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Trina Tongue Song Comments
  1. hazin

    Derik king copies this song, it’s called Tetris

  2. Georgi Zhukov

    I want a girl like this that likes lots of dicks and I get to lick her clit all night long. XOXOXO

  3. john65999


  4. Justin Kidd

    Shakita Perry hot

  5. Simone Mackey

    This is not Trina 😐😒😤😑 this is Strings 😂

  6. Walter Shelton

    She the reason im fuckn these bad bitches now love you trina had a 3× off this on repeat wish you was there baby #kisses

  7. Robert Wisdom

    This ain't Trina, this is Strings. 😂

  8. Tiffany Foster

    This is not Trina it’s strings

  9. hungrynapps

    Am disliking cause u name the wrong singer...

  10. manish chandra

    This ain't no Trina ....

  11. Music Videos

    Here the music video by the original rapper

  12. Young Love

    It's actually Strings a.k.a. Tateeze

  13. SpaceGlitter

    this is the best thing ever

  14. Ukiah Stone

    🍂🍃🍁Trina and my cousin Missy hang out every now and then. 🍁🍂🍃

  15. Nik B

    is that string part from eleanor rigby? did she say she wants a hand in her butt??

  16. Lil Trez

    This is Strings not Trina at least give her credit for her song by fixing the title please

  17. Amine Mac

    Dope 2018

  18. Greg Boyd

    Bet her farts smell good

  19. Christi Morgan

    I forgot all about this song!!!😂

  20. Lawanda Ann Jones

    This my shyt

  21. K K

    strings wishes she was trina

  22. Laura Martinez

    Bite the bullet

  23. Eli Cordero

    Trina sexy I'd eat her pussy and tongue down her asshole

  24. Reading Rainbow

    can you fix title that's Strings not trina

  25. babyboybyrd1982

    This is STRINGS

  26. el guicho mano cucha

    conoces la,rola que bailaban por el 2000 2005 de brinquito como caballo tu muchachita??

  27. Neishyy J

    Still My S***

  28. jimin the mochi

    ohhh nice song

  29. Tauhirah Ayesha

    Nice 😎

  30. John Solodovesky

    this is very educational

  31. Nia Letta


  32. Kash j

    Tongue song

  33. Jay West

    I remember this version but didn't realize it was her that did it.

  34. ILoveDomoAndCrisyy SoMuchh

    I Love It So Much 😍 This Is So Truee

  35. Honey loves438

    hey I have a question,what's the music in the background (instruments)or song

    thesedays m

    Honey loves438 The thong song by sisquo

  36. Jason Simms

    i only dive head first in a swimming pool

  37. Jenna Stevens

    hell ya anymore these boys dont wanna shit dont they kno were n control shit.....

  38. sassy cakes

    hell yah id like to see sumone put in work while I'm sober ha

  39. Jayme Lowps

    This Is Not Really Trina

    Reading Rainbow


  40. James Perry II

    That's my girl

  41. Alles oder nix turke

    Cook güzel sehr gut

    gl d

    Alles oder nix kazap işte bir Türk .. bu şarkının Türkçesi ni biliyor musun

  42. quanathan

    look at the uploader's channel name

  43. UniqueLion86

    I hope you guys know this is NOT Trojans. The person rapping is Strings (aka Tateeze) a female rapper who was on Cash Money Records in the early 2000s. Strings album was never released


    "Trojans" is the funniest typo ever. 😂

  44. terran suggs

    Reverse the cuss words in this

  45. smooth operator

    I just love to suck and finger a wet pussy till she squirts everywhere.
    I'm a dude

    Angel Roses 68

    smooth operator
    Yea ok smh

  46. Moochie Transou OLDCHANNEL

    Jus to let yall knw this isnt trina
    Her name is strings

    jeremy shorrock

    Moochie Transou OLDCHANNEL B

  47. telo jakupi

    so much better than sisqo

    Joseph Boyd

    stop lying to yourself...


    Huh ? You Clearly don't know sisqos music then

  48. Ms Iam Everythang

    The Remix of all Remixes, this is a hot twist on that song and even better than the original, Go Trina!

  49. Shelby Pierce

    yeeeeah! I like to play wit my pussy while i listen to this shit!


    Right on!

  50. Iketut Lantara


  51. Jocelyn Blair

    Ayyyeeee !

  52. Stefan Gustafsson

    Love this tune. Don't even know how I got the mp3 a bunch of years back and then lost it. Have not found it anywhere else.

  53. Grupo Epasa

    sisgo thong song

  54. Myra Rodriguez


  55. Terry Emker

    I like this song...

  56. Michael

    I have heard this song sung by two different ladies. Strings and Trina sound nothing alike. Was this remade?  This definitely sounds like Trina, but I have seen a video sung by another lady who is definitely not Trina and sounds nothing like Trina.

  57. Yvonne Mignon

    This is Stringz!!!

    iCalintz YT

    LOL Fucking amazing song.

  58. Stacey Whittock

    Liked this song for years cant remember who it is but its definitely not trina as ive seen the video for it too

    Desiree Franklin

    trina just remade it

    Yvonne Mignon

    With the same lyrics?

    Marion Cobretti

    @Yvonne Mignon They're different.

    Alexandria Taylor

    Thing by sisco

  59. Paul Roberts

    This aint even Trina .... but its good

    Eric Lee LeBeau

    is not Trina? who is it so?

    Paul Roberts

    @Eric Lee LeBeau This is Strings

  60. XXX YYY

    So nasty but I loves!!!

    darknight babal

    Real Bitch yes me too 💓💓💕💕👌👌

  61. Chuck Johnson

    how can i download this song its the best!

  62. Nia Letta

    "You here this Strings ni**a" Tongue by Strings official video when she was signed to Cash Money....

  63. freddy mack

    smells like fish but taste like CHICKEN...

  64. Edwin Hoffman

    where do you download this song??

    Ken Alexandre Meridi

    Edwin Hoffman you're cute

  65. Lord Debrick

    Where is the video for this? I loved the video...

  66. Spook TrollingYT

    trina and plies omg would either make a good sex couple fwb or they would be great on a song together they talk about the same thing sex but diffreint body parts

  67. rh777

    Tell it like it is.

  68. sandra909

    Its the thong song

  69. Carleesha Morrow

    Why Does The Beat Remind Me Of A Song I Heard Before

  70. Dr. Jé

    @.....2:42 when the base drop I know you wanna hit so ....

  71. kripwit

    This ain't Trina. It's Strings aka Tateeze.

  72. Marcus Cummings

    LOL it really isn't

  73. Toronto Ting

    Haha I love it! Lmao

  74. Brebre3221995 so done!

  75. Brooklyn Whit

    trina did the damn thing in this song.... nicki who??? ...thought so! lmao

  76. domo shwagg

    Other Way Around Lil One , Anybody Should Know That .

  77. lilmiznatt

    You can tell its Trina by the voice, pretty damn obvious...


    This is NOT Trina

  78. zebredpooding

    wow classy broad

  79. bluebelle181

    Uhh no young one. It's the other way around


    bitch Strings is part of the song she says it in the song before it comes on hoe

  81. 1991TrapGoonsVEVO ™

    Dis Song Is Dirrttaayyyy <3

  82. Ashley Smith

    dont stop till i beg you to and then keeep going

  83. XXX YYY


  84. kikefernano619

    Lol stupid :)

  85. AlanaJ

    Keep licken till ya hit my spot;*

    Lol trina goes off

  86. Cortney bowen

    haha only my friend morgan would tell me to listen to this song lmfao

  87. Ronnie

    U need to lick it again. LOL haha

  88. SexiJenny98

    lol inbox me ;)

    Taffy Chaos

    Can anybody inbox you sweetheart?, I'd I'd love to hang out with you and have a good time sexy

  89. 1tanikat1

    nice song to dance to in the club

  90. Flychicka100

    My shit lmfaooo

  91. Samuel Peter

    ready to lick yo clit to this beat :p lool. give me a call ;)

  92. MrPoetistic85

    @crystal2smart4u then you mustve had some wack dudes in your life. lol