Trina - Off The Chain With It Lyrics

[Trick Daddy]
What time ya'll?? Ball off tha chain

[CHORUS- 2x]
You off tha chain wit it,
you do your thang wit it
tha way you talk, tha way you walkin
girl you slang wit it
You on tha road lil' momma
Outta control lil' momma
never know dis b'4, but damn you swole lil momma

[VERSE 1: Trina]

Like I said before, you don't nann hoe
who off tha chain like me, you understand hoe?
I got tha niggas at me, I got tha bitches at me
At the shows dyke hoes blowin kisses at me
Slow your roll hoe, Lil' Momma strictly dick
I'm the bitch that got you lame hoes poppin shit
I'm off tha glass, got these niggas trickin 20 G's
Lil' Momma gettin' plenty g's and I got 'em hollerin


[VERSE 2: Trina]

Ain't no secret baby
you know lil' momma shinin'
BB studded, diamond's got these big ballers whinin'
You know lil' momma play
Nigga let them g's loose
Or rob that bank playboy
peel them g's loose
you know lil' momma baddest bitch on tha south coast
i got these buck niggas trickin' of their house note
cuz i'm off tha glass wit it
I'm gettin' cash with it
Pretty face, slim waist, phat ass wit it

[CHORUS- 2x]

[VERSE 3: Trick Daddy]

You off tha chain wit it, ha, off tha chain wit it,
off tha chain wit it
See i can tell by your smile,
Girl you got your freak game on,
got on these strap up heels, and your P thangs on
You got your hair all done
somebody ta watch your son
you off tha chain wit it
you slang your than you makin change wit it
for a lil cash
for a lil ass
for a lil' this
for a lil that
letme make this
letme take this
letme get that
I'm down wit it
I'll be up supportin' your cause
flirtin' all week long
i'll be rememberin' your walls



Yeah I'm off tha chain wit it
I do my thang with it
Last year ya'll remember how i came wit it
uh, now i'm makin' hits again
Trinna&Trick again
Got you hatin' hoes sick again
And them niggas hollerin'

[CHORUS - til end]

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Trina Off The Chain With It Comments
  1. Ebony Brown

    Yesss ma'am that stanze you cant buy that sauce off the shelf CLASSIC LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL DIVA

  2. Miss Queens

    I see where beyonce get some of styles from she kinda copies trina here lol

  3. Keko Sunny

    lmao is she wearing black trash bag Couture i luvvvv you trina

  4. Maurice Williams

    4 ever my shit still banging it in 2019 classic

  5. CoffeeLover

    They were in heavy rotation for me back then! Good times

  6. LivingFree Naturally

    2018-19 Anyone?

  7. Yes_I_Am_ Ms. Jackson

    You off the chain wid it!!#Trinastillthebaddest#90'smusic#getwitit

  8. Yolande Jackson

    I fucking love this song.

  9. Mr. Yadda Yappy Yap

    Very good collaboration

  10. Miabellaa

    Bitch Trina been talking shit since the beginning of my time!! I was young wen this album came out!! She been goin crazy 👅💪🏽🤘🏽🔊🔊🔊

  11. Miabellaa

    This one of my FAVORITE Trina Songs!! 🗣🔥💯💃🏽💃🏽🔊🔊🔊

    John Doe

    Miabellaa off the chain

  12. Lamont Davis

    now don't get me wrong Trina will always be the best but i love her she ant bout that beef hell she know its nothing but a hand full of female rapers and she not trying to have beef she trying to get this paper this one of the reason y i love her i love you always 

  13. smcharles9

    This is my shit

  14. Caren Warren

    I miss these days

  15. Hey.Lamar

    Still her BEST always

  16. trezz18

    Pretty face, slim waste FAT ASS WIT IT ;)\
    #TeamTrina FOREVER <3

    Yolande Jackson

    trezz18 For Life

    John Doe

    trezz18 you cute lil nigga

  17. bimmerboi

    Got you hatin hoes sick again
    and them brothers hollerin x 5

  18. andreas vekinis

    @ikidd102 Anything that isnt't "your shit"?Lol just joking.thanks for commenting/rating my trina vids.. ;)

  19. ikidd102

    my shit!