Trina - I Don't Need U Lyrics

See I don't need Nann Nigga
Jockin' me, slowing me down
Or stoppin' me
Climbing all on top of me
If he ain't gonna fuck me properly
It's got to be, possibly
A dick that ain't too soft for me
Nigga get your ass up off of me
Besides your dick to small for me
I gots to be fucked right, sucked right
In the butt right like a slut like
In the bright lights, every day all night
Now talk to me, why you fuck me violently?
Calling me names that apply to me
Cumming all inside of me
Don't lie to me, now tell the truth
Is this pussy good to you?
Grip for you, good and tight
But full of juice
Why wouldn't you?
Why shouldn't you?
Scream while I am riding you
Over you making this pussy stroke for you
Like your bitch supposed to do
Close to you and I'm feeling most of you
Deep for me, we can meet
Fuck me till I fall asleep
Not unless there three nuts for me
Or get your ass up off of me
Ol' tired ass nigga besides
You ain't even all that any way

[1 - Trick Daddy]
Bitch I don't need you
No way, no how, not then, not now
Uh-uh, bitch

[Repeat 1 (3x)]

[Trick Daddy]
Oh you done blowed
Bitched you done showed out
And I got no beef
If this was my house bitch
You would've been thrown out
And y'all bitches better hold up
Simmer down and get the fours up
Mouth all tored up
All this is swolled up
Y'all bitches better show some love
Or your licking these nuts saying that freaky stuff
And you ain't gotta have the best head
But bitch it better be close enough
See I don't need ya, I don't see ya
And I really won't wanna be ya
If head is nappy and you boppin' me
Young bitch then that's illegal
You always braggin' and beggin'
Talkin' 'bout what the last nigga gave ya
See everybody ain't able
But y'all bitches so ungrateful
You need to ask questions about dushy
Cause I hate the smell of stank pussy
And you're under arms a little musky
I was gonna spare ya but you had to push me

[Repeat 1 (4x)]

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Trina I Don't Need U Comments
  1. Beatrice Moore

    You ain't gotta have the best head but it better be close enough😂😂😂😂

  2. Edwards Talents


  3. Gi Gi

    In 2019 BIH ION NEED CHA.👊🏾

  4. Keyana Chisholm

    My shit. 2019

  5. Jon Honesty

    Lmao oh what a throwback

  6. Zaire Dravis

    Yesss this what i grow up on the latest 90s miss it memories

  7. Terrell Tasha McCrorey

    They were stupid for this one. I actually witnessed an argument like that. Tickled the hell out of me. Still love it

  8. Tweet Tweet

    Im still rockin this song errrr chance I get

  9. Kyla Dixon

    Still bumping in 2019 🙌🏽

  10. Sa'Diddy Lane

    Who's Still listening in 2019 ?

  11. TaCoz

    2019 and I still don't need ya!

  12. Snssns Haywood

    😂😂dey both snapped on each other

  13. Radical Bryan

    Who is still listening to this after an altercation between Trina & Trick Daddy on Love & Hip-hop?

  14. Wendy Young

    This still my shit!

  15. Mike M

    Wow!!! I'm that person who not only bought the the CD at wal mart, but, took it upon myself to find the unedited version!! I don't remember where I bought that from, but I remember it was like listening to a whole other cd!!😂😂cuss words and nassy words were so much better!!! Love Trina circa 2000/2001

  16. Laila key

    2019 ... love this song mah mood 24/7

  17. ImNotHereImThere11

    2019 anyone? Cause my nigga think it's a game!

    Sneiko the Diva

    ImNotHereImThere11 😂😂😂😂

  18. 2010cmarie

    I stumbled on this shit and imgoing through it just because I know real bitches! #trinatrappussy dont play 💜

  19. 2010cmarie


  20. 2010cmarie


  21. ThoroughbredDiva

    Why i just randomly bust out rapping this while i was cooking. Had to come find it on YouTube. 🤭😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝 #classyratchet

  22. Fatima Amitaf


  23. Amilia Smith

    I still like this song still ayyyyy

  24. Terika Carr

    2018 an still listen to it cuz it's so raw

  25. Randi BooksAndMascara

    Iconic. 🙌🏾

  26. bikonic marcus

    2018 and im still bumping this

  27. tc g

    Damn her pop off was ONLY 49 SECONDS!!!

  28. Giovanni Desir

    Everybody sayin CardIB was the ratchet...naw y’all never heard Trina #SouthFlorida #954 #305

  29. Jayme Lowps

    Who's still listening to this in 2018?

    Jim Beam

    Na bruh, we in 2019


    Damn Gurl stay cum all in my mouth...wS78...

  31. oliverrando

    this song is ok

  32. DJ Johnson

    I remember this chick pulled up at the gas station blasting this and I was in love with the song ever since LOL

  33. Darnez Thomas

    She said "cumming all inside of me" smh lol I mean who wouldn't ijs

  34. Oliver Hernandez

    Lil Kim Trina were so sexy back then

  35. Gemini Queen

    Me and my sis loved this song lmao and I knew all the words too. My shit was lit

  36. Andre Will

    PS only Trina part(rewind)

  37. Andre Will

    wish Trina still rock like this

  38. immabossbitch559

    Her coldest lyrics next to nann nigga verse... Came real af on this song..


    immabossbitch559 I agrew

  39. vidal martinez pacheco

    haha I was gonna smell ya butt ya had to push me.....

  40. nique nique

    Those 65 who disliked this song gotta be boring


    Trina & Trick Daddy was the baddest together then... together made phat traxx

  42. Nakia Starr

    Follow on Instagram @nakiastarr

  43. evon doe

    ol tired ass nigga u ain all that anyway fck u 😂😂🌹💯💯💯 this was my shit yo. word

  44. Cassidy Williamson

    this girl here was and still is the truth

  45. MidNovembersDream

    Trina is a true Sag, nasty as fuck. We don't do that whack sex shit either. Nigga you gon make me cum a few times every single time we smash, if not take ya weak dick & get the fuck on.......

  46. ovhni

    So much fuckin' respect for her raunchiness. So much sexual power, lorrrddd

  47. The new king of bass loud

    hard to believe this song is 16 years old I bought it the first day it come out only problem is I wish the song was a little bit longer


    The new king of bass loud i agree. the song is too short.

  48. The new king of bass loud

    Trina still Da baddest bitch!! Miami stand up Liberty City Coconut Grove Lil Haiti lil Havana Richmond Heights

    Lil Daddy Henry


    Iman Noir

    #305 #Beans4Lyfe

  49. Antoine Williams

    Dam she just made your boy weak!!!!

  50. pooh Thomas

    I use to love this song even tho I was young couldn't play it around my dad r mama I'm 28 now 😂😂 who still playing this in 2016

    pooh Thomas

    Trina went hard bk b tha day


    pooh Thomas I definitely remember this song! I was in the 7th grade and my friends and I learned this song and I hid the cd under my bed from my parents lol


    pooh Thomas she had no choice her label wanted her to. She wants to do r&b but everyone wants hood Trina

    Kyra Love

    This was my life!! I'm 28 now too😂😂😂

  51. Esha Chaenel

    damn she snapped

  52. CeCee Smith

    omggg I remember sneaking listening to this when I was in my pep squeak days😂😂😂😂😂but this song goes even harder now that I'm in my 30's .

  53. tee baby

    im 26 now. i snuck i bought this cd with my babysitting money😭😭😭 still bumpin

  54. Gloria Gusoff

    My favorite part is "callin me names that apply to me". But I love the whole song. Trina is so much better than all these corny female rappers out now.

    Gods Amazing

    Call me names that dont apply to me

  55. Brayakabignigh

    The Baddest Bxtch ❣

  56. Aiden Edwards


  57. Nia K

    I was young asl rappin Trina shit like I was grown ctfu


    Nia K lmfao

  58. Kieta Thomas

    Love this song

  59. Ozell Hall

    Dade County! Enuff said.. 305

  60. 1BlueBlack

    Bitch I don't need you!

  61. Cordney Banks


  62. Branden Brown

    The realist/best female rapper ever I don't bump it but I respect it I remember this song from my youth lol I'm grown now

  63. NellyBelle

    ''Bitch I don't need yah...''!!! Love Trick on this!!

    Amilia Smith

    NellyBelle this how i feel

  64. Eiko M

    Trina's not faking for any guy. I love it lol.

  65. Jessica Rebecca Edmonds

    My get out the way song

  66. LaTonya Griffin

    This my shit my song niggas ain't shit nowadays right bitch I don't need u I take damn care me and mines, know dat

  67. Nicole Brown

    I love this song! This is for my haters! Bitch, I don't need you!

  68. Alexis Jolie

    My fav song lol

  69. naptamis prime

    This was that fee back in the day


    this was my shit!!!

  71. Paul Roberts

    Lmao Ratchet ass song I love it .....

  72. Andre Wilson

    Ayeeeeeeeeee 💃‼️

  73. MsNiceandpretty

    Trina is a hoe...lmfaooo

  74. 1991TrapGoonsVEVO ™


  75. echooftruth12


  76. Jordy Paz

    I don't know if I should feel proud or ashamed to have an ex that introduced me to this song

  77. dondrell spencer

    fucked right sucked right...lmfaooo love it


    dondrell spencer lol

  78. TheIcalik

    this pussy isnt good to me

  79. Zee Man

    just be yourself. real girls hard to come across.

  80. DRAAAAY!

    Yea but Trick be READIN like chick... And that's not a bad thing AT ALL ! Y'all hoes be getting outta hand and y'all need somebody to give it right BACK

  81. xcanady

    Yeasssssss TRINAAAAAA wow! Dang that was for real.... oooo we so ratchet! !!!!

  82. Tina Tally

    LMAO...This sh*t reminds me of my teenage years in Chicago's summertime '00....LOVE TRINA!

  83. Raul Torres


  84. Sharina Griffin

    this my shit

  85. Adrienne Bush

    I was gone spare ya but you had 2 push!!!!

  86. Brandy Flynn

    I try to act all prim and proper...until I hear this

  87. Shody Larkins

    you ALREADY KNOW :)

  88. Punkin Powell

    this my shit

  89. shajoi7

    FOREAL LOL this was the hardest...

  90. Shody Larkins


  91. jmoney4949

    That's my bitch rite there