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Trina Single Again (Remix) Comments
  1. Kayla Lassiter


  2. Hunter2847

    What’s the track at the end? I done forgot


    Damn it’s that foxx...that whole cd is dumpin

  3. Hunter2847

    Wayne came out snappin

  4. Daniela Arilu

    September 2019

  5. Kiki Banks

    Hot girl summer 🔥🔥🔥 2019

  6. arman757

    This is almost the speedin beat


    Runners did this? It does sound like it. I like speedin

  7. it's all Love

    what was the tune at the end, Anyone know?


    Dam that was a good song

  9. John Doe

    Bruh this shit still go off!! Plies part and then Trina with that greasy talk 🔥🔥

  10. Stevie Grant

    Nahh im just playin ....

  11. Stevie Grant

    Wayne dated both trina and christina milian...lucky lol

  12. Stevie Grant

    Its weeezyy babaayyyy

  13. Stevie Grant

    Wayne goat
    Ross was fire
    Plies very eaw to the ppint
    Nicki minaj lil kim
    trina dirty south queeb
    foxxi brown

  14. Stevie Grant

    Lol i remember goin on vaca from boston to lil rock on a bus turnin ppl on to wayne and this track.. i was 15 16

  15. Lashunda Martin

    Trina with the red dress at 2:50❤❤❤

  16. Kenneth Baoleki

    Music used to be good

  17. Malis Wade



    I never heard of Trina in '08, have you? This song touches me.

  19. Mak B


  20. Jaella Honey

    Back again 2019 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Benny Watkins

    Notice how my nigga Plies didn't even call her a derogatory name like the B & H words....he just unapologetically confessed to his wrong doings, kept it raw and blunt and told her what (9 times outta 10), she was already probably aware of! But she'll be bike cuz he'on eat it (referring to her other nigga)

    *I don't condone cheating on your significant other At All! Cheating is BEYOND foul, wrong, and just not cool to do because that shit'll seriously ruin someone's heart and change them for life!

  22. Jennifer Rivers


  23. 0deis Davidson

    Trina kill the beat... Still listening in 2020

  24. Abigail Anderson

    2019 jamming

  25. BiN0 W.

    Still in 2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Roy Autwell

    Everyday when my ex walks into work and I'm there....i play this and it burns her up haha especially when I sing plies verse lol

    Chukwubuikem Chukwuka

    You knw it🙌

  26. April Tangie

    @Jeffnakogee this song reminds me of you and ainsley ❤

  27. Exclusively Exquisite

    2019 Single Again 😝😝 never again

  28. matthew mann

    Weezy And Trina make it a automatic banger

  29. Sabrina Div


  30. E-KakaTV

    2018 anyone?

  31. Danny Ocean

    I 💓 Trina!

  32. Danny Ocean

    This is soooo underrated...

  33. Matthew Mayers

    Trina 😍

  34. Jayse Myles

    Song def reminds me of my ex. Wherever you are Marisa Kay, its been a min but you still run my mind- JMW

  35. Braelyn Monroe

    2017 and I’m still playing this... damn lol “you damn right I cheated!!”

  36. Jillian Burns

    Aye single Again

  37. Gianna Parks

    They need to add this to Apple Music 🤦🏾‍♀️


    Gianna Parks literally why I’m here 😂😂 Apple Music didn’t have it so I had to find it here

    Jessica Bryant

    Gianna Parks frfrfrfrf

    Jessica Bryant

    NurseKash saaaame

    Niama Cathey

    Right 😩

    Why Nope

    I’m sooo mad it’s not there 🥴🥴🥴

  38. Gavin Wells

    still goin in

  39. Angel Hartley

    Tarraj is my friend and my sisters friend

  40. Angel Hartley

    Ohbhama is my friend I like don't do Beyonce and Kelly Rollin

  41. Angel Hartley

    Ha ha ha i dont like rickross voice i am saying it again

  42. Angel Hartley

    Sing a song with Mary Trina

  43. Work OfArt

    Plies killed it. They all did good tho.

    Roy Autwell

    You dayum right haha

  44. Jermaine Blakely

    The original & this remix are both good.         This remix is underrated tho.

    DDomino Geronimo


  45. Mjayy


  46. Aliyah Shytle

    I love this song. Its the best song she has. I listen to it every day!

  47. America Baldon

    My song

  48. Lilbobby Daboss

    Cause dealin wt u it aint easy think ima let u tlk to me greasy i ain one dem lil lames sweaty, so u single again well we even


    Lilbobby Daboss you feel me

  49. jarius souter

    all of them went off that what up trina still bad as fuck

  50. INFINITY1664

    "you single again when we even" plies

  51. DrFisher2011

    Yea plies came out with what he said while killing the beat!!!

  52. keisha samples

    This my shit!!!!

  53. Brandy H


  54. Coco Andrews

    Lol Plies really killt his part...

  55. Thomas Casey

    Plies kills it. Literally has always been my favorite part of this remix

    DDomino Geronimo

    Lil Wayne too!!!

  56. jamel davis

    Trina Bad Af

  57. CME Lafamilia


  58. money1stnamelastname

    weezy had the best part and plies just had the realest part

  59. Laura B.

    This song stinks

  60. Laura B.

    Awfulll , js

  61. michael baughman

    man you got to love plies...damn right i cheated! XD He would say it to her face to i bet lol thats some balls right there.

  62. Orlando Johnson

    type in,,,,, (ceejure),,,,,eminem and lil wayne remix killed it!!!!!!

  63. Caleb Croteau

    @DistrictOfColumbian yur fuckin retarted

  64. King

    @1313caleb shes married to kenyon martin from nuggets

  65. Caleb Croteau

    @Swagerific20 but hes a bad ass raper and hes single cuz he fucks whoeva he wants yu dumb ass

  66. Wiz Khalifa

    wooooot start of a new page :D

  67. badazz88

    @GuitarStrummer96 i was high when i made ma comment man anyway plies is better than little wayne so calm it down nigga

  68. fresitabebe01

    im single again. fuck u nigga!

  69. Cam Barnes

    Wayne wrecked this hoe!!!!!

  70. jarrin morris

    damn straight back on the prowl haha.

  71. Coach Juci

    Dat damn plies no joke , he admitt the shit .. haha

  72. Eric Peacock

    Rick Ross's Fat ass is always single..

  73. YoungBased James

    You dam right icheated couldnt get it from you when ineed it Lol Daam

  74. Mars Kennedy

    @illogik True shit ......

  75. illogik

    @MWard1003 your opinion is gay, no thank you

  76. NickiMinajConcerts

    Who's that makin' them pumpkin noises ?

  77. R-Mello

    go to 2:51. I would hammer that

  78. Selecta Best

    the original is way better.

  79. Mars Kennedy

    @illogik My opinion is abstinence, but you can try :)

  80. illogik

    @MWard1003 yup, and fuck your opinion

  81. Mars Kennedy

    @illogik highly doubt that, but thats your opinion .

  82. illogik

    @MWard1003 maybe cause he the hardest nigga out right now?

  83. Mars Kennedy

    Why was rick ross even on this song -_-

  84. David Collins

    @TheSm00ky wezzy...? its weezy, b****. dont f*** wid wayne an his name boi....

  85. badazz88

    wezzy is on fuckin fireeeeeeeeeeeeee

  86. Yung Prollem


  87. David Moore


  88. Rembrandt Gaming

    I listened to this song just for Plies

  89. butterfly10560

    I gave you a ring that I don't need back cause I know one day you go back not today but one day

  90. MissPretty518

    @loudnigga00 lol thanks

  91. camtheman1994

    @loudnigga00 and wen u put nigga in your youtube name

  92. MissPretty518

    im hotter than fish sticks hotter than a heater

  93. Itslibby Steg

    I listen to this remix just to hear plies part!!!


    i lovee plies part:)

  95. AndallthatRush

    @TheMagisterMilitum thats so true

  96. BlueHeartFam

    check out my remix to this, official video too so ull be entertained :)


  97. AndallthatRush

    @TheMagisterMilitum i know right and the bad part is is that he really is laughing all the way to the bank..this is all he has to do for millions, and he is just a normal person that now has the biggest ego it seems on earth