Trina - Watch Yo Back Lyrics

[Chorus - Twista]
better watch yo back there boy
get on yo square or
my gun'll beat your chain
got the nigga figured out
showin you off tellin shit aint the same
go ahead and kick him out cut him up
catch him sleepin fuck him up
only he must not know your name
pimpin is a deadly game

[repeat Chorus]

oh nigga you mad now actin bad pullin out your gat
its not all you care about its cash so my feelings they asked out
and its so sad how I do fo you
be da woman come through fo you
when you do wrong police come through fo you
i even break the truth fo you
but the fact of the matter is
nigga you gon' love who you gon' love
you gon' trust who you gon' trust you gon' fuck
who you gon' fuck
but you wont trust me, no way no how
ya gotta give ya whole life fo a nigga nowadays
cant be in yo house cant even speak yo mouth
cant even beat him down why the fuck is this so
crazy, derranged that im into your thang
brings misery and pain
plus they call us lame bitches and heiffers and sluts
think your nut is gonna heal my bruises and battles and cuts
bitch y'all better get tough
and at the same time y'all better lock the game
and re-rock the game get a glock ready
sit back cock and aim
and try and stop the pain cuz ya got alot to gain
instead of sittin home waitin on niggas to call
puttin 911 in their beepers and all
we dont deserve this at all y'all

[Chorus - 2X]

nigga how you tame a bitch
talkin bout your game legit when you aint the shit?
then get wit a chick dont maintain a bitch you restrain a bitch
insecure niggas they blame a bitch then reign a bitch
get a ring try to rename a bitch get an attitude
play games with the dick and try to tame a bitch
y'all niggas better critically acclaim a bitch
you call we come take it like a champ drink all your cum
do a lot of shit ive never done so i keep my cool
cuz i aint the one to start actin up
cuz he even beat us from backin up
i wanna pack my stuff but mama said i cant come back to her
oh lord so I had keep askin ya
for help outta situations killin up my whole life
I'm in love with a thug and he aint treatin my soul right
and i know i dont see him uh dont need him
shit fuck him and feed him
fish stuck him and leave him quick shit...

[Chorus - 2X]

if you're a nigga with no love and dont want no bitch
Dont see no bitch dont need no bitch
then dont tease no bitch shit
cuz we dont need to be
fucked up mentally like a dumb ho
breakin out all your windows
tell the po-po's bout your do-po's oh no
I can get my own shit my own nigga my own dick
I dont need a nigga thinkin that he own a bitch
cuz he bought me shit
7 whole days aint call a bitch shit
nigga shoulda stayed right where he was at
cuz the nigga layed right where he was at
the nigga shoulda died right where he was at
better watch yo back

[Chorus - 3X]

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Trina Watch Yo Back Comments
  1. Kimberly Wright

    "Catch him sleep and fuck him up"... Yeeesss

  2. jasmine gaulden

    Listening in 2019 ... R.I.P to my mother ... One of her Favorite Artist ! #LLHopeGaulden

  3. Kim Michelle

    Middle school high school she got me thru it.... cut them niggas off cold dont have time for it

  4. Lillian Shingleton

    #Trina @Trina Yas Queen of the South we in here for you Boo ten toes down💪 Been spitting that real raw realness while it's all of a sudden a new 🌊😒🤧😬😂😂😂💆 You hella got me through the lames in high school and kept my game tight I used to kill these niggas lol but grew up in love and still bump #I'llAlways 2nd to the last song on the album #Trina #DaBaddestBitch Love you Aunty Tribean 😍😊😊🤗🙏💙💙🏆

  5. Maurice Williams

    Yessssssssss I love me some Trina Florida stand up the first rap chick to put us on the map I'm a day1 fan since98 I'm from broward county bout a hour a way from Dade county

  6. Maurice Williams

    Still jamming it 2019 real shit 💎💎💎💎

    Sonya Gillens

    This is my SHIT.....STILL!!!

  7. Arsenio Allen

    Trina is a real bitch for this song💖

  8. Wonder to myself

    Wow,I remember listening to this album when I would never have come to Christ before a crisis I began listening to it was because it was in my grandmother's CD stack and I got a car and would play it.I was going to school and began to strip,but I did not know the game.What a pitiful thing that happened to me.But God bless you Trina and slip and slide crew and you girls.

  9. Shamya Carter

    2019 ayyeeee

  10. Twinkiee 88

    2019 playing to get over a fuck boi

  11. Maurice Williams

    This album will never go out of style this shit will for ever be a classic.............iod💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎princess

  12. Latoya Peeples

    Been singing this shit all day!!! Still banging 2019!

  13. Tanika Howard

    2019 still the baddest in the game!!!

  14. Jimmie Edmonds

    This is who trick daddy is trying to get back for the TNT album.

  15. Shaelah Gardner

    Who still slapping this in 2019 🗣💯

  16. NaQuitta Butler

    Talk Yo Shit Bean❤️

  17. miata singleton

    Still rockin this in 2019 baby ayyy bitches yall better get tough

  18. Brandon Smith

    2019 💪🏽💪🏽

  19. LivingFree Naturally

    Still banging 2018?




    one of trinas hardest tracks. Bass bumpin

  22. Sheryll James

    Trina always the baddest baby that Florida bbbiihhhh

  23. Kyle Garvey

    This reminds me of my mom and Dad when they get mad at eachother 😂😂😂😂

  24. Great Value Bleach

    2018 bitches my jam when I'm angry at someone.


    2018 still my shit

  26. Erika Hill

    The best

  27. Nia Harris

    "o...he must not know ur naame"

  28. Nia M

    this gonna forever b my anthem...imma b 80 yrs old still listening to this

  29. EvolvinBeauti

    she rode this bitch!

  30. K KS

    #2017 still ridin

  31. Raymone Rhone

    I'm from Vegas I just wanna say I love Trina

  32. Nia M

    still bumpin in 2017!!!

  33. Kesha Barnes


  34. Latasha Davenport


  35. E L I T E O N T H E B E A T

    Old but GOLD!

  36. Jessica TACKETT

    Forget Remy Ma....Trina the baddest

    C knight

    Jessica TACKETT always been

  37. Nia M


  38. John Harvin

    I NEVER thought she was this Nice until this she fuckin killed this shit
    lls that's CRAZY!!!

  39. Nicholas Cregg

    This is my favorite song Trina ft Twista watch yo back Still listening to this in 2017

    Marisa Williams

    Yesssss this my bitch she can never be replaced

  40. Jessika Gaines

    the baddest chick went so hard on this one!

  41. Aunica Hanson

    why are natives allways 2 faced trash????

  42. Erica Williams

    still bumping this in 2016

  43. maneof yourdreams

    my favorite song ever , I know every word!

    *Always a Butterfly 1990

    maneof yourdreams its one of mines to

  44. John Harvin

    can't lie my bro bbymuva put me on to this and DAMN she went IN

  45. Mrs TACKETT

    She got me over the lames in high school

    *Always a Butterfly 1990

    what you mean lames in high school



    *Always a Butterfly 1990

    oh i get it now the fuck boys how old are you



  46. mzperfect71

    Realist Shit Ever

  47. Dejah Blue

    I love u Trina ! 🔥

  48. Lamont Davis

    i love you this woman this is true definition of a true bitch 


    Lamont Davis bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb' of of a a lot lot pollllp

  49. DaBaddestBitchOutDaA

    Trina Is Da Baddest Bitch 4 sho' !!!!! Please check me out search my name 24karatsAtl #DaBaddestBitchOutDaA  #AtlFemaleArtist .....

  50. eTheReal Deal

    that's some real shii

  51. Jessica George

    The baddest! Fosho!


    Man these bitches trippin' Trina the realest. The best rapper ever in my opinion and the only artist I really care about. Get em' Trina...

  53. Treasure Wallace


  54. Alexander Hanna


  55. Erica Boyd

    Best track!

  56. ladynogames

    throwback love it

  57. OHproductions

    Trina has always been a Realist!

  58. SweetJaneJones


  59. trezz18

    Look it up, its on here!

  60. trezz18

    My bitch <3

  61. brightballoon

    The first time I heard this song was two years ago when I was sunbathing on the roof of my Brooklyn, NY apartment building. I re-played it over and over again just STRUCK by how spot-on this song is, being a woman in this world. "Think your nut is gonna heal my bruises and battles and cuts?" She just keeps going and going and it's all true, and so fast!

    Shawron Ollison


  62. Allegra Jackson

    One of my favs off this album!!! Know all the words!! :-)

  63. Alexander Hanna

    i put so many of my friends on to this track...this some real shit right here!!!

  64. Kormmodity

    And bitches say Trina only rapped about sex and money.

  65. hood supreme