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Trina Can I Comments
  1. Resse Love

    Still listening in 2019

  2. Ladi Bug

    Still a hit in 2019

  3. Denisha White

    Still listening 2019 😩🥰

  4. Nicole New


  5. Laylay squad

    2019 💜🤟🏾🥰

  6. deiarra monaee

    Still listening In 2019?

  7. Detrice Westpoint

    Still here 2019 ❤️

  8. LaTica

    Know heartbreak all too well

  9. Kryshon Morgan

    Mya yeah

  10. James Mcneil

    ❤️ this sang so much

  11. Kryshon Morgan

    Still listening in 2019😘

  12. James Mcneil

    I just found out about this 😍 JBriel

  13. Sage Washington

    Just discovered this song 2019!

    NayNay Lee

    Where u been. Lol

  14. Fredeisha Glover

    Still listening 2019!!!!🥰🥰❤️

  15. Kris Welch

    🙌 2019 🙌

  16. Shawhitney Harris


  17. Definitive1

    Fixed that for you. I'm scared as hell.... Yeah.... Know heartbreak all too well.... Yeah. Just give me a green light baby, say it's okay I could go in, go in, go iiiin. 2018 I'm still knockin this.

  18. Pretty Gurl Squad


  19. Aaliyah Taylor

    Who still playing this in 2018😍😩

  20. deiarra monaee

    Just give me a green light baby to say it's ok 😭😭😭💔

  21. Jerikaa Tyler

    Still listing in 2018 🙌🏾❤️❤️

    Jasmine Sharp

    Right this my shit and sometimes is hard for have men is hurt you to much and when things go on and you be feeling for your men but they don't understand want we really just love from them tried of this bullshit

  22. princess nique

    My life.

  23. Tomisha Beaton

    Still listening in 2017 ❤️

  24. Latorika Gibson

    Baby can i 😍😘

  25. Keyma Bannister

    I always loved this song

  26. JDizzy Davisboi

    LOL my mom said Mya look like a rat

  27. rachel cox

    how I feeling right now

  28. Tierra Owens

    Trina part. 😍😍😍😍😩❤

  29. somalia funches

    i love this song so much

  30. Dyiimenn Jenkins

    This My Song ❤❤

  31. Ernicera Martin

    Fav rapper

  32. Daviyannah Lifhred

    yh im saying dis song speaks to me like fr

  33. Tierney Wilson

    What did you use to do the lyrics?

  34. BankRollBella


  35. Chelley Bee TV

    I swear I love when music speaks for you 😩😍❤️ Really wish I can tear these walls down now

    shquawvia guy

    swear 😩💗💗💗💗💗


    don't do it.

    Anthony Tanzmeister

    ChelleRa BELLA. i hear ya boo!!

    Ahnya Young

    ChelleRa BELLA right

  36. Tatiyania Fields

    Listening To This Song , It Gets Me In My Feelings 💯💔😢 But Yeah I Listen To It 24-7

  37. yamilla84

    Love this song to death

  38. aisha watson

    I still love this song

  39. Cheyanne Tyson

    this my song

  40. antwanette la'shay

    new ringtone

  41. Joneasha _3243

    love this song😍😘💋💘💗

  42. Chena Roxy


  43. Chena Roxy

    love this song

  44. Baby Kayy

    How I'm feeling rn

    Wendy Johnson

    cu hi hull plop psychology

  45. Antonio Thurman

    can i tear these damn walls down now

    Tasajah Gibson

    Antonio Thurman trump not bouta allow that.

  46. Faith washington

    I love this 😍😘😍

  47. Faith washington


  48. M&A Nation squad

    My song forever

  49. Slim. Puff

    I'm scared ass hell

  50. QualA Hopkins

    i love this

  51. ceaira dorn

    this never gets old

  52. Charice Jones

    I love Trina her songs are so real

  53. Charice Jones

    I love Trina her songs are so real

  54. roshanda latson

    I love these song Darryl Williams I love u forever

  55. Myracle Young

    I love it

  56. Alunah Hightower

    Me to love

  57. GodlovesVelma1976

    Love this song

  58. Bobby Bryant

    I wish the 1 I was in love with could c it

  59. Keiara Cadet

    I love this song

  60. Brenda sanchez

    baby can i.tare these damn walls down?


  61. Isabell Gay

    By myazia

  62. Isabell Gay

    This is my song I swear I know the whole song is it alright if I fall in luv with u would it be safe

  63. Tinkle Bell

    Luv this song in love right now with someone so he can see it what we share was something wonderful.

  64. Tinkle Bell

    Luv this song. 7/20/2014 in love with this guy and I just hope he can give me the green light. Cause I already gave him the green light. Wandabrown from newark nj

  65. thats0hboy

    i know heartbreak all too well*

    Mzkoot Parker

    that my song

  66. Rachel HY

    It reminds me the hurtful breakup...

  67. Chocolate Thunder Cherry


  68. Firstladi C

    Just give me the light & tell me to Go ahead

  69. Kira Jones


  70. Nia Imani .

    Reminds Me Of Me And My Gf. These

  71. Nia Imani .

    Love This Song Men. ♡♡♡♡♡ #10612

  72. Angel Salva

    Loooove this

  73. Bintou Jackson

    this is my shitt !!

  74. Nayh Alontrice

    This song will always be amazing <3

  75. Avis Frost

    Like it O:-)

  76. Shes Smiley

    This song and still listen to it in 2O13♥

  77. Ciara Ward

    It's supposed to say know heartbreak all too well

  78. Diamonique Hawkins

    this song is so sweet

  79. Anna Hemingway

    12.21.12<3 IMISS ALEXIS MORROW

  80. Sharmaine Carr

    I think the words says take this one step now?

  81. Mya Hay

    This My Song

  82. Honor Jackson

    i love this song <3

  83. Raven Anderson

    Tear these damn walls down now ?!?! 122512

  84. kayla hughes

    i actually cried

  85. Tyneshia McCray

    Makes me think about my first love o6.5.12

  86. destiny castro

    @jonesgurl86 C!'m vnhqiKKKIIiipOJÑBNJKKKMIKKMNNBBHHHUA

  87. Jertanya Lee

    The harder I try it seems the harder I fall

  88. mrsthom

    ILooooovee This SONG 3 !

  89. egpt95

    Dis used to be bumped everyday in big blue

  90. Shann Slim


  91. montricee guerrierr

    thiss myy songg remindss me of me andd my ex , i lovee him

  92. montricee guerrierr

    thiss myy songgg , remindss me off me andd myy ex i love him
    -060612 <3


    you mess up the words... its can i take that one step now....