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Triple One Autumn Collection Comments
  1. emilio ochoa

    My favorite song

  2. Dman Oli

    2019 and still listening this underrated hero

  3. Wyatt Snider

    I found this so late. But goddam I’ve just been playing this on repeat for the past few days. It’s so good!

  4. Jeremy Mukes

    141 souless folk can't float

  5. Absolute Unit Ladd

    This kept showing up on spotify and i never noticed how much i loved it and suddenly im.singing it at work

  6. Israel O

    Jus commenting before this becomes mainstream 👌🏾

  7. SITFUstraw1075

    love this shit got a OE 40 an 3blunts rippin smackin blunts by a beautiful lake fuck ya man love you bro song slaps

  8. Josh Spragoo

    Wheres the love button @

  9. David Johann

    What song did he sample here?

  10. C.J. Blarf

    Come on Youtube, these ads are really fuckin up my sadboi vibes

  11. Josh Gonzalez

    This song so chill

  12. John John

    good favourite marty

  13. Lex Cestro

    This is touching my heart <3

  14. Tee H

    This my shit

  15. Ninki Mijaj

    I had to come back for this gem

  16. Natalie Pawlikowski

    Mannn. I love discovering artists like this ♥️

  17. Meli Holmes

    Couple years later and this song is still my favorite❤
    Thank you 111 for being you and making amazing music

  18. darklion53

    The dude really has a beautiful voice.

  19. Ninki Mijaj

    I can’t believe this was buried in my playlist, glad to be back

  20. obsolete boy

    "how cheap do you want this to..."


  21. Илья Князев

    It makes me a little bit depressed, but i like this feeling

  22. 999 GNG

    WE love you guys!! BRAZIL

  23. nogwop dabbington

    Why is this song such a vibe????

  24. mr Shaver

    This the kinda song you can put on repeat for a good hour and not get tired of it.

  25. Its Andrea_

    Came here from spotify!💙

  26. Carlos36

    Mexican Jesus!

  27. Jesse Hernandez

    If it's just for one night would you call me back..i loved that part

  28. Luke Robson

    This is one of those songs that makes me wish I could sing... 😂

    Luke Robson

    (Or makes me realise that I can't) 😂😂😂

  29. L-Andre

    Play on 1.25 speed noiceee

  30. deMika Moses

    Slept on rn...

  31. Kenjix

    good good

  32. MrDamiansTV

    Id love to hear him do a solo album

  33. vm vm

    i love they came up with Autumn Collection as the song name

  34. Luca Kn

    Does anyone have the chords for this?

  35. Jaylin Young

    I really need to learn how to play this

  36. Mr Smith

    my fav song,,,,,,,love this shit

  37. Brenden Morris

    First 111 track heard

  38. Tee H

    This should be at a mill

  39. Joshua Mackey

    This made me appreciate him so much more then usually just his melody singing with the other triple one boys, keep it up 💕

  40. Autumn

    my names autumn ;o

  41. Duran Marchand


  42. Summer Ravioli

    What if Humpty Dumpty traveled the world and sang

  43. Tiresxme

    this is great

  44. Psy x Luna

    Why this 🔥🔥🔥 so fucking slept on???

  45. Jesse Hernandez

    I have this on repeat on spotify really calming voice dope🔥👌

  46. Jordan Peacock

    Beautiful beat. Beautiful voice. This is 10/10 no doubt.

  47. isaac

    oi gringo is that merch that i dont own??????? gimme

  48. Trenton Erickson

    This the real heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. Tutus Thomson

    yeaaah im addicted to this song

  50. pix lulu

    Türk yok mu ya haha

  51. xWellSxWenchOx wellington

    Beautiful ❤️

  52. K Eichelmann

    Simply loving it

  53. khyl miller

    Reminds me of some wild Japanese music i want Another! one! And Another!

  54. Ezro

    i fuck w this song sm

  55. Mark Rodriguez

    Fave song hands down <3 :)

  56. Maggie Mothe

    What is this dude's name??

  57. Chris Rowe

    This has a lil peep vibe to it

  58. THE FriendlyPotato1

    I found this on Spotify a while back and I absolutely love it. It’s vibey af

  59. Adam Kenny

    Lowkey think this guy should go solo ngl

  60. Patr30t

    Yea dude this one (~☆_☆)~

  61. WPB626

    Found this on Spotify as suggested ,Glad I did

  62. CyganHD

    such an underrated song such a unique style

  63. Ben R

    beautiful melodys triple one I can vibe to this!

  64. wh at

    Triple one is one of the best underrated groups

  65. RED4UM


  66. Juan M

    Idk what it is but something about this song always helps me feel better, just floatin... 😌

  67. alex c

    shoulda made this with a real guitar, it sounds fake as fuck bit your voice is dope and real so it pulls the song through

  68. Krissy Bell

    So good!!!!!!!!

  69. Eduardo Vazquez

    Me encanta esta canción 😍😍 like si también te encanta

  70. Firesite

    Miggityman :( Bye Rufus!

  71. CloroxUltra

    Dijon's song

  72. пабло миша

    зе бест песенка отвечаю

  73. Jaylin Young

    I need to know how to play this on my guitar

  74. Exmortis Lunarcop

    still flames

  75. OOL YA'ACH

    Beautiful music!!!

  76. Floating Roots

    the feels get hit pretty hard with this one

  77. Willer Sander Van

    2018 Sad Trap

  78. big nigga

    This is my favourite song at the moment, 🇦🇺

  79. Adonis Young

    I. Want hoodie now

  80. Gopnik

    O, hesus

  81. Tukotahi - Sama

    This is sooo underrated, it’s simply a masterpiece

  82. Gears & Needles

    what song is this similar too when he he lowers his voice??

  83. Eternity

    what happened with the other two?


    Freddy Crabs brought me here

  85. FadeZ


  86. Dead End


  87. Midoria

    He is the best part of this group obi is kinda good too but not even close to phantho and its sad cuz they are keeping him down but he cant leave his firends

  88. Gabriel Braga

    Uma obra de calmaria essa música omg

  89. Paul Crandall


  90. JakeJonKing

    Ended their set with this banger at the Lil Xan sydney show

  91. zae x

    Dead as I thought he was a rose in the thumb nail

  92. Can we get 20 subscribers with no videos

    the chorus is fire as hell

  93. Stewart Grimaldo

    triple juan

  94. Somberz

    Are There Any Other Triple One Songs Like This?