soon but comment on recents about what I could do to improve my channel🤷🏽‍♂️🤘🏽

  54. deadbøy _

  55. Aaron O'Sullivan

    pls reply

  56. Aaron O'Sullivan

    what are you all taking in this vid? been tryna figure it out for days hahahah


    Heavens Gate was a cult in California that ended in a mass suicide of all members. Police found the home full of dead bodies covered in purple sheets. Similar to in the video.

    Aaron O'Sullivan

    hisnameisaj i was meaning what are they drinking


    In this video Im not sure exactly, but heavens gates suicide was done by mixing phenobarbital, a drug that in high doses causes you to just stop breathing, into apple sauce. So its either a liquid form of that or just cyanide or some other suicide drug.

  57. bvrson

    love that shit

  58. bence

    the instrumental is just perfect

  59. Lover’s Lake88

    2 weeks late but gotta say god damn love every song by you guys and this track is just so good keep it up

  60. Hunter Tital

    They literally drop a FUCK TON of acid and just lay down and cover themselves with a sheet that's savage as fuck Tbh


    yeah too hardcore for me its a shame but im going to have to boycott them now bc i dont wanna go to one of their shows and get stabbed

  61. Szása H.

    I've been here. I cried.

  62. jon mar

    Billy guns always killin it

  63. Simplistic Beauty


  64. Samantha Rodriguez


  65. Trill Central

    Collab with churvin

    OCD Gamer

    its a yes from me

  66. brody is sus

    Yeah the tns

  67. Peachy

    Holy shit. This gave me chills. Best song so far 👌🔥

  68. obsesifdalgalar

    Oh lord ... That's fucking dope 💀👌

  69. Fabian prada

    Greetings from Colombia :D , You make videos of the other world, great, fantastic...
    your voices are great

  70. Sup!

    Love the visuals relating to the Heavens Gate mass suicide

  71. Josue Amorim

    Hard af 🔥🔥🔥

  72. Max Newton

    tuned life

  73. João Ryan

    Vocês ainda vão crescer muito mano

  74. demo x

    so fucking good

  75. sry2disturb

    yes cunts





  78. DeadTongue

    Y'all need to make a Twitter.

    Tripleone Official

    handles in the description

  79. simon b

    This blonde dude needs to shave that mustache ASAP

  80. Jeremy Phelan


  81. fridge

    who else following since colours?

    Nicole Smith

    nah been following since doozy

  82. xEndowed Eyesx

    Tell me I'm not the only one who thought at :29 their producer was ghostemane.

    No more Man Dead

    Young Infamous I was thinking that too


    Young Infamous thought the same lmao

    j4mes1 •


  83. Zeta

    this shit is legendary

  84. Kavin Eaton

    goes harder then most all American rappers

    Shlomo Shekelkikenberg

    Kavin Eaton lol you aint been listening to SHIT then!

    Kavin Eaton

    Shlomo Shekelkikenberg tf i aint dissin pouya or shakewell those my jams man but suicide boys is garbage ghoste is where its at


    Kavin Eaton ty , K R E E P


    Pouya, Triple One, Bones and Ghostemane. They ARE the top


    Well you guys should see how these guys are ripping off $$. Go on $crims instagram and you'll see that the way this video was done and the idea behind was basically ripped off.

    Musically, eh, these guys aren't that great to me it's kinda rushed.

  85. Raillway518

    Better than sex

  86. lanky nutmeg

    Can we get a dedicated song to Nike TNs?

  87. Avrian O'Brien

    Next level shit, mad respect

  88. Youtube User1

    Whoa I can only get so erect 😭🔥

  89. mike romero

    Fucking fire, salute from Colombia

  90. Tomas 1337

    Very beautiful, luv <3

  91. DΛRK VO†D

    that tension <3

  92. Marcel Mack

    instrumental is pure gold at 1:17

  93. Tom

    shittin on the oz scene already lol so dope