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Trina Skyline Comments
  1. Rapture us Quicker


  2. sandy beach

    2019 still my shit

  3. ScotianBred

    Damn! This one has been sleeping for a bit eh. Just heard this on that new #IAMHIPHOP #64

  4. Astonish-n Oliver

    Copy "Alphee Oliver be" into google and Enjoy it.

  5. Krushaad Lyons

    Trina #1✨💯✨

  6. B N M

    Hmm.. ok good point. Thanks

  7. B N M

    Rick Ross wrote Trina's part... or this orginally was just Rick ross..not Trina. She probably just went in the studio and rapped his part. Idk but Trina ain't that good of a rapper. I'm doin my research on this song.

  8. Julie Araiza

    Love this song native beauty

  9. hood supreme


  10. TitanClan

    that was hot