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Trina Real One Comments
  1. Katrina Lovett

    Real One 💯

  2. Dafne Noel


  3. Evans Asuma

    December 2k19 🔂🔂

  4. Rachel Smith

    Always listening to my girl 🥰🔥🥰 rock ⭐️

  5. Egyptian Doll

    Yesss ✨Trinas part 🔥🔥

  6. Kerio key key Houston


  7. Courtney Edwards

    Where can I find this song because I cannot find it on apple music

    Natalie Hauke

    Courtney Edwards same 🤦‍♀️

    Courtney Edwards


    Nicki WoozTV

    She deleted this video

  8. Sade Nickerson

    This song relates to me most definitely but in woman form😍

  9. Sweet Cocoa

    I keep this on repeat 🔥

  10. Suprxme Fire_

    This is real rnb

  11. Courtney B.

    QUEEN Trina

  12. Courtney B.


  13. A’NUME VSG

    This song is a Real One! Rico did his thang on this joint 💍👑💍

  14. Mrspretty K


  15. Candice Stewart

    My theme song fr ... SAD😢

  16. A’NUME VSG

    This is so incredibly lit! 🔥 Xoxo 💋

  17. Sondrica Cox