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Triple One Butter Comments
  1. Bumbsbomber

    Damn this song...

  2. mionwins

    <3 Damn so fire

  3. Julia Gillard

    So good boys !

  4. Dylan Collins

    sick broski

  5. Wezza 67

    underrated AF

  6. Taylor Stout

    Recently discovered Triple One and I gotta say I FUCKING LOVE IT. My eye is gonna be on the Aussies for a while now.

  7. bruh XD

    I'm not really into new Aussie rap I really only like the original ones like hilltop hoods, funkoars and stuff like that but I love these guys music

  8. colin colin

    This is so good

  9. Cleoscar S

    your song is good just change the pitchers

  10. Casey Gilliland

    I wish I saw more of this where I live been listing to triple one for a few year now wish they could do an American tour they blow up

  11. Lifhelm.

    Anyone know who the chick with Obi is? Also, keep it up boys!

  12. Lucas Goldenberg

    Anything mexican jesus can't do.... damn

  13. glen weychardt

    This is my favorite song of 2019. And I'm into punk and alternative music.

  14. rEfLiO.

    You guys will blow up, this is my favorite song,Greetings from Italy 💙🇮🇹

  15. Ismail Haque

    Who’s the girl and why does she look so familiar????

  16. LiL Robux

    Triple one is the most unique australian group when it comes to fitting into the "aussie rap genre"

  17. joe raad

    Who else came here from there teacher @Sydney

  18. Robbie Giorgi

    this song is ANYTHING

  19. Findlay Walker

    this music makes my toes curl

  20. Sam Hays

    I can't stop listening to this songggg

  21. Eric Rodriguez García


  22. Ruben Pandey

    From the Rich Brian tour <3

  23. Lee Lee

    That end tune... 💦

  24. rhy_boy1

    Inb4 this blows the fuck up

  25. Marco_

    #1 hottest 100

  26. Rapid Velocity

    Bro I knew I saw you central tunnels. I wish I said something, but mans is busy, you saw me looking but, Ahahahaha, stay golden.

  27. brodie farrelly

    bruhhh been hearing this on the radio

  28. ALPHA 276


  29. Damzcum Oner

    Killer track ay

  30. Louise

    Aussie post malone lol love this song!

  31. Alecia Ferguson

    Fucking amazing!! 🙏🤤💕💓

  32. Jack Pogalz

    USA Greetings. 🇺🇲

  33. Mitchy Grimley

    just plain DOPE

  34. Dakota Compton

    i need more merch!

  35. timun laut_

    Overly fuckin underrated

  36. DJ Skree

    I love you guys so damn much 😭💖

  37. Sessão Virtual

    I Love you song guys, I'm from 🇧🇷

  38. Tanapat Anomnual


  39. Demetra

    For me, that's your best work so far, and I love all your work. Greetings from Greece, you are so underrated ❤️🇬🇷

  40. Junglai chanal


  41. Rod N rifle

    Love u cunts

  42. Samuel xD Townson

    The way this is filmed is perfect. The way he's flashing back in time from being with his girl to the bathtub. A tragic anthem for those who've fallen out of those good times.


    I vibe hard to this 👌🏻

  44. vnlyrical

    I remember seeing doozy. It’s insane how much you’ve all grown and matured as artists. Holy shit

  45. Anne Neo Canero

    This is a beautiful music! 😍

  46. vanessahunt

    honestly never been so obsessed with a group before you guys are incredible

  47. Jack Roberts

    each song you release just gets better and better

  48. kyle

    I wish i could give this more then one up vote.

  49. Alex Cooper

    Hip-hop community around the world should know about you. From Russia with love!

  50. Lswan

    absolute killer song

  51. maja papaya

    ffs why is this so goodddddddd

  52. xtomsp

    when you eat a full spoon of vegemite

  53. nolan l

    these boys never disappoint

  54. Kaine Novak

    Who the hell is the 4th dude

    Zach T

    their producer

  55. Peter Radoulov

    Verry nice Musik :)

  56. heroinfather

    This makes me feel something

  57. DLonda Begaye

    Looooove this song I can't wait til you come to the states tho #NewMexico

  58. Hams Burhan

    My favourite song in 2019 ❤️💯
    Love you guys from 🇪🇸

  59. Triggered Mitch

    Neel Kolhatkar singing?! Oh my lanta, you are my woman!!

  60. Ezekiel Rivers

    You’re gonna be the next big thing lads

  61. Jesse Soutar

    Fucking love the second dudes flow and voice , lit brother keep pumping the goods

  62. Erel

    dope af 🔥

  63. Planet Take Over

    came across a song with a similar vibe called makeup by landon cube

  64. Mia Alford

    You guys are sick love your music good job boys

  65. matt brown

    fucking sick cunts

  66. Cebnel Mercado

    This song is so underrated it's such a banger🔥🔥

    Adam Siadokovic

    oath lad

  67. john Rsmith

    Everyday this song gets me <3

  68. KaJuan

    Why the fuck does this only have 250k views????????


    KaJuan they underrated asf that’s why

  69. Kyle Bawden

    That was a awesome song stumbled across Spotify and instantly had to watch the video clip once again that should be on the radio as a hit chart good rhythm and beat plus lyrics 👌🏻

  70. Ashish Lakhani

    This is gonna blow up like crazy! wow

  71. Will Webb

    new top song


    What a fucking track! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  73. gODZILLA

    Love that you lads bring something different every song

  74. Keely Mcbride

    Best in aus 🖤

  75. Sherman Reynolds

    Come to kentucky

  76. Sad cabé


  77. Faith Gaming

    So much talent I found out about this song today it’s amazing they deserve way more than what they get the main singers voice is amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  78. mac mittens

    Jesus wasting time .come to America start that solo

  79. Callan Stout

    Where can I find music that sounds like this?

  80. The WJH

    I hope he flushed the toilet after he was done


    Rock up to your door make you rip it through a gator ducking oth cunt



  83. Gopal Basanet

    Favorite right now ✌️

  84. Benjamin R.

    Best australian group❤ keep it up
    Greets from Germany

  85. TheOneWith TheRedTop

    I think Pano Jr. And Triple One would make a great collab. He's way more underrated though

  86. Allen Tuton

    They should blow up so much better then listen to that gutter aussie rap like kersa nd nter tko all flops i would listen to this over that any day anyways i found u guys on spotify so good luck should go far

  87. Mx_ Creator

    Been on them for a little over a year. I can’t wait till they blow up big time here in the US. Ps. That piano outro is beautiful .

  88. andrew maxim

    For a long time now I've been banging triple one as loud as possible so the whole of the UK will soon know how incredibly talented these guys are. Blessings 🔥

  89. Mason Henderson

    Triple H can rap

  90. ruub ht

    cant explain my love to yall

  91. eamonnc96

    fuck this is good

  92. hakkiiv

    we love y'all aussies!
    support from turkey

  93. Tee H

    Mexican Jesus

  94. Kill-Em-All 1989

    you guys are fucking killing it ]

  95. Paul Graly

    First dude's first is so fucking good, I love his flow/style in most of their songs

  96. Shawzy

    Found this song by looking through the A1 hip-hop playlist on Spotify. I have never really been a fan of Aussie hip-hop but this is sick

  97. Old Greg

    Did master splinter say "7" and hold up a 6?

    Eugene de Rooy

    Old Greg no