Trina - If You With Me Lyrics

If U w/ me girlfriend then wave your hands
Slap a nigga wit a hundred just to show your grand
Get them niggas fuck all U can
I'm gettin' paid just to fuck a man

[Verse 1]
Im a bad ass bitch nigga
that's why yo' doe gone
and all yo' weed in the ozone
Im doing this one for my no thugs
who on no drugs
other niggas yellin' out so what, huh
Cause you could never be my only one
cause I want too much shit, want too much done
recognize who I be when you see me in the club
like a pooch in a coupe with the roof dropped down
where my real bitches at?
right here
where them niggas riches at?
right here
We treatin' niggas like rental cars doggin' em out
with no doe theres nothing we can talk about

[Chorus (Repeat 2x)]

[Verse 2]
I can tell by your eyes, love is what you feel
U wanna talk nigga, then lets discuss my bills
as you can see im an expensive bitch
who has good taste and love expensive shit
U wanna conversate well nigga I charge a fee
each additional minute, nigga I charge a fee
You short well nigga I gots to go
only ballers are tall enough to reach my goal
I know you love me but I love your huns
cause U could never be my only one
Don't trust me, broke nigga don't lust me
cause gettin' paid is a must be
and hell naw you can't fuck me

[Chorus (repeat 2x)]

[Verse 3]
2 karats in the ear
4 karats in the ring
hoes get sick when they see the bling bling
stay fuckin' wit' a thug
who would cop the 4, cop some ?
then cruize and just drop u off
want me to lock the door
im not whore
fuck nigga get your mind right or im out the door
gotta go, goota go
6 double o
im a big trouble hoe
who likes to smuggle doe
from my head to my toe
fly shit fo' sho'
want my wrist to glow
and my tips to flow
don't puff blunts
i like my B's up front
you can smoke though blow weed on my kunt
cause im a bad bitch
first round drifted
shaped like a coka- cola classic
get my ass licked
take a nigga for his cash quick
even take plastic, uh


yeah I know yall niggas can say fuck them hoes
but not on this one
im doing this one for my bitches
all bitches of all bitches
and fuck them flaw bitches
okay, play wit' it
Ms Trina
new Millennium
year 2000
slip -n- slide

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Trina If You With Me Comments
  1. waltwithdasalt

    I miss this

  2. Brittany K

    && you could neva be my only one , cus i want too much shit... want too much done! periodt!

  3. Jay Blu

    2020 bih

  4. Cj Paid

    My shit real raw shit trina lil kim foxy brown nun better

  5. Demetrius

    My favorite!!!

  6. msgucci103

    Classic Trina

  7. Christopher Lewis

    I love this song. Classic album forever.
    Thank you, Trina.

  8. Franki Phoenix

    This my song lol before City Girls Nicki or Cardi B, there was Trina. 👑


    Franki Phoenix lil Kim: am I a joke to you.😂

    Johan Liebert

    @$CLYDEXVERSE$ Sha rock:Am I a joke to you?

    Johan Liebert

    @$CLYDEXVERSE$ besides mc lyte is better than lil kim

  9. Mike D me. You left your purse at my crib. B up all night...

  10. Donald Johnson

    I love the beat of this song and the sample from the song by the group Chic " Soup For One " ... 👍👍👍👍

  11. oliverrando

    song wack

    Nestor Collazo

    you spelled legendary wrong weak ass nigga


    how i spelled legendary wrong

    Nestor Collazo

    it's just sarcasm my dude this song is legendary like the album it came from

    Q-U-B -E-S

    Nestor Collazo 😭😭My slow ass finally got what u were saying

    Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Fuck You Nigga Tight Up

  12. nicole clark

    Dis my shiiiii biiih still blasting ya baby gurl 💕👸🏽💃🏽✨💅🏽🌴